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  1. Luaacro

    Babylon editor

    You rox! @swavec publishing the editor ASAP with the fixes
  2. Luaacro

    Babylon editor

    Pinging @Sebavan, reproduced a bug when setting two times a reflection texture in PBR (maybe not related to PBR material itself): At the end of the PG, I set the hdr texture without the skybox coordinates mode (so it's ugly). But just after I reset the hdr texture with the skybox coodinates mode and it looks not applied Any idea?
  3. Luaacro

    Babylon editor

    Hey @swavec I'm happy that you use the editor! Here my answers: 1. You mean that you checked back "generate shadows" and re-added the cast objects after ? Or not ? When you generate shadows, you have to provide the cast objects. When you unckeck "generate shadows", the shadow generator is destroyed so you have to re-configure it 2. Found the bug. Fixing right now thanks for the feedback!
  4. Luaacro

    Skymaterial and Elevation of Camera

    Hey @luan_ngo, Pull request just created: Updating the doc ASAP. Anyway, to keep your horizon at position 0 on Y, just setup the property .cameraOffset on the material which is a Vector3. Example: skyMaterial.cameraOffset.y = scene.activeCamera.globalPosition.y Don't hesitate if you encounter a bug!
  5. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    Thanks for writing this! I'll come back with updates for documentation and also a new feature to load only .editorproject with native version (double click in your OS file explorer) which makes the experience easier
  6. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    I'll improve the documentation about importing meshes to a project. Because, importing meshes means that it will be saved in the .editorproject. So if you load the .editorproject and the .babylon scene together you'll get meshes doubleness.
  7. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    Okay finally reproduced!! I found that the meshes are duplicated because they are in the .babylon file and the .editorproject. I guess that you used the "Import Meshes" function and saved them into the .editorproject. If you remove the duplicated meshes and save your project (.editorproject) it solves your problem I'll add a tooltip in the editor to let user know if the mesh comes from the .babylon file or the .editorproject so it will be les confusing Thanks
  8. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    @Limes2018 do you reproduce systematically? Because on my PC and my Mac it is not doubleness Can you sent me all your files you are drag'n'dropping to load the scene? I'm missing something but I don't know what Thank you!
  9. Luaacro

    BabylonJS Editor V2

    Hey @ninespace just saw your message! So sorry! insuggest that you read this article about saving/loading you editor projects: thanks
  10. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    @Limes2018 do not reproduce, can you update to the latest Mac OS build? Thanks Editor.dmg
  11. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    Unfortunately I do not reproduce I saved the .editorproject, restarted the editor (also tested without restarting) and drag'n'dropped the files (sword.babylon and project.editorproject) all model objects are not doubleness I'm going to test with the Mac OS version of the editor to see if I can see any difference
  12. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    @Limes2018 checking the scene right now
  13. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    @Limes2018 just improved the documentation and created the pull request:
  14. Luaacro

    How to save & import project?

    Hey @Limes2018! I recommend that you read this quick article for saving/loading your projects: In fact, the "Export Template..." button is the final step for your project in the editor, like you would export your final Unity3D project. The template will include all final scene assets: textures, sounds, scene, metadatas, etc. but also a project structure for you to compile/test your custom code that you'll write using your beloved IDE (Visual Studio Code, etc.) I suggest that you always save your project (the .editorproject) using "Save Project..." in the same directory as your scene file, textures, etc. This folder will be your design/artist project that you'll, in future, export for developers (using "Export Template..."). To reload your project, just drag'n'drop ALL your files including the .editorproject in the editor. Is that clear? If not, I can create a feature video to explain more the philosophy of the editor
  15. Luaacro

    How to import mesh?

    @Limes2018 excellent! =D Don't hesitate to read this tutorial about loading/saving your projects: Thanks for using the editor