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    Gods got a reaction from Jochen in Warning! More Flappy Bird Clones!   
    Flappy bird is a modern classic  great mechanics and graphics 
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    Gods got a reaction from Nicholls in Swipe effect (Slide Box) in Phaser   
    wow really cool and seems pretty smooth 
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    Gods reacted to Nicholls in Swipe effect (Slide Box) in Phaser   
    Hi guys,
    This is my example: http://codepen.io/jdnichollsc/full/ZGoNKg/
    What do you think?
    Regards, Nicholls
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    Gods got a reaction from Bilge Kaan in NEW Mobile HTML5 Game – Stay On The Road   
    When I got 10 coins I couldnt upgrade car I needed 11 coins

    Anyways great game can I know which game you got the inspiration from? I see flappy birds but what else? 
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    Gods reacted to eugenioclrc in Phaser 2.0 Collision Question   
    Yes its totally posible;
    Put in your create function:
    this.floor = this.game.add.sprite(0, 678);this.physics.enable(this.floor, Phaser.Physics.ARCADE);this.floor.body.immovable = true;this.floor.body.width = this.game.world.width; Then in your update function add;
    this.game.physics.arcade.collide(this.floor, this.YOURSPRITENAME); I have used this in my game;
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    Gods got a reaction from Andles in [Phaser] Nimble dodge game   
    Doesnt seem instantly responsive but maybe thats because you want it to be harder?
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    Gods got a reaction from Cawrtz in How to correctly develop a game for both desktop, tablet and mobile   
    Well Phaser 2.X actually includes a template for this 

    I am sure Phaser 3 will too when its ready for release. 
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    Gods got a reaction from spinnerbox in Scaling for Nexus7 on Cordova/Phaser game   
    To get device width and height use this
    var game = new Phaser.Game(window.innerWidth, window.innerHeight, Phaser.CANVAS, '');
    I have scaling problem with cordova but not the browser
    Does your game scale good in the browser and bad in cordova? 
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    Gods got a reaction from paul_nicholls in How to correctly develop a game for both desktop, tablet and mobile   
    Well Phaser 2.X actually includes a template for this 

    I am sure Phaser 3 will too when its ready for release. 
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    Gods reacted to stupot in Getting Phaser onto Mobile Device   
    The answers to your questions are neither simple, concise or accurate.  If you are new to programming then you would probably struggle to understand the answers.
    I have a suggestion, download Intel XDK and have a play with this - it's free and will do everything you want.  It has many starter project templates, including a few for Phaser.  You can edit and test within XDK.  You can build the project for your target device - here you will learn about the developer certificates needed for different targets/stores.
    I'd say the easiest way is to build an android .apk, you can copy it to your device and install it without needing any developer account.
    Once you have a little experience under your belt, you can then worry about which wrapper to use and performance considerations.
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    Gods reacted to enpu in Panda 2 development   
    Current Panda v2 docs:
    So, next version is not going to be 1.14.0, because there are big changes coming, this is going to be the first major update, 2.0!
    One of the biggest thing, i have gone through all Pixi.js source code and cleaned everything, fixed some bugs and removed lots of useless stuff, so it's like lite version of Pixi, customized just for Panda. I have also converted all classes to use the same class inheritance as other Panda classes, so that means you can extend and inject from all Pixi classes, this will make things a lot simpler and cleaner. Also loader and interaction are rewritten and separated from renderer.
    Some other things that have already been done:
    - Every property, method and attribute on every class are now documented and private ones are renamed to start with underscore
    - Don't have to use addObject anymore. Every class that has update function, is automatically added to scene, when you create new instance of it.
    - Don't have to call this.super(); on scene's update function anymore.
    - You can change scene's update order (physics, objects, tweens, timers etc.)
    - Lots of small changes and improvements
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    Gods reacted to rich in Phaser 2.3.0 "Tarabon" Released   
    Alrighty, it's finally released That was a lot of hard work over the past few months, but I'm extremely happy with the end results. Thank you to everyone involved - if you submitted an issue or (even better ) a fix, then thank you!
    With that out of the way I can finally release the next Coding Tips. I've actually got 2 lined-up, but they both needed 2.3.0 out before I could send them. I'll also work on improving the new docs site and I think having a bit of a break and playing some Olli Olli 2
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    Gods got a reaction from Pooya72 in How to make a button look like its pressed?   
    The phaser examples shows how to do buttons with multiple images. I was wondering what are some ways you can make a single button image look like they're pressed.
    is it possible to lower the button a few pixel on press? or animate the button? lmk
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    Gods reacted to rich in Project: Lanavel.com WebGl/VR Youtube   
    I don't understand how that picture has anything at all to do with VR.
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    Gods reacted to acca in Integrate your games   
    Dear GwenM. 
    Why do you think, that just about nowhere.

    a Link to your site. 
    a Link to your site's statistics. 
    a Bussines Plan. 
    a proper agreement | offer to game developers. 

