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  1. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    Hi All! I've been silent for a few months... because I've been working with OMUK doing dialog editing. Finally, I can reveal that I was working on Horizon: Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC I've been doing some sound design of my own as well, a new collection of sounds is up on my soundcloud:
  2. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've had a busy month of working on a variety of projects and doing dialog editing work at OMUK. A couple of highlights: If any of you are heading to Gamescom, be sure to check out Unknown Fate's booth! A first-person puzzle VR game with surrealist themes. I've been doing sfx and sound design for this project for the past few months. At OMUK I edited the dialog for the recent Vermintide update, it was great to work on a game I've enjoyed so much since it's release.
  3. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've had a very busy past couple of weeks, hence my delay in an update! For now I've uploaded some sounds I made for Unity! As part of their new Unity Connect Service, the sounds are for the upcoming associated instant messenger service. I've been working on a few new exciting projects and more work for Unknown Fate, but I can't reveal anything else yet! Watch this space
  4. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    Unknown Fate has released a new trailer! I've been working on the sound design for this over the pas month, so I'm very pleased to announce it's release. I'll be doing more sound design for Unknown Fate over the summer, watch this space!
  5. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've been working on a new game recently, Melee Masters. It's a 3d fantasy fighting/brawler. This track is the first collection of sounds from this project. Combat and movement sounds for the 'rock elemental', Quake. This collection of sfx is less varied than my usual posts, but I think it demonstrates clearly the need for sounds that though similar, are different enough to avoid tiresome repetition. A concept that is of paramount importance when designing for fighting games.
  6. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I was working on some new Medikidz comics last week. New releases about Blood Tests, MRI scans and Pneumonia. I've just uploaded a collection of SFX from those projects. Listen out for space age whooshes, 'germ vocals' and sounds from within the human body...
  7. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I have some new Infinity PBR sounds this week, this time the 'Weeper'. An undead 'hollow' that relies on dark magic and fear buffs. Listen out for cloth foley, magic effects and otherworldly vocalisations.
  8. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    Last week I went into OMUK's London studio as a dialogue editor, to help work on upcoming Gear VR game, Augmented Empire. I'm going in again this Tuesday to continue. I've also been working on some new content for Unknown Fate, which will published later this week once we have approval from our publishers. Still looking for new projects though! Get in touch if you're interested in my work
  9. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've had a busy weekend, putting together a new dual boot Hackintosh/Windows tower, optimised for audio and game development! Here's what I was working on last week, Infinity PBR's Medusa pack.
  10. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've done a new Infinity PBR pack, Demon this time Check out the collection of footsteps, foley and vocalisations I've put together on soundcloud.
  11. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I had a great time at EGX: Rezzed this weekend! Some big highlights for me were 'Bombslinger' in the Indie Room and 'The Occupation' in the Unreal Showcase. Definitely a couple of games to look out for. I've just joined the team for upcoming first-person, story-driven action adventure 'Unknown Fate'. We'll be working on something a little special over the next couple of weeks, so watch this space...
  12. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've uploaded something slightly different than usual this week. I've been making some 'cave ambience' sounds for Infinity PBR. So I decided to put together a few of these to make an immersive first-person perspective, dungeon crawling audio 'scene'. Wear headphones for greater impact!
  13. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    TWO new music tracks this week! Both written for my latest Medikidz project. Both tunes are inspired by classic saturday morning cartoons, e.g. power rangers. Medikidz To The Rescue!: Medikidz In Danger!:
  14. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    I've just uploaded another Medikidz SFX sample. All sounds created as part of a new project I'm working on with them. Music to follow!
  15. MattDearGameAudio - SFX/Music/Dialogue/Audio Implementation

    It's been a while since I posted! I've been having a very busy past couple of months, and the commissions have been under NDA. So I'm limited in what I can show you at the moment. However, I have uploaded a new 'audio mockup', to my soundcloud. I tried something a little different with this upload. I put together a group of sounds I've made, and created an imaginary game 'scene'. I wanted to show how my sounds fit together when put into the often eclectic in-game environment. Starting slowly with a few transitions and footsteps, it evolves into a full shootout with lots of sounds all playing at once.