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  1. Unfortunately i sell non-exclusive licenses so can't give you extra help about revenue share. As i said try different emails from your side and find 1-2 extra emails from them. I wish you good luck. But don't worry, i believe somewhere else is the problem.
  2. Sorry to understand, you send an email before and you get an answer like: "Sorry, we can't send you any payment, whatever." ? Or you never get any answer? It's always depend the way you have your games on their systems. Do you have an agreement? You get earning from ads? Or you sell your game under non-exclusive or exclusive licenses and never get paid?
  3. Hi, Sometimes by mistake maybe you're on their spam folder. I don't say, they did this action manually. Try to contact them again and use different email (if you use hotmail for example, maybe create a gmail, whatever and send email again) or maybe try to find another email from them. Use also their profile here, send a message. Of course depend the time. If you send your message 2 days before, don't wait to get an answer asap. Its summer also. Wait some days, maybe weeks. Good luck!
  4. First of all, you attack me, again. I post my opinion to the guy that OPEN THIS TOPIC, why you answer me with this way and try to be smartest, again? Lets try to rip my games, easily. Can? I have already do on my source code before export and upload, to work on my website only. Even to use as iframe will get nothing. So i'm very credible, dude. And tell me 1 reason? Lets say you rip my games....You try the super programs, finally you rip 100000 games..... Okay okay.... what next? So what? You think can earn something?...... You will upload as yours?... To have on your hard disk? Funny uh? 1 reason.. that you smartest to write me: "....I can rip any of your games with ease." ? When i say, "need to protect" means some first steps than to just do "a simple export". If you are developer it's ok - you have your own way, i have mine but if you are not a developer can't give you any deep instructions here. And of course can rip whatever is online. So the next steps are "the consequences". If you know the law, so you can continue, dude, rip my games easily. And any games on internet. And in case @Nagval333 need instructions, can contact me anytime. Even you-anyone rip my games - any games from other developers, how many possibilities is to upload to any store, any website without report him, etc etc? I have already down websites than just get my old games without my permissions. I will not say about playstore and appstore, guys that stole and upload games there, have no any luck, are funny. Copyrights below to developers - wake up people like you that just look websites and can easily download games. Next time, if you have different opinion just post it, not try to attack to other posts, just to look smartest than others. I post my opinion and what i do on my games. I don't say, there is a super program out there that secure 100% the games, whatever, etc etc. By the way: Thanks again that you visit my website and play my games, again. Cheers.
  5. You don't need source codes to publish on playstore or appstore. If developer not protect their online games, someone can easily download from developer website everything. After this a simple way like phonegap and some tips, easily can made an apk, ipa files and publish it. So in this case, developer need to protect his code, protect his website and have a good luck. It happens.
  6. Wait some days and believe me they will check and remove it, i know. It happens. What is the purpose of this kind of actions? Nothing special, this guys believe are smart and can stole games just like that. Good luck!
  7. Hello, I present you, my collection of 25 awesome games available in 1 bundle. Made in Construct 2 (capx file included). Enjoy the games! - 60% OFF, Get this bundle now!- Buy today for $150 (Original Price: $375) only and save: $225. Live preview: https://odiusfly.com/portfolio/game_bundle1 If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me: odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com Thanks in advance, Kyriakos https://odiusfly.com
  8. First of all gamedistribution need to made their site more secure. I have find some of my games at past published on facebook and other websites and i'm not talking for iframe method. My games downloaded with eassyyy way.. Browser -> Save as, some extra programs, etc etc.......... Why to trust you again? Advice: Use cdn, or make a good .htaccess and robots code lines. Save our works from "idiots". Thanks god, i remove all of them. I will not talking about money of course. The same games on other sites get more earnings in 1 month and in gamedistribution get 1/3 of earnings in 3 months. So big traffic and i get too low earnings? Am i missing something with this company? Also, need to update their sdk, to be more "clever". More sites that get the games, use theirs ads and for some strange reason, the ads from gamedistribution sdk show once or not at all. I wonder, why all old developers continue and publish their games. So strange. I can understand, new developers don't know too much. Who knows. Good luck to all with this company. P.S: "success stories" ? Can you share some original-success stories?
  9. Hey, New games and ecards available for licensing. More details here: https://odiusfly.com I'm available for freelance works too. Thanks in advance, Kyriakos
  10. Anyone can help with this? Where can find "individual developer" verification? I see "business" only. Thanks!
  11. Thank you! Basically is not a bug, this is about physics and speed of the ball. By the way thank you for your time!
  12. Thank you for your time and your comments. Basically levels are random. A good idea is to create and some levels manually. I will think it for the future, next update.
  13. Hello everyone, I want to present you my new game, "Infinity Golf". Play the game online now: https://odiusfly.com/portfolio/infinity_golf/ More games available on my website: https://odiusfly.com/ This game is available for licensing.. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email: odiusfly [at] hotmail [dot] com Best regards, Kyriakos