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  1. I don't think it has to do with P2 physics,but the sprites / textures used? I mean, it could be P2 but need to see your game first do you have a link?
  2. Hey, thanks! If I import the obj, does that still retain animation data? Even after, for the .babylon file as well?
  3. I'm kind of not feeling the vibe to create my 2d game anymore And plus, I really just found out how popular 3d models are especially after looking at cgtrader Anyways, I am pretty versed with Blender and found an artist who sells a lot of character models that have tons of animations (idle, walk, run, hit, die, etc) (https://www.cgtrader.com/maxbugor). I'm just curious if Babylon would be okay to use these fbx files (I assume I need to load them in Blender or whatever, then export them to Babylon?) Here is the type of game: Obviously not exactly like that as I would need a large team. But I'm just saying like moving around in a skybox, using animations and hitting mobs, etc. With some decent lightning. Maybe there is an example out already for this type of game that I can learn from? Thanks in advance!
  4. Some updates on this Nasty bug http://stackoverflow.com/questions/40811148/how-to-remove-jitterness-from-phasers-sprite-background And https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/2885
  5. What is var en = enemies.getAt(this.cnt); z returning? console.log(en)
  6. JSFiddle if possible, kind of lost what you meant.
  7. Speed is about twice as fast as 2 days ago. Anyone else notice this or just me? (USA, WA State area) Anyways, awesome!
  8. A lot of unneeded code I think, can u try to skim it down a bit and isolate what's exactly going on / where the error lies?
  9. map_collisions = game.add.group(); map_layers = game.add.group(); map = game.add.tilemap('desert'); map.addTilesetImage('area01_level_tilesnew', 'tiles'); layer = map.createLayer('background', null, null, map_layers); map.createLayer('foreground', null, null, map_layers); layer.resizeWorld(); When you add any new entities from tiled to map_collisions then want to destroy everything: map_collisions.destroy() and map_layers.destroy() and map.destroy() Boom, clean sweep of a tilemap. Wrap the code under game.add.group inside a function LoadLevel(name) or whatever.
  10. Running 512x512 maps flawlessly without any lag under WebGL. That's 16kx16k map dimensions and with tiles placed all over the place. Ignore the shitty GIF. It's at 60FPS locally. @rich, great work!
  11. You can do setTimeout( (x) = > { game.camera.follow(sprite, 0, 0.1, 0.1); }, 1000);
  12. addObject just basically let's us use the update method for that component/sprite, right? I wonder why they are separated out like that, is it because more processing power to emit the update method? Don't use addObject for simple sprites that don't take advantage of a custom update method I imagine? Sorry, kind of new to Panda
  13. http://vermeire.home.xs4all.nl/panda/# Out of no where... Brb, saving / downloading now
  14. Ok. Here: http://jsfiddle.net/Dillybob/vnzzfnmg/1/ Now, hold down S + D and keep your eyes on the tilemap's background you can see the jitter (when camera pans) Now do: game.camera.roundPx = true; The sprite jitter's, but not the tilemap / background However, if you move the sprite by doing `.x+=speed` instead of velocity, there is no problem whatsoever (except for collisions lol)
  15. Yeah, I tried this way but then the tiles / background in the back become distorted when panning. Then, using `game.camera.roundPx = true;` will fix the background distortion, but then the sprite's jitterness is back. LOL