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  1. Babylon.js Editor

    Hey, the editor v1.2.0 has been released and you can now attach custom scripts written in JavaScript to your objects directly into the editor! More informations: A demo:
  2. Display Inactive Camera as Icon

    I can try and give a solution i come back with a solution asap!
  3. Display Inactive Camera as Icon

    Hi @Pryme8 ! just saw the notifications, you can see this file: take a look at createHelpers() and onPostUpdate() this shows how I render all the icons with only one material and only one plane
  4. Need help creating ocean shader

    The perlin noise procedural texture may be solution or a good base (available in procedural textures library)
  5. Need help creating ocean shader

    @NasimiAsl you are on! Regarding FFT, it's complex to implement, really interesting, I'm on it right now too
  6. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    I think using a mirror texture will reproduce the same problem i don't have my pc right now to repro
  7. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    @NasimiAsl what do you plan to modify in water material ? The problem comes from shader cache: - render normal : no clip plane - render refraction: clip plane is set So cache is reseted
  8. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

  9. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    Ok I found, the reflection and refraction textures set a clip plane to save pixel performances. So, the terrain material is dirty (should be replaced by another one for the subMesh). With the standard material, the shader is already in cache. With Custom Material, the ShaderIndexer variable is changed then it is not found in shaders cache -> the material is re-created each frame @NasimiAsl do you have a solution for that ? Thanks!!!
  10. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    Ok I found the problem, it comes from the custom material, the effect is recompiled each time, digging why ^^ (CustomMaterial.prototype.Builder)
  11. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    Thanks a lot! I found that when I remove the terrain material (created from custom material), I get 60FPS. I'm digging why
  12. Need help creating ocean shader

    @max123 it is, and it's also a post-process, not a material you can apply on a mesh I'll test the shader this afternoon !