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  1. I don't believe this exist. This is the second reason that i remove all my games from gamedistribution.
  2. Why complain guys? You still upload your games to them, still support them and you know for payment details already, months before but still upload games and still waiting for payments. And finally, do you believe that with some posts from 1 forum in planet will change the rules of a company? Or you believe can report them? Will you pay for lawyers, whatever to do what? This company is not a scam. The only problem here is payment delays. All other moves coming from developers/publishers side ONLY. This is just a website that allow YOU to upload YOUR games. Simple. Good luck to all ! 👊
  3. Of course. But again, we talking for payment delays. If for example i wait to get my money on August and with delays get the payment from you after 2 - 6 or more months, so this means, all working perfect in our cooperation? We discuss 2 things/issues here: 1) Delays - No payments 2) Delays - Payments........... Whatever work for each developer, "Delays" still exist. I'm ok, thank you. Have a nice day!
  4. I'm not, believe me. Because i have no any game on gamedistribution anymore, so basically i just write my comments. I'm ok. After a lot emails, i get payment from gamedistribution.
  5. Payment delays is a proof. Because as gamedistribution is a real company, all profiles are true, when start a company and the payments issues starting, this is what need to fix instead chat with us next. Ok. I have read this too many times. Until then, good luck.
  6. What is the false allegations? And from your post on other topic i read just some text like everyone here. Is this somewhere a proof on your post? We discuss for payment delays. Is false? You agree too from your post to other topic. Do you want to discuss about % of earnings developer get from gamedistribution? Am i false? What about advertising program? Am i false too? Do you believe i read somewhere false things? If yes, Where is your proof about your advertising program? You post a link of linkedin profile and what exactly means? That you original person? So what we are here? Robots? Imagine all here to write our porfolios just because we are human. And believe me this is no a proof. Anyone can register on forums, write things, etc etc.... But when we talking for a company, we talking for money and there are some issues from more than 1 , this is a problem my friend. Because gamedistribution and companies like gamedistribution get money because WE-DEVELOPER made games. I'm sure you agree with that. Imagine someday developers stop to upload games. I'm sure will have more gamedistribution registrations here. Please let your proof text and i will delete my topic, don't worry. Until then, good luck with your work the next months.
  7. What topic is it? Are you talking for 1 developer (in this case yogevper user) or more? Because the only topic i found is this below. Are you talking for this? Because i read 1 topic from someone that never get any payment and his last post was July 1. First, we don't know if get this payment today or not and second to be honest i wonder how get 1000euros from games from a revenue share program. Also he wrotes that get paid before. So he actually try to get his last payment of 1 month: June-July => summer. And as from gamedistribution side, i read until today new topics and posts that never get any payments and others. I'm not from famobi team (i say this in case someone write any comment about) , i just read topics and posts and as i have experience with both companies i can post who is scam or not.
  8. No, Famobi is not a scam. I know this.
  9. I don't see any competitor here. I see a clone of gamedistribution or just another website of them. Even their api is the same with different name. Another scam website out there. Good luck developers! Keep continue upload your games, support them and wait for your payments. Don't forget to send them millions of emails first.
  10. I believe a lot of them already know about gamedistribution. And for some reason still upload their games. Some of publishers don't care about this, because upload random games from developers. So for them is just extra earnings. I believe from developers side, some are new, others don't care, others upload just because have traffic and care for their profile than money. A lot theories.
  11. No, i don't think so. And why to report them? They no steal games. YOU accept their rules and YOU create account for free and upload YOUR games. But there is simplest way to do something: STOP UPLOAD YOUR GAMES AND DELETE WHAT YOU HAVE. Simple, i told ya. 👊 $0.5 x 365 days, you get ~$182,5 each year? And i'm sure you talking for more games, right? But even is just 1 game, you earn less. Imagine how gamedistribution get from your games only. 😶 The funny is, if you start searching for clients the same year you use gamedistribution and sell only 1 non-exclusive license (i'm sure if your games are good, will you sell more) you will get more than gamedistribution.
  12. I was talking for cloudgames. I had the same games when i used gamedistribution and i get a lot money from them. But i prefer to sell licenses instead use revenue share programs.
  13. All is experience. Don't looking for prices and best numbers. Also to read from a book you can help you but there are limits. We are in 2019. What is the best for you? As you said you have high games, so start with high prices. Again, Even you have the simplest game you can get more than a high game. Clients looking for gameplay. Others looking for graphics only. Others for both. Depend the client. You decide if your game and your work will sell it for $100 or $500, whatever. Also there is not any rule out there. A game can sell it for $300 to 1 client and the same game may sell it for $500 to other. All prices coming from you and your needs. Good luck!
