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  1. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    Quick update on Booty5 engine and editor, its been a while since I added an update here. Support for the following has been added since the last update: Droidscript Facebook Instant Games Dragonbones animation Support for the IGX SDK is coming soon.
  2. drmop

    Html5 Tools of Trade

    Booty5 - Game engine and editor for all HTML5 development IGX SDK - Cross portal web game services back-end, monetisation etc.. Unity - Mobile development Node - Running back-ends and local server Visual Studio Code - Code editing Visual Studio - Tool development Serif Draw Plus - Art work Affinity Designer - Art work Texture Packer - Packing art work Audacity - Converting and optimising audio Filezilla - ftp Digital Ocean - Server provider Git - Version control Discord / Skype / Slack - Comms Putty - Connecting to back-end Diff Merge - Code diff Google - Everything else
  3. Hey fellow devs, I have created an open source layer called IGX. This is an SDK that has multiple purposes: Bridges the gap between Facebook Instant Games and the web, allowing Facebook Instant Game developers to deploy their games to web and monetise them with little to no changes Enables web game developers to include support for Facebook Instant Games before deploying to the platform Enables all developers to use a common API which allows them to deploy their games across many web portals and provides common game services Extend the IG platform, providing new features via other services More info on my blog
  4. I found this site very useful when I first started http://html5devstarter.enclavegames.com/
  5. drmop

    Crteate texture from Image

    I found the answer http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/3669-loading-a-texture-directly-from-image/
  6. drmop

    Crteate texture from Image

    PIXI has a helper function called Texture.fromCanvas() which creates a texture from a canvas. What I'm looking for is a way to create a texture from an HTML5 Image, is this possible?
  7. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    It was generated with JSDoc3 and Jaguar JS template
  8. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    Yet another Booty5 update, support for the Web Audio API has been added offering better control over audio playback. Using it is s simple case of ticking support for it in the projects properties (on by default) Full list of changes include: Game Editor v1.9.2b: Added new use web audio export option to project settingsAdded new auto play property to sounds which cause sound to automatically start playing once loadedAdded new export option force_round which will force all exported actors to use pixel roundingFix: Project property smoothing is now applied in exported codeFix: Canvas centering on some mobile devicesGame Engine v1.4.8 and 1.4.9: b5.Xoml.loadJSON now accepts 4th parameter which can be used to stipulate loaded data should be returned as binary bufferb5.App.use_web_audio property added which can be used to switch on support for Web Audio if it is supportedb5.Xoml.loadJSON moved to b5.Utils.loadJSONb5.Xoml.loadJS moved to b5.Utils.loadJSAdded support for web audio API to sound (default is enabled). To disable Web Audio set b5.App.use_web_audio to false. If web audio is not supported then it will fallback to HTML5 Audiob5.App constructor now accepts a second parameter which enables / disables web audio supportAdded b5.Sound.auto_play property to enable auto playback of sounds after they are loadedJSDoc documentation addedb5.App.canvas_fill_window removedModified how the render scaling and canvas resizing works to make it easier to use.Download the latest version of Booty5 HTML5 Gama Maker.
  9. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    A complete overhaul of the Booty5 API reference documentation has taken place, making it more easily readable, structured and informative.
  10. drmop

    Where do you guys get FX sounds?

    I also recommend SoundMatter, been using these for years. You do have to purchase them though, but well worth the money.
  11. drmop

    Beauty of HTML5 (Web)

    Is there no honour left in the world. Maybe they are under the impression that it is free to distribute as well as play? I wonder if sticking a big "do not distribute" may deter some of these would-be pirates?
  12. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    Another week on and another update, I rolled this one out quickly because text preview has now been added to Booty5, making it quite important. There was also a nasty bug in multiple fixture shape export which needed urgently fixing. Booty5 the HTML5 Game Maker v1.9.1b is now available for free download. Editor Changes: Scale and angle are now affected in multiple actor selections Editor export properties now supports smoothing property that will enable / disable anti-aliasing during rendering Added support for rounding pixels to actors, if disabled then pixel coordinates will be rounded to integer values, can improve performance but at a cost of lower precision rendering Removed some currently unused options from sprite and label Font size and face separated in labels Font weight added to label Editor now shows text preview Exported collision flags are now used by engine Added vertices snap to shape editor Added new Collision Flags example Fix: Convex shapes were not exporting correctly Fix: Some properties such as actor scale were not exporting correctly with an export precision of 0 Engine Changes: Added new property to Actor called round_pixels, when set to true vertices will be rounded to integer which can speed up rendering significantly Added support for collision flags to physics fixtures (category, mask and group index) The Booty5 HTML5 game manual ebook has also been updated.
  13. drmop

    Booty5 Free Game Maker

    Thanks, will do
  14. drmop

    Couple of starter PIXI questions

    Excellent, cheers
  15. drmop

    Couple of starter PIXI questions

    Thanks, do you guys keep a feature changelist? Are there any major changes between v2 and v3? What I've learnt so far is mainly via online tutorials and from reading through the code.