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  1. [Panda 2] Diamond Dasher

    nice!! interesting mix of pixi and three.js But game doesn't load on Chrome/Android
  2. Zombie Strike

    nice game!
  3. Cardinal Run

    Hi, It is a web game. Nothing to install. So far I got around 60k game plays.
  4. Cardinal Run

    Game is available for non-exclusive license and API integration. Please contact me
  5. Cardinal Run


    from title, I thought pixi v5 was released sad now
  7. [Steam] CasinoRPG - Casino MMORPG

    @GoldFire you have typo in the URL
  8. Hi, I am offering non-exclusive game license with branding and API integration. You can check my games here and you can contact me here
  9. Salvage - A little turn-based bullet-hell shooter

    Cute game. Loved it!! awesome graphics and music!
  10. you can add domain lock to your game. Related thread
  11. In-Game Advertising for HTML5 games

    I miss MochiAds!! Has anyone tried ? any good?
  12. Cardinal Run

    @mentuat Added background color change on level up.
  13. Cardinal Run

    Good idea. I will do that.
  14. Show fps on screen

    Also another option, Chrome dev tools has in-built FPS display. More details here, Unfortunately this is Chrome only feature. Don't know if Firefox has it.
  15. Cardinal Run

    Thanks!! That is really a good score!