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  1. have you tried saucelabs or browserstack? They both offer free trails.
  2. because, this keyword is locked inside setup function. It has no idea what `stage` variable is. More info here You can fix this by using `bind` function public run() : void { this.setup = this.setup.bind(this); // User Pixi's build-in `loader` object to load an image PIXI.loader .add("./images/chapter01/pixie96x48.png") .load(this.setup); } or use arrow function, PIXI.loader .add("./images/chapter01/pixie96x48.png") .load(() => { this.setup(); }));
  3. As someone who makes mobile web games for fun, I hardly play games on mobile browser, because.. 1. ADs - mobile web game experience gets spoiled by Ads. When a publisher displays 5 seconds AD everytime I die.. it kinda spoils the gameplay experience. Also lack of back button logic in games.. I need to use touch screen to close to AD, sometimes the skip button hit box are shady. 2. Lack of offline experience - I just want to open the game quickly and play for few minutes. Most of the time it takes more than a minute to launch a game because of slow preloader AD. My next game is gonna be primarily desktop browser game.. I can scale down the game for mobile web and add some touch controls. But it will be desktop browser first experience. P.S: I don't know anything about marketing HTML5 games. So far I have made only 50 cents (USD) on gamejolt. My opinion is from someone, who likes to play games. Edit: Also I haven't seen any originally game in html5, most of the games are mini version of the native games or just clones. Only original html5 game I have played is "crosscode" - demo is playable in desktop browsers and full version is download only.
  4. Nice game!! and game.js is only 110KB!! awesome job!
  5. Since requestAnimationFrame passes current time (DOMHighResTimeStamp) as argument to callback, you can use instead of var desiredFPS = 25; var then =; var elapsed; var interval = 1000 / desiredFPS; updateLoop(then); function updateLoop(now) { requestAnimationFrame(updateLoop); elapsed = now - then; if (elapsed > interval) { then = now - (elapsed % interval); updatePlayerPos(); renderer.render(rootStage); } }
  6. Google's firebase offers free hosting.. 10 GB bandwidth / month. Only drawback is that, you need to deploy whole website every time you change one file.
  7. Can't you generate uniqueId on server side? When user first time opens the game, you can check for uniqueId in local storage. If Id is not found, then send a request server asking for uniqueID. Then save that uniqueId back to user's browser. Problem is if player uses different browser, he/she will be treated as new user. I would recommend you to look in Google's firebase authentication - they support login via facebook, twitter, google plus, github, etc.. also they have some kinda of guest authentication.
  8. What will be the .apk size for a empty project?
  9. I wanted to add a twist to the typical Sokoban game.. that is why decided to introduce some enemies... probably the enemies are too aggressive?
  10. the enemies should change direction if they are blocked.. I will check it. Thanks.
  11. Filters are webgl only. Glow filter is available here,
  12. Hi all, Check out my web game "Move the Crates". Developed using pixi.js. Game play is similar to "Sokoban". Game is also optimized to work with gamepad. You can play the game here, Some screenshots: Here is the video of the game working in XBOX One browser,
  13. tweenjs/Tween.js doesn't play well with v4, any ideas? created github issue,
  14. I do see 502 error code in console. Problem is on your offline appcache. Try without offline appcache.
  15. check this