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  1. @Deltakosh- Again, I'm trying to work too fast, and didn't even run the render loop. Any idea when babylon.js v3.2 will be ready? How stable is it right now? As always, thanks again for taking time to look at my dumb mistakes. Otherwise, everything is going well at Sony - except I have to work in ES6 - which I believe is a bit early at this time. Let's catch up soon. DB
  2. Hello, I copied the following playground into a scene, and receive a console error. Playground scene: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#92EYG#21 Console error: TypeError: BABYLON.AnimationGroup is not a constructor Am I using the wrong version of Babylon? DB
  3. @JCPalmer- I'm using FireFox as well, and always clear cache before running. Could you try the following link? http://qedsoft.com/SBSW/pathTest/index.html Thanks, DB
  4. OK - using the new alpha 4 version, and the scene still won't load. The only console error I get is: Source map error: request failed with status 404 Resource URL: http://qedsoft.com/SBSW/pathTest/js/babylon.max.js Source Map URL: babylon.environmentHelper.js.map Is there an error in my code below?
  5. Obviously a version issue - looking for version 3.2.0-alpha. DB
  6. @Pryme8 - Interesting. @JCPalmer - Allot of code, but perhaps some I can use. I might be able to simulate by placing particle emitters on the propeller and registering collisions with particle fields. We'll have to see... DB
  7. Hello, I need my particles affected by an airplane propeller flying through them. How might I accomplish this? Thanks, DB
  8. Hello, I hope someone knows how to do this - I need to have a scene running, and also a scanner beside it. As scanned heads are added to the scene as OBJ files, I need them loaded and rendered in the scene without disposing of the scene. The paths to the new files must be added to an array. I currently have a test scene online, and am loading 2 heads at the start. Then I have a left mouse event add a new file path and folder to the array - but don't know how to tell the loader to load again from the new path. I can delete any path in the array which has already had an OBJ loaded from it, as the path will only be used once. The online scene is below - it might need to be loaded twice the first time. http://qedsoft.com/SBSW/10_heads/index.html The main JS code is as follows: I appreciate it if you can assist. Thanks, DB
  9. @JCPalmer - Yes, I can't find a way to do this. @Wingnut - I need the particles to swirl when the propeller passes through. Unless I emit other particles on collision. However, this just wouldn't look real. Thanks, DB
  10. Hello, I have a script due tomorrow morning, and have asked a question on a seperate post which is the ideal solution. The only other solution I could show have for tomorrow is to start the renderloop, load an OBJ, and then dispose of the scene - but then the scene needs to begin loading new meshes after it detects a new path and mesh in an array, and render without any client interaction. I can't figure out how to load several scenes - lets say 5 scenes - and load scene 1 for 30 seconds, destroy scene one, on destroy scene two loads on it's own, and this process continues until scene 5 is loaded and then disposed.
  11. @Pryme8 I was just working on identifying the meshes. Thanks for all of your help. DB
  12. @Pryme8 At first, line 31 was written BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh('', './', path, scene, (meshes)=> { , and I received a 403 Forbidden console error that it couldn't load from ././assets/obj_files_10/, so I changed the line to BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh('', '', path, scene, (meshes)=> { and then the path was correct. But then I get the message in the console: BJS - [12:19:45]: Unable to import meshes from ./assets/obj_files_11/: 403 Forbidden Any Thoughts? DB
  13. Hey @Pryme8 At line 27 which is _run = function(path){ , I receive and error in the console: SyntaxError: missing : after property id And can't seem to fix it. Here's the script with your code in place: http://qedsoft.com/SBSW/10_heads/index.html Thanks, DB
  14. Hey @Pryme8 I can't make a playground scene because I can't call the OBJ files or more specifically the paths to them. But the scene and code are below: http://qedsoft.com/SBSW/10_heads/index.html The code is rough test code, and I have it calling a new path and mesh on a mousedown event. Thanks DB
  15. @brianzinn and @Pryme8 Using a variable outside the function doesn't allow me to manipulate the transforms - although it should. But it certainly works inside the callback; but only once. DB
  16. Hey @Pryme8 I can set transforms there, but can't define how to incrementally position each head after I add each one (at a different time) so the models don't overlap. Thanks, DB
