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  1. The perlin noise procedural texture may be solution or a good base (available in procedural textures library)
  2. @NasimiAsl you are on! Regarding FFT, it's complex to implement, really interesting, I'm on it right now too
  3. I think using a mirror texture will reproduce the same problem i don't have my pc right now to repro
  4. @NasimiAsl what do you plan to modify in water material ? The problem comes from shader cache: - render normal : no clip plane - render refraction: clip plane is set So cache is reseted
  5. Thanks!
  6. Ok I found, the reflection and refraction textures set a clip plane to save pixel performances. So, the terrain material is dirty (should be replaced by another one for the subMesh). With the standard material, the shader is already in cache. With Custom Material, the ShaderIndexer variable is changed then it is not found in shaders cache -> the material is re-created each frame @NasimiAsl do you have a solution for that ? Thanks!!!
  7. Ok I found the problem, it comes from the custom material, the effect is recompiled each time, digging why ^^ (CustomMaterial.prototype.Builder)
  8. Thanks a lot! I found that when I remove the terrain material (created from custom material), I get 60FPS. I'm digging why
  9. @max123 it is, and it's also a post-process, not a material you can apply on a mesh I'll test the shader this afternoon !
  10. @Deltakosh sure! I cannot see the whole effect on mobile so I'll test on PC
  11. No problems @Dad72, I thank you a lot because you help me a lot to debug
  12. @Dad72 I'm trying to manipulate your code but I always get a black screen Can you try to repro on the playground instead ? The problem should happen if you create a ground with the same number of vertices than your terrain Or, can you share a link where the scene is working well ? I'll use SpectorJS to debug. Would be awsome if you can put the non-minified files too (I mean water material etc ^^) Thanks!
  13. I don't know why but I'll fix that ! Can you give me these informations: - terrain width/height - water mesh width / height and quality so I can reproduce the same scene. Thanks again
  14. can you try: - just create ground and don't create water marerial - create ground and water material but don't assign water material to ground (just to know if internet rtt are the problem) Then give me the FPS you have for both case ? Thanks ! It'll allow me to isolate the problem because I cannot reproduce here
  15. The problem with water is that we must render reflection and refraction. Then, in a simple scene you terrain is rendered 3 times for: - refraction - reflection - the normal render more the terrain is high quality more you need a GTX1080 ^^