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  1. Firebase help

    Looking for help if anyone can help me guide thru phaser/firebase for loading player login and data.
  2. Phaser developer

    Anyone interested to work with me for phaser , it is paid assignment. contact me :
  3. HTML5 Developers - Jobs at Oxeye Studios

    is freelancing available for this job?
  4. Html5 Game submit

    thx @ Yashash .. looking for more
  5. Html5 Game submit

    I am building a list for html5 game publishers. If you are accepting html5 games in your site, leave your "submit game" link here. Even email id will also work.
  6. HTML5 game dev available

    @playoutgames ... I have mailed you.
  7. I'm looking to have certain modifications done to an existing HTML5 game. Some bugfixes and feature additions. email : or use below form Contact us
  8. Lazy bird in Kongregate

    My latest game published in kongregate. Below is the game link, story is about good bird vs devil bird, but this bird is lazy and can't fly for longer duration, so he needs keep bumping.