  14. Hello guys and basically this topic is for you guys/developers that upload games on gamedistribution so, I read too many topics with gamedistribution and all you guys/developers that you read all bad comments, "gamedistribution not pay me yet", "gamedistribution this, that" but you still continue upload to this website and support it? Serious? And the funny is, upload too many games to get in 1-3 or more months ........ What/How earning? 50euros? Or less? They own complete chain in advertising. So officially you get 1/3 of the income of a game. But they get often 2/3 because 1/3 for gamedistribution but also 1/3 since they own big game portals like Kizi. But also: You get 1/3 of the net income. But the ads are sold by their own advertising company so they can control different between Gross and Net. So they get up to 70% and you get 15% ............ if you are lucky! My experience to them? -> Of course. I get ~100euros in 6months from 10+ games... And when i remove all and i upload to other portal, i get ~200euros in 1 month from 2 games only. Imagine how % you get from your games. Even your game is addictive, even is top of the top....... You still lose a lot money. So you can continue upload your games, no problem. And open topics again or post to ask for help. Send them unlimited emails, will answer when they want. Cheers. By the way, @GameDistribution Support I'm still waiting "success stories" ? Can you share some original-success stories? Remember? I post under your post in this topic (June 18): P.S 1: Why open this topic ? -> One (1) only answer : To help new developers and their games. I learn from my mistakes. Bad experience with this company and similar. So i share true stories, that's all. P.S 2: How know and share all this ? -> This is personal sorry but thanks to a friend, he knows. P.S 3: Am i wrong? -> As i said, no problem, you can still continue upload your games. Your results from your earnings is the only truth.
  15. Hi, A game can be simple but the question is: Is this addictive? A game like flappy bird is simple of course but addictive. This game can hit $300, $400 even $500. Of course i'm not talking today. Its just an example. And you for example you use the best graphics, a lot levels but your gameplay is not good. So you hit $300 or less. So this no means, you with 120 hours of the game need to hit $500, just because you work on the game over a month and put inside the best graphics and audio. So basically there is no any clearly answer. Of course 2019 is different with 2018 and old days. Today clients get games under revenue share. To buy non-exclusive even exclusive licenses a client, need this game to be perfect. Perfect is graphics, gameplay, etc etc. All together. Also, Exclusive licenses is not up to $2000. Exclusive licenses can be $2000 and $5000 and more... You can share them here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/forum/8-game-showcase/ No one will answer this. You already know the prices. If you believe that your games hit $500 go share them with clients. If no get any answer this means, you need to change your prices or search for more clients. Good luck! Cheers.
  16. 1) You're from India, too..... Just saying. 💣 2) I'll borrow Kapil's argument. So, Hamza, you're Kapil with another account? Hamza Wasim -> Joined: June 18 | Kapil Soni -> Joined: June 21 ... hmmm, very strange. or not? Lets ask Kapil that know better about identities. 😎 2) Your portfolio: https://codecanyon.net/user/hamzawasim3/portfolio 3) So, You sell the same games to Kapil and you have the same games on your portfolio. You are "Exclusive author" there. Also you never read the licenses of codecanyon, i'm sure.... So, What all means? There is no special license. This is another fake answer from your friend Kapil. He send you an email but you guys next time try to write better answers to fish new clients. Be careful man what you write, if you ban from envato will lose your portfolio forever. Envato don't have any licenses that clients can resell anything. So think all of us to buy 1 game from each developer under regular or extended license and to create a portfolio and upload the source games as is? Do you read what you write? You buy a game from me and next my game is and your game? Serious? 🧠 4) From your first post, you have a special special license that 1) Can sell again and 2) Tell to your future buyers... "Hey, you can sell them again, no problem, this games are not mine, but i have special license to sell and sell and sell forever. Lets be a chain to sell stolen games all together. Lets earn easy money from "sucker" developers." 🤑 So again, what you guys try here is: You Hamza, your are developer. Okay cool. Kapil is a client. Okay cool again. Now you Hamza sell to your client Kapil your games and tell him to resell them again... WHAT? Developer sell his source files and tell to clients to resell again? Serious? With a special license? Is this a joke? Who developer out there give his source and game files to clients and tell: do whatever you want with my games, yes yes, sell it again. Also i believe this special license is to sell unlimited right? 🤣 Sorry guys, is there anyone from this forum that is developer and sell NON-EXCLUSIVE OR SPECIAL LICENSES to clients like Hamza and Kapil way? I know exclusive license that exist out there. And the copyrights goes to ONE(1) Client only. But the serious part, is not Hamza and Kapil sell their games each other to new clients. Honestly not care at all. But when kapil and any guys like kapil, sell 100+ games this means there a lot developers in the list that never sell to him any "special license" (joke again) and i'm sure a lot of the games Kapil has get only html5 files directly from developers websites. What i try to say, when YOU-NEW DEVELOPERS, sell your games to clients always give them license documents with right details inside. Copyrights is very serious thing. And a friendly advice for clients or people that interested for this kind of collections: Always get details in deep and don't send your money before be sure 100% that the guy from email is not a scam. Use google, is the best friend to find everything asap. Thank you and have a nice day!
