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  1. The VaselineCamera doesnt exist? :'''V Anyway, I'll prepare more details and get back to you but Trevor's suggestion sounds good, but another problem is that I'm still a noob (after all this time). Thank you both guys and sorry if my english is broken.
  2. Hi, I have a scene with 4 models that can be seen through ArcRotateCamera rotation, nothing fancy but I need to give it a shape similar to: https://www.jqueryscript.net/demo/3D-Rotating-Carousel-Plugin-with-jQuery-three-js-Image-Gallery-Threejs/ Where the sides look a bit crowded showing the model at center with more presence. Is there any way I can achieve it? maybe with somekind of distortion? Thank you.
  3. Thank you both, I'll make tests with your suggestions and back here.
  4. Its me again I can play animation of an imported model with: new BABYLON.PlayAnimationAction(BABYLON.ActionManager.NothingTrigger, MESH_NAME, 0, FINAL_FRAME, 0), But this only works if I know the number of frames to put it as "FINAL_FRAME", now, I need to know if an imported model contains an animation (1) or not (0) and if it contains animation to know how many frames it haves. Is this possible? How can I make it? Gracias.
  5. hit2501

    [SOLVED] How to get only the first mesh?

    Thank you Delta, I think thats what I was looking for
  6. Hi, Maybe its a dumb question but how can I get only the first mesh of a imported model from Blender? Until now I had no reason to use another thing like: scene.getMeshByName("unique_mesh"); But now I need to get only the first one (nad meybe the third one) to make changes in babylon. How can I achieve it? Thank you all.
  7. Thank you JC, I would like to know it before. Is there a way to mark your message as answer?
  8. Hi everyone! Long time ago, I had some issues importing large models (from Blender) then, with help of this forum I understood that the importer could only work with models until 65K vertices. Now I want to know if this limit is different for new babylon js library and if is there are other important features regarding this. Thank you all.
  9. Thank you both, I'll test it.
  10. Thank you both, I need that kind of details because I saw a lot that too much people thinks Unity is the only/better option to develop their applications. If any other developer wants to add info or opinions I'll be grateful.
  11. Hi everyone, According to colleagues experiences I know that Unity sometimes requires additoinal plugins for networking functions (access to databases, etc) and I saw that the websites made with Unity take a bit longer to load and sometimes its necessary for user to download additional stuff to be able to use 3d websites. But all I know is too superficial, can anybody give me more details of why is BJS better than Unity? Thank you all.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm working on a web app that must change position of a mesh on (almost) every frame in time like a video. I know I can manage coordinates for this but I dont know how to set the fps to 30 and how to apply the new coordinates according to each frame. Can anybody show me a basic example to achieve this? Thank you all.
  13. hit2501

    How to port my BJS game to PC (offline)?

    Thanks mr_pinc I'll check it now.
  14. Hi everyone, I'm developing a game with the almighty Babylon.js, until now its working fine through mobile browsers even when internet is disconnected but now I want to know how can I port it to play it on PC. What I'm trying to achieve is to play my game offline on PC and make an installer. If its useful, I also work with Visual Studio. Any advice would be useful. Thanks.
  15. That is what I was looking for, thank yoy and sorry for the delay.