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  1. Simple furMaterial

    Hey @tomer, removing the animation would not save the performances. Anyway I can add an option to deactivate because maybe you don't want animations just by setting a boolean For the performances, I read a lot about fur computation in video games to get it rendered fast and it looked like we did not have enough tools/technologies for Web for instance (but really soon)! Now with WebGL 2, maybe there are new way to compute fur using maybe geometry shaders. Will try to take a look again
  2. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    @BlackMojito Ok found that the depth and normal values are wrong when using right handed system, I called the specialists to solve this problem Will tell you once done!
  3. Weird VLS behavior.

    @Pryme8 According to the distance between the camera and the star, it looks like you reached the limit of the scattering method More you go near the star more the scattering artifacts disappear. Unfortunately, you should use this post-process only with "enough big" objects on the screen, like this: (using the default density value in this example)
  4. Pipeline Error

    @Fahad For the 4rth parameter, can you try to set « null » instead of empty quotes ?
  5. Weird VLS behavior.

    Hum, thanks for reporting! will try to understand why it works like this
  6. Pipeline Error

    Looks like your device do not support floating point textures. On which device are you testing? i’ll try to reproduce using integer textures
  7. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    It looks like SSAO is broken when I run the original playground Pinging @Deltakosh and Craig
  8. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    @BlackMojito you confirm that it works well ?
  9. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Pull Request created:
  10. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    @Deltakosh Can anybody confirm ?
  11. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Hello @BlackMojito! I cannot reproduce the bug here, it is working well =O
  12. Hey @dsman, for the feature you asked it has just been added and deployed at My next step is to add Reflection Probe well parsed and will let you know once done!
  13. WaterMaterial, when rotated

    @levere, yes, the reflection camera and clip plane are set using the Y value of the normal vector to create the plane: scene.clipPlane = BABYLON.Plane.FromPositionAndNormal(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, positiony + 0.05, 0), new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0)); }; Let’s add this feature soon thanks for this feedback !
  14. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    For faxa, you should add it after the SSAO to antialias the output of the SSAO yeah I’m still looking for a solution in depth values. I’ll try with 500 !