  17. @Pryme8- Your code works, but I don't know where to rotate, position, etc for the newly imported mesh. DB
  18. Hi @brianzinn Everytime I push the new mesh, I receive a syntax error on the following line: this._loadedMeshes.push(<BABYLON.Mesh> loadedMesh); No matter how I set the syntax. What am I doing wrong? DB
  19. Hi @brianzinn - I've tried to implement several ways, and have not been successful yet. I can't find this in the documentation, but the logic makes sense. So as long as I push a loaded mesh into the loadedMeshes array, it should display while a scene is already rendering? And any thoughts on loading the MTL? Thanks for helping, I really need it right now. I'm stuck at a Starbucks off the freeway which is now closed due to mudslides. If there's any additional info, I'd be grateful - especially how I might load the MTL file if it doesn't load automatically. However, I still need to get the OBJ files loaded,and my problem is that the path will come from an array. Thanks much - I'll keep trying. DB
  20. Hello, I have a test scene which loads fine but is a complete mess. So I cleaned it up today, and the .babylon file won't load no matter where I place it. The messy scene that loads fine is: http://www.qedsoft.com/DEMOS2017/build_01/index8.html However, I cleaned the scene up to show, and the .babylon file cannot be loaded no matter where I place it - here is the scene: http://qedsoft.com/DEMOS2017/blimp_test/index_01.html I also get the following console message: The .babylon file and code are exactly the same. This has been a hell of a week, so I just don't know if it's me right now - but I can't see what the heck is different. It claims it cannot load the point light in the exact same .babylon file. DB
  21. @Pryme8, @Deltakosh, and all - We all might get a pass from time to time, but that was just some real dumb stuff. But I appreciate the understanding that we all go a little nuts sometimes. Honestly, I just starred at the screen, and had absolutely no idea what I was looking at. And I would still try and fix it without any clue as to what I was writing. It's something I never want to experience again; as I could feel myself losing my mind... No joke. Anyway, thanks again. I'll try an put in some extra time on the forum to make up for it. DB
  22. Hey @Dad72, @Deltakosh, @RaananW, @davrous, and everyone else who has answered a post from me the past couple of weeks. I suppose I was still in shock after my house burned; but that's no excuse I can really quantify. I looked back at my questions the past couple of weeks, and realized that they were all stupid procedural errors - in which I've been using all procedures for years now - as looking at these, it's so obvious what the problem is - just nonsensical garble. So I'm not certain what happened, but I just sat down yesterday and created several scenes in about an hour which I was having issues with - all except the pivot rotate function - as I've never used this before. Suddenly, I can write scenes from scratch once again, and they work first time. So I wanted to apologize for wasting everyone's time as there was never a real problem; the problem was that I simply couldn't write a damn thing correctly. Already this morning, I'm close to delivering most of what I am scheduled to deliver for the day. So perhaps it was shock, stress, whatever - but everything appears fine now. I just need to get my Wife back from looking after her Mother in Thailand next week, and my life should have some order once again. But as far as babylon.js, I don't appear to have any issues now, and am transitioning into ES6 much more. I just wanted you to know, as I couldn't look at a script and make any sense of it whatsoever. Totally weird. Thanks, DB
  23. @RaananW- i can't see what i'm missing... If you can show me, I'll fix it. I'm at this job to set up other things. But I still shouldn't have so much difficulty as I've been building scenes since 2014. I just don't get it. Alzheimers? Thanks, DB
  24. Hi @satguru- Yes, this will work. I thought perhaps I could avoid appending the scene with multiple more objects as it's not only the prop which must animate separately. So I was looking for a way to use the existing mesh with the propeller in place and animate it in the existing script - just to decrease the amount of code as well as simplify. However, I cannot find a way to write the script efficiently as is and accomplish the propeller rotation. So I'll end up doing what you recommend as it appears to be the most efficient method. Thank you for all of your help, and for verifying my initial thoughts on writing and assigning the animation functions. I hope you had a great New Year. Thanks, DB
  25. Hello, How might I rotate the propeller in the following scene: http://qedsoft.com/DEMOS2017/bjs_loader/index8.html I'm obviously not defining the variable for the prop correctly. Below is the full code: Thanks, DB