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  1. Is the deal that aside from a small initial up front payment you then get paid on a basis of how many plays your game gets? Like a form of rev share?
  2. alex_h

    Deperately needs a work

    Just a tip, if you make yourself sound desperate then you open yourself up to a stronger chance of exploitation. Employers may well offer you less money because they know you are likely to still accept.
  3. alex_h

    Using PIXI to achieve Sprite parabolic motion?

    It's also very simple to model yourself with just a couple of vectors, one for intial ball speed on the x and y planes, and one for gravity which you add to the ball y speed each update cycle. You can then elaborate by modifying the speed vector according to ball mass, etc
  4. What happens if you try running the game in Canvas2D mode instead of WebGL? If the problem changes or goes away then you confirmed it is to do with webgl rendering. If it stays then you know you were barking up the wrong tree
  5. alex_h

    No sound or music on Chrome desktop (windows 10)

    They are now temporarily reverting the change.... until October
  6. alex_h

    Next step

    Hire whatever you need to complete the project you have taken on.
  7. alex_h

    Illustration guidance

    I've found this 'Professional Photoshop Book' magazine series to be really good, just downloading a few editions onto an ipad and reading through the articles I learned tonnes of useful tips and techniques. For the drawing style like the fox game graphics you linked to above you'd probably want to use Adobe Illustrator rather than photoshop though, so you could maybe give this magazine a try:
  8. It's not a question with a single simple answer as it depends on what hardware its running on
  9. alex_h

    Can a html <img> use a Pixi Texture object?

    You'd want to render the texture to another canvas and append that to the body. Or if you really have to use an image you could render the texture to an off screen canvas, then use canvas toDataUrl to get it into an image element You assign the output of canvas toDataUrl as the image src
  10. alex_h

    How to render a HTML page inside Phaser?

    What you are trying to do sounds very weird to me, but anyway, with width/height 100% that refers to 100% of the containing element. So as long as your parent div has fixed width and height then you shouldn't have a problem.
  11. alex_h

    How to render a HTML page inside Phaser?

    If it is in the same page as your game then you can display it in front of the game canvas via css. You can show / hide via the display property, and place it in front of the canvas via position and z-depth properties.
  12. alex_h

    Can't get BmGlyph to work with Hires

    This one is good, uses flash in the browser though so won't work forever
  13. alex_h

    How to render a HTML page inside Phaser?

    stick an iframe in front of the game canvas and load the HTML into that.
  14. alex_h

    catching audio load errors

    Audio loading is an asynchronous process. So the error won't necessarily be thrown from the initial call to, it may be triggered later on. Hence try / catch not working here.
  15. alex_h

    Easy 3D render

    I'm preparing assets for a reskin of a 2D game, and for one of the sprites I need to create the texture by rendering a 3D model and exporting to png. The model is in .fbx format with accompanying materials as .png. I need to create 9 cameras at various angles at a fixed radius around the model and render a png from each of them. Can anyone recommend what would be the simplest application to do this from? I have very limited experience with 3D software so I'm worried this is going to be a massive time sink for me. I had a brief look at Blender once before for something similar but I seem to remember I found it quite a steep learning curve so ended up abandoning the approach. I just need something that will be easy for me to figure out how to control my point of view within the 3D space, easy to correctly place the cameras, and then easy to choose render parameters. Any suggestions? Cheers!