    You can get some games? to your site? 
    This is how it works in real: 
    Developer works hard, makes a game with so much effort and money and time! 
    And than he | she | they will sell it / make it licensable.
    Than you can license it for your site. and pay revenue to the developers most likely [totalPlayers played * agreed revenue per play] or a time based contract. 

    Just to know. no developer in the right mind. will let you use | make profit from their hard work! 
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    Gods reacted to MikeT in follow mouse not working with platformer?   
    if (game.input.activePointer.isDown && player.sprite.x > game.input.activePointer.x) { player.sprite.body.velocity.x = -100;} else if (game.input.activePointer.isDown && player.sprite.x < game.input.activePointer.x) {     player.sprite.body.velocity.x = 100;} I'm a very novice programmer, but maybe something like this?
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    Gods reacted to codethislab in !NEW SURVIVAL GAME JUST RELEASED!   
    Hi Gods! 
    Thank you for your appreciation!  To develop our games we use Create Js, they are pure JS hard coded games. 
    As regards graphics we use 3D studio max, Zbrush for sculpting and Photoshop.
    You can find our 3D zombies here. We create them by ourselves. 
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    Gods reacted to BdR in Is Phone Gap that bad?   
    I've also posted this on stackoverflow (see here), but here are my two cents: I've now developed two html5 games and released them both as native Android apps.   Find the Difference uses phonegap/cordova and it only draws to the canvas once at the start of a level, and when the player finds a difference. The rest of the animations are all DOM manipulation, and it's not a lot of animations anyway so performance is not really an issue, even on older devices. However setting up Phonegap/Cordova to work with Eclipse or Android Studio is quite a hassle (see my post here). You have to work with NodeJS command line, using the framework results in weird and unhelpful errors, debugging is tricky, you can't play simple sounds normally without using a plug-in, the softkeyboard can cover up input boxes, weird canvas draw errors, canvas not loading at all on some devices. On the plus side, admob is easy to implement in phonegap and I've received some revenue from this game (not much though, I'm lucky when I get a few bucks per week).   Tap-Tap Submarine is a Phaser game deployed with Cocoonjs, which as far as I know is the fastest framework out there for canvas and action games. However it still runs much too slow on anything but high-end mobile phones, which effectively shuts out a large part of your potential users. Also, with Cocoonjs you're stuck with Mopub for any ad banners, and from my personal experience it's not very good. The webdashboard is a mess, it's difficult to get it to work and even when you get it to work half of the time it doesn't show ads at all. So this, combined with a poorly performing app, I figure my chances of getting any mopub payments are slim to nil.   So this is all a shame because I think html5/javascript development is great, especially with Phaser you can create some impressive games relatively easy. Still, if you already have some html5 games you want to quickly deploy to Android/iOS then phonegap might be useful. But if you are looking to develop html5 games purely to release them as native apps I wouldn't recommend it. You're probably better off going native (java using anddev, libgdx etc) because that will result in a better overall app, and it will probably cost the same amount of time and effort to develop as it would a html5 game.
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    Gods reacted to Ninjadoodle in What server to use for HTML5 games?   
    Cool, happy it works. HTML5 and Audio can be a bit weird. I'm using the Panda engine and my sound works perfectly now.
    Try saving your sounds as m4a, I think that might help!
    Also for Android I think you need ogg.
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    Gods reacted to patmood in Common Phaser + CocoonJS issues   
    Here's one of mine that works perfectly in cocoon: https://github.com/patmood/koala-climb
    Hopefully it helps someone. I still have a few games that I can't get to work but I'm using the above as a working template.
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    Gods reacted to Mefteg in The Phaser 3 Wishlist Thread :)   
    I wish a better integration with  CocoonJs, espacialy for BitmapFont loading (a JSON parser perhaps ?).
    Otherwise, keep going with this great work !!
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    Gods got a reaction from ekiscrim in [phaser] my first game   
    Fun game! is it original idea or based off a game? if it is which game?

    Also has some bugs like the bird slowing down after hitting the wall.

    Anyways great 1st game keep it up!
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    Gods reacted to drmop in Booty5 Free Game Maker   
    Not at the moment, although I'm looking to develop loaders for Phaser and other engines, its just a case of writing a version of Xoml.js for each different engine
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    Gods reacted to playif in A Dart port of Phaser   
    This is my first post on this forum, please correct me if I made any mistake.   I have developed a Dart port of Phaser.    I know that there is a official TypeScript definition for Phaser, but still no port for Dart-lang.   Currently, almost all features are implemented (except P2 and ninja physics).   And some examples selected from official website were also included to test my Dart port of Phaser.   I tried my best to keep the consistent API to minimal effort of transferring JS code to Dart (you can see that in examples).   I would love to see anyone trying my play_phaser  game engine, and please give me your feedback.