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  1. Shadows, Lights and Shaders

    I found it. Unfortunately, it's an abandoned project, I can not remember why, but when I tried that, BabylonJS was in the beginning, and there were not so many options. The only reason I started this shader is because I wanted to have more than one texture on the field and I read somewhere how you can play with the rbg channels of a texture. Now you have terrainMaterial that does exactly the same thing I tried before this material exists, so my recommendation is to use this material if you need it instead of trying to make your own shader . If you open a threat and expose your problem, and where do you wanted to use this shader, maybe I can help you more.
  2. Shadows, Lights and Shaders

    Hello Arte, .. huh, what old topic . I don't remember exactly. Let me make some search, if I'll not found, we'll make this playground to work, now it seems to be broken. I'll be back
  3. Using debug layer produce a infinite loop of warnings in console that freeze scene latest version, same in chrome and mozilla. Stable version return only one warning when using debulLayer
  4. Hi. For ArcRotateCamera it's camera.angularSensibilityX = 50; camera.angularSensibilityY = 50;
  5. Texture not Binding to Shader?

    Hi, I'm not sure if this will fix your problem, but defines must be array. like var defines = ["#define LAYERS "+parseInt(this.layers.length)+";"]; edit , more simplified version var defines = ["#define LAYERS "+parseInt(this.layers.length)];
  6. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Thank you sir. I''m honored and sooooo happyyyyy. I have to celebrate this I can only promise you that the next challenge will be even more exciting I hope. (maybe a vr app, I don't know:))) See you soon. ps: @Deltakosh can you modify please to be by: SmarTeam3D
  7. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    OMG I fall in love again . WebVR I'm commmming . Thank you @davrous.
  8. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    tittle: 3D ScatterPlot description: 3d display of a csv data using BabylonJS and image
  9. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    It's an interesting option, I'm going to try it these days, thnk you.
  10. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Hi. Yes, this is one reason why I didn't use direct scene.createDefaultVRExperience Now you fixed it. And the second. If I want to use my cam when I'm not in vr. I don't know, with specific setting, and not the default frecam from helper. I'll be nice one more parameter to choose if you want or not to use default camera from helper. By the way can I limit the webvr cam?.. to not to pass through the ground as example?
  11. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Yes master . Here is: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E3XJMU#27 Unfortunatelly I don't know how to test it yet and I don't know if it's a good approach. Please take a look and let me know if it's correct( lines 19 -23 and 158-169).
  12. 3D scatterplot on babylonjs

    Thank you jerome. I tried to add sprite for labels, as you say. A dynamic texture where I wrote all values, and after that crop from it pieces, but unfortunately I couldn't handle it I'll make a try another time Deltakosh thank you sir, my pleasure. I'll give it to you tomorrow.
  13. Hi. As I promised, I'm back with a new application of babylonjs. Without any presentations a 3D scatterplot https://www.smarteam3d.com/portfolio/3DScatterPlot.html And here is the playground version: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#E3XJMU#26 And here is a very basic example how to do your own 3D grid to draw your own scatterplot. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#AFGPGD#1 PS: It's not fully optimized, and I'm sure it can be done better, but it's a begining.
  14. Three.js or Babylon.js for room design

    Hi. I have been using ThreeJs for a very long time, but I discovered the BabylonJs and I fall in love with it. And yes, I'm too for BabylonJS :))
  15. custom colors material[solved]

    Hi. I know I marked it as solved but I have one more question on this subject. :))) https://playground.babylonjs.com/#NLV5X5#6 If I use a standard material on ribbon, it keeps the colors previously set. But if i set a grid material it loses its settings. Can I force it to keep colors, or I have to modify grid shader?