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  1. We should ask @Nockawa to have an official one has he made the awesome gizmos used in the Babylon.js Editor =D
  2. Thanks @Wingnut I just copied the link and then saw your message @mr_pinc, the actual gizmo supports position / rotation, unfortunately not the scale but I plan to support. I'll share the code with you once done
  3. Forgot that I have a doc on it !
  4. Hi @dqope21 ! The editor has been updated and available here This article shows the beginning of the new Actions Builder tool . The actions builder tends to help you create a BABYLON.ActionManager without any line of code To illustrate the principle, this article ( shows exactly the way to create actions using the Actions Builder available in the editor I previously shared Don't hesitate if you have a question ! Or a bug
  5. Hi @Hartha ! Sorry for the delay The gizmos typescript source code is available here (from the link of @Wingnut) And then, the editor created its own manager here Don't hesitate if you have questions
  6. Hi @cx20, just fixed animated meshes here! I reproduces the bug, thanks for this feedback
  7. @cx20, The final pull request is available here : I can't test ALL models (due to my poor internet connection on phone) but I tested some models and it works for instance. Let me know if you find a bug Thank you !!
  8. Hey @cx20 ! Thanks for this feedback! You are right I had problems with back face culling and fixed it. I'm going to commit a new WIP which allows to create lights defined by the extension
  9. The pull request is available here Let me know if it's ok for you. Thanks !
  10. Hi @NinjaPigeon, I'll find a solution to avoid theses problems with invertY. I come back with news asap
  11. Hey very good !! I'm on it ! I'll be the occasion to develop another extension I'll let you know the WIP
  12. Hi @Numa, Happy that you use the gltf loader =D Would be perfect if you can create a playground for it or, to go faster, share your gltf file as I can determine if the problem comes from the loader or not Thanks
  13. Thanks @Dad72 for this feedback ! The commit is available here
  14. No no ! I meant that the gltf loader uses right handed as default (babylonjs is left by default but the loader configures babylonjs to use right handed) my sentence was badly constructed
  15. @cx20, it has been fixed in the latest pull request MakeYUP is now deprecated since we use the right handed system as default. Now you have nothing special to do it, will work alone