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  1. Feudal Wars - a game of medieval military strategy

    Thanks all! I just added hold position (H key) and stop (S key).
  2. It's finally live! https://feudalwars.net
  3. Okay, i just ran an interesting test. If I remove ALL updates to graphics objects, the stutter is gone. But if I leave in even a single update (e.g. drawing a single rect and clearing it every tick), the problem is just as bad as drawing hundreds of rects. Again we're talking about drawing a single rectangle to a single graphic. And the stutter is monstrous! If I set all graphics to not visible, the problem goes away (regardless of how much I update them). I also tried limiting the number of graphicsData pushed to 10 (to assure it wasn't the quantity of graphics data) and it had no effect.
  4. Also, if I remove 2/3rd of all the graphics activity i outlined above (e.g. disable unit circle and healthbar updates), the problem persists). It seems like having any small quantity of graphics updates causes the problem. It also happens if I remove updates to the mini map. So it's like the mere existence of graphics causes the problem.
  5. It's about 40 rectangles to one graphics object (the healthbars), 20 circles (unit circles underneath) to a separate graphics object and another 20 rectangles to a separate graphics object (the mini map) all at around the same time. All in all, it doesn't seem like that much. I'm doing the same graphics stuff in strike tactics and it never gives a stutter problem.
  6. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    Debugging chrome-specific issues would be a whole lot easier if the Chrome releases "blog" wasn't such a mess. Jesus Christ Google, just give me a bullet list. Look at this mess: https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/ You expect better from Google. It seems there is no easy way to determine what updates were released and when.
  7. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    curiously enough, firefox does not have the problem.
  8. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    i've confirmed that it is not a polyfill / conflict as none of my libraries have changed. i also tried disabling other libraries - the problem is still there. It seems no matter what I do, updating graphics at any frequency will cause PIXI.WebGLGraphicsData.prototype.upload to hang. It's very unpredictable but when it does happen, it happens every 20 seconds or so. Float32Array and Uint16Array are culprits - but i don't know what to do with that information, other than removing any updates to graphics in my game (which is not really an option).
  9. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

  10. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    I'd rather not say publicly and make it easier for cheaters to understand my code. But like I said, I don't see how it's relevant as the problem occurs before or after compiling into a single JS file. How is it relevant?
  11. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    I'm not sure what you mean by "build." I'm using Phaser 2.6.2. Sure I compile my source code into a single JS file for deployment, but that seems irrelevant to the problem as it happens using a single js file (minified source code) or multiple (unminified).
  12. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    Nope - educate me
  13. Massive stuttering / FPS drop due to PIXI.Graphics

    Thanks for the reply. Since "babel poyfills" aren't called directly in Phaser, how would I go about disabling them? As far as I can tell, I'm not using any polys. Only rectangles and circles (but mostly rectangles). So if I'm not using polys, where and how are poly fills taking place? Excuse the ignorance, but I very rarely poke around in pixi source code.
  14. I just can't account for it. It happens on every machine. I'm not doing all that much with graphics and when I try to disable any updating of graphics, the stutter is still there. It's as-if the very existence of graphics in my game causes the problem. Already posted this issue on the Phaser forum and didn't get anywhere. I'd appreciate any insight.
  15. Another week of trouble-shooting. Still, no luck.