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  1. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Pull Request created:
  2. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    @Deltakosh Can anybody confirm ?
  3. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Hello @BlackMojito! I cannot reproduce the bug here, it is working well =O
  4. Hey @dsman, for the feature you asked it has just been added and deployed at My next step is to add Reflection Probe well parsed and will let you know once done!
  5. WaterMaterial, when rotated

    @levere, yes, the reflection camera and clip plane are set using the Y value of the normal vector to create the plane: scene.clipPlane = BABYLON.Plane.FromPositionAndNormal(new BABYLON.Vector3(0, positiony + 0.05, 0), new BABYLON.Vector3(0, 1, 0)); }; Let’s add this feature soon thanks for this feedback !
  6. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    For faxa, you should add it after the SSAO to antialias the output of the SSAO yeah I’m still looking for a solution in depth values. I’ll try with 500 !
  7. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    Hey; just tried to understand the problem but found that if I set the maxZ value of the camera to 100 I can get a good result: I assume that we store well the depth in the depth map, so I need to understand why the depth metrics have different impacts when you set as orthographic
  8. Hey thanks for feedback! @dsman I’m adding this feature. For the reflection probes, we need to update Babylon.js. I’ll let you know once done
  9. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    @Tomm Huth any news ?
  10. Orthographic camera and SSAO

    @Tomm Huth thanks! can you share me a playground so I can be based on in order to try to find a solution ? Thanks !
  11. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Fixed here! @Deltakosh will tell you if fixed right EDIT: he already told you ahah
  12. SSAO sucks with Scene.UseRightHandedSystem

    Good Catch! @Deltakosh, it is related to the depth renderer: faces are inverted. Looking for a reason Not the SSAO itself as it is just screenspace
  13. Hey @lagauche, To give you a quick answer, yes you should use the reflection probes like this: (type F12 to see the code example)
  14. SSAO quality bug?

    Thanks for reporting @xuchen_shadow! Fixed here: