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  1. WOW! AMAZING! It looks really great! Nice graphics, nice AI!
  2. I have two timers. One runs at 1000 ms and another at 2200 ms. I'm arleady using loop events. I would not like to limit the performance at 30 FPS since besides this minor issue everything runs smooth.
  3. I'm using Phaser v2.6.2 . In my code, I use looping timers created with : this.game.time.create(); The timers callbacks / functions are working as expected on desktop which runs at 16 ms / 60 FPS. The issues appear on mobile which runs at 18 ~ 20 ms / 50 ~ 54 FPS. The timers seem to skip some function calls while looping. I've found a solution to this problem: this.game.forceSingleUpdate = false; Now the timers behave as expected on mobile devices but the overall feel of the game is slow / lag / jagged . So I need to use both timers and : this.game.forceSingleUpdate = true; I'm not able to find a solution to this even though I've spent a few days looking into the Phaser core ( Game.js and Timer.js ). I think I need to find a way to synchronise timers with the logic update.
  4. You should disable antialiasing: this.game.stage.smoothed = false;
  5. cocos2djs is written in JavaScript, cocos2dx is written in C++. cocos2djs exports to stores (GooglePlay, AppStore) via a wrapper ( Firefox's Spider Monkey engine). cocos2dx exports native to stores (Android NDK, iOS Xcode). Performance: For web cocos2djs is better. For smartphones cocos2dx is better.
  6. I think you could save some time using Adobe Illustrator with the Gradient Mesh Tool https://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/meshes.html .
  7. You can always code it yourself : http://gamemechanicexplorer.com/#bullets-5 .
  8. Yes, it is possible search for IAP ( in app purchase). You will most likely use Cordova with an IAP plugin(Intel XDK + CrossWalk or CANVAS + from Cocoon.io).
  9. What cross platform tools are you using?
  10. I'm impressed with GLES.JS' s performance compared to CANVAS+/WebView+/CrossWalk. Would it be possible to bundle it with Cordova? The same way CrossWalk does it ? Cordova has some nice plugins that I would like to use.
  11. phaser

    You could try this : https://crosswalk-project.org/documentation/ios.html or if you prefer a cloud solution use https://cocoon.io/ with Webview Plus for iOS ( it is basically a rebranded Crosswalk).
  12. Try Crosswalk + Cordova.
  13. You can download them from github : https://github.com/BabylonJS/Documentation .
  14. I always collected 5 stars because I'm lazy and I wanted to finish the game as fast as possible . Does the study check for OCD?
  15. Have you tried Crosswalk or CocoonJS for Android? They should provide a stable performance.