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  1. Terrain Slope Problem?

    Because @satguru's demo is what I'm looking for. @satguru I tried to figure out checking if the player is climbing up the slope & can't seem to figure it out. Here's my rendition : Lines 298 - 312 oldposy = this.avatar.position.y; this.moveVector.copyFromFloats(0, -this.downDist, 0); this.avatar.moveWithCollisions(this.moveVector); posy = this.avatar.position.y; if ( posy > oldposy ) { console.log ( 'YAY!' ); }
  2. Terrain Slope Problem?

    @satguru I forgot the terrain has to be bigger in order to see this problem. So I made another rendition.
  3. Terrain Slope Problem?

    @satguru why does the player not continue to gain gravity as he's falling when holding the left / right or A / D keys in the air? The player just sorta' floats down after the jump and holding the A / D or left / right keys. Why when on the terrain as you travel up steeper parts of the terrain the gravity does not slowly increase until the player reaches a slightly less steep incline? Thank you! <3 Mythros
  4. Terrain Slope Problem?

    @satguru How would I grab those values?
  5. Terrain Slope Problem? -- Fixed as best as I could as per @JohnK 's suggestion.
  6. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    @NasimiAsl What say you brother? Can we add a full screen fish eye shader when under the water and looking really close at the top of the water? Much Love! <3 Mythros
  7. Terrain Slope Problem?

    Thank you bro! This is awesome! I have 3 questions. How can you detect if the player is climbing up the hill? What's up with the Camera? Why is it not colliding with the ground & I can't rotate it with the mouse buttons? A combination of the ArcRotateCamera & Follow Camera would be AMAZING! Here's my rendition : Thanks so much! <3 Mythros
  8. Terrain Slope Problem?

    I'm actually ripping through it right now trying to make it simple
  9. Terrain Slope Problem?

    Yes, that helps. Infact, it is PERFECT! But do you have an easier example embedding the exact camera in this demo with the camera collisions, and the slope sliding functions? No offense meant at all by this but this source code is way too convoluted. Thank You! Mythros
  10. A zombie FPS game demo

    Thank you brother! That would be AMAZING! <3 Mythros
  11. A zombie FPS game demo

    OMG! PLEASE add a realtime Node.js server to this! This is AWESOME! PVP & chat would KICK ASS! <3 Clicked the star! Mythros
  12. Terrain Slope Problem?

    Any luck my brother? Thank You! <3 Mythros
  13. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    I think you guys should add a fisheye fullscreen shader to the water and fix the blue part. it would be a BEAUTIFUL demo if you did! <3 Mythros
  14. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    I LOVE this! I don't see anything wrong with it but it would be LOVELY if when the camera is "under water" there could be a "fish eye" effect & "under water" fog! <3 Mythros
  15. Terrain Slope Problem?

    Can't WAIT to see! <3 THANK YOU! <3 Mythros