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  1. Luaacro

    How to hide light source mesh of godrays

    Oooooooooooh ! Finally understood! Unfortunately not possible using the current post-process you are using because it is just based on screen-space You should use the standard rendering pipeline instead : (look at the "Setting up volumetric lights" section)
  2. Luaacro

    How to hide light source mesh of godrays

    @dingoogle missed to tag you
  3. Luaacro

    How to hide light source mesh of godrays

    You can try this: When you set the alpha to 0 for an obstable it gives what you want
  4. Luaacro

    How to hide light source mesh of godrays

    Looks possible, let's give a try ASAP and I will let you know
  5. Luaacro

    How to hide light source mesh of godrays

    Hey @dingoogle I'm not sure to understand, but to be sure: you would like to keep only the rays and have the current mesh hidden ?
  6. Luaacro

    Serialize ground probleme

  7. Luaacro

    Serialize ground probleme

    I will tomorrow Adding an option looks cool, with a default value to false. I have to see the existing code to see if I can have a better idea
  8. Luaacro

    Serialize ground probleme

    @Deltakosh is that the wanted behavior ?
  9. Luaacro

    MixMaterial problems

    You should because I cannot handle that feature in the GLSL code Yes and I answered Maybe that can help you
  10. Luaacro

    Serialize ground probleme

    It looks like the error comes from mesh serialization. When I serialize the entire scene and reload it works:
  11. Luaacro

    MixMaterial problems

    Excellent! Just tested and it works really well For your problem: in the shader, the mixmap 1 mixes the 4 first textures. The mixmap 2 mixes the 4 last textures with the first mix from mixmap 1. When you paint using the mixmap 2, don't forget to clear the mixmap 1 by reseting the values to (0, 0, 0, 255) where you are painting. Do you see what I mean?
  12. Luaacro

    MixMaterial problems

    I'm taking a look on serialization, that should not happen If I understand well, in your tool, that texture 8 (not 4 because it crashes the editor) is adding alpha so the alpha value is equal to 0 to draw the 8th texture ? Or 255 ?
  13. Luaacro

    MixMaterial problems

    I'm unable to load "Delos" :( BJS - [20:08:26]: Unable to import meshes from data/Delos_ground.babylon?1527703706785: Error in onSuccess callback
  14. Luaacro

    MixMaterial problems

    Hey @Dad72! Just fixed the material here: now the mix is better. I did a little mistake :)
  15. Luaacro

    How do I use Editor export file in my project?

    Do you speak about the .babylon file or the .editorproject file ?