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  1. Mar-1

    How do you setup project with NPM?

    You can find some inspiration in this project : I forked this project to add a little bit of React to serve as a gui system for my phaser games, you may find it useful :
  2. Mar-1

    Example of rts space game

    Wow that's actually very nice. how did you manage the automatic positioning of the units when moving a group? any tips that you can share ? keep up the good work.
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to share with you my latest pet project, it is a tool to extract images from a spritesheet, it's called SpriteSplitter, all informations are in the github : . I don't know if i can put links to binaries on the forum but you will find in the repo page some pre compiled ones plus instructions on how to run the project yourself. Instructions : Open the App and load a sprite Make sure that the top left pixel on your image represent an empty area, for example if the space between the frames in a sprite sheet is transparent, the top left sprite neet to be transparent, i will make this configurable some day, but feel free to fork the project and do it if you want. Select frames Save on Disk Here is a screen capture of the app, the selected frames are overlayed with an ugly red ( will definitely change the color ) I created this tool mainly as a learning experience, and also because the only tool that i know that do this is on windows ( see ASU ). SpriteSplitter was created using ElectronJS, so the app is multi plateform, but i tested it only on mac and Linux, can any of you guys confirm to me that it's working on windows ? That's all folk, what do you think ? Thank you.
  4. Mar-1

    Health Bars?

    Your example inspired me to create this little HealthBar ,i tried to make it customizable to fit all needs, i hope that it will be helpful. link on github.