  17. @gkagiou Hello friend! Thanks for your email. Please check your inbox later. Have a nice day!
  18. Bro i'm online 24hours here and to other forums and get notifications via emails. But ok, no make sense any of your posts from the day you came here, so good luck with sales but i'm not sure. Continue to run your own "business".. you know better. Also believe me is very very easy to post anytime with my identity, i do this before (you remember) and i continue the same and here. And the best is: I'M NOT A GHOST - YOU'RE! I have profile, search me on google anytime. What about you? So again, no make sense anything that you write. Anytime i read my name, my posts will be below. No from you, from anyone. Simple.
  19. What? Bro my account is alive. Kapil Soni again? Who is gkagiou and who exactly are you? Are you paranoid? A logical argument.
  20. Unfortunately i sell non-exclusive licenses so can't give you extra help about revenue share. As i said try different emails from your side and find 1-2 extra emails from them. I wish you good luck. But don't worry, i believe somewhere else is the problem.
  21. Sorry to understand, you send an email before and you get an answer like: "Sorry, we can't send you any payment, whatever." ? Or you never get any answer? It's always depend the way you have your games on their systems. Do you have an agreement? You get earning from ads? Or you sell your game under non-exclusive or exclusive licenses and never get paid?
  22. Hi, Sometimes by mistake maybe you're on their spam folder. I don't say, they did this action manually. Try to contact them again and use different email (if you use hotmail for example, maybe create a gmail, whatever and send email again) or maybe try to find another email from them. Use also their profile here, send a message. Of course depend the time. If you send your message 2 days before, don't wait to get an answer asap. Its summer also. Wait some days, maybe weeks. Good luck!
  23. First of all, you attack me, again. I post my opinion to the guy that OPEN THIS TOPIC, why you answer me with this way and try to be smartest, again? Lets try to rip my games, easily. Can? I have already do on my source code before export and upload, to work on my website only. Even to use as iframe will get nothing. So i'm very credible, dude. And tell me 1 reason? Lets say you rip my games....You try the super programs, finally you rip 100000 games..... Okay okay.... what next? So what? You think can earn something?...... You will upload as yours?... To have on your hard disk? Funny uh? 1 reason.. that you smartest to write me: "....I can rip any of your games with ease." ? When i say, "need to protect" means some first steps than to just do "a simple export". If you are developer it's ok - you have your own way, i have mine but if you are not a developer can't give you any deep instructions here. And of course can rip whatever is online. So the next steps are "the consequences". If you know the law, so you can continue, dude, rip my games easily. And any games on internet. And in case @Nagval333 need instructions, can contact me anytime. Even you-anyone rip my games - any games from other developers, how many possibilities is to upload to any store, any website without report him, etc etc? I have already down websites than just get my old games without my permissions. I will not say about playstore and appstore, guys that stole and upload games there, have no any luck, are funny. Copyrights below to developers - wake up people like you that just look websites and can easily download games. Next time, if you have different opinion just post it, not try to attack to other posts, just to look smartest than others. I post my opinion and what i do on my games. I don't say, there is a super program out there that secure 100% the games, whatever, etc etc. By the way: Thanks again that you visit my website and play my games, again. Cheers.
  24. You don't need source codes to publish on playstore or appstore. If developer not protect their online games, someone can easily download from developer website everything. After this a simple way like phonegap and some tips, easily can made an apk, ipa files and publish it. So in this case, developer need to protect his code, protect his website and have a good luck. It happens.