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  1. I just wanna walk and swing a sword. Link from Legend of Zelda series is a PERFECT idea of what I want to do here. As long as it can be done easily & free that's all I care about. An example would be great! <3 Thank you SO MUCH! <3 ~M
  2. Again, thanks bro but it doesn't really help if I cannot afford it... Can someone please help that deals with atlases & animations? Thanks ~M
  3. Thank you but this doesn't really help.. no offense. ~M
  4. @Skeptron What is spine?
  5. You can't just flip-flop? Or maybe trick it and change the sprite's alpha to 0 and switch to the 2nd sprite then after the attack set THAT alpha to 0 and switch back to the original sprite? I need a demo example that can do this.
  6. Yes @Secretmapper I'm using 2 animation atlases.
  7. Can someone please help? Thank You much! ~M
  8. Does anyone know?
  9. Hi folks. How do I get my character to walk and attack at the same time with 2 separate character atlas files? For instance, when you're walking, you press a key & while holding the walking keys, you can swing your sword WHILE walking at the same time through 2 separate but similar animation atlases. Thanks! ~M
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    Oh REALLY?
  11. Mythros

    VR gear?

    Gear VR - 100$ ( Get Samsung S6 or S7 )
  12. Mythros

    Implementing animated tiles from Tiled JSON Tilemap files

    At least the above demo with the animated water would be enough demo for me in JS! <3 Simplified & not using "this" or "prototype", but instead: var myfunc = function ( . . . ) { . . . } ~M
  13. Mythros

    Implementing animated tiles from Tiled JSON Tilemap files

    @colinvella Ok, so can you translate them to JS from ES6? Thank you buddy! <3 ~M
  14. Mythros

    Problem with Zelda movement?

    Thanks @samme that worked great! I just had to remove that 1st "if" statement & apply what you said & it worked! <3 SOLVED! ~M
  15. Mythros

    Implementing animated tiles from Tiled JSON Tilemap files

    PLEASE add JS examples instead of TS examples as well! I could REALLY use this! Thanks ALOT buddy! <3 ~M