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  1. Morph questions

    Thank you. I'll wait then and I'll try to renegociate my next project
  2. Car Configurator

    My pleasure. A few little fixes and it's done :)) Let me know if you need more informations, or images, I don't know :))
  3. Morph questions

    Hi, I have some questions about blendshapes. 1. 3DSMax exporter support blendshapes (morphtargets)? 2. This is still valide right? If yes, Can I force some of them compute on CPU? 3 Can i use keyframe animations and morphtargets in the same time?
  4. Car Configurator

    Hello guys. I'm extremely happy to share with you my last challange for https://www.smarteam3d.com. Please feel free to play with it, test it, report bugs, come with suggestions. Here is the link : https://www.smarteam3d.com/portfolio/car_config.html Thank Babylonjs for making this possible. PS: It works pretty well on mobile device too, but there i have a problem with the GUI, and I'll expose it on Questions section.
  5. [SOLVED] scene printscreen without GUI

    Yes. This is it. Thanks SOLVED
  6. Hi. I'm back in bussines , and I have a little question for you. Can I take a scene screenshot without the new GUI? Can I disable it before print and enable it again or something like this? Here is a playground: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#3GPEIL Make width and height 0, or scale each elements it's not a solution. Thank you
  7. HighlightLayer does not work

    Thank you.
  8. HighlightLayer does not work

    Hello. I have allmost the same problem , but with layer. .
  9. Watch with Babylon

    Fantastique. Wow
  10. The Man From Babylon

    Very funny :)) You made my day. Nice work as usually.
  11. @angeltrickz, try these: http://babylonjs-playground.azurewebsites.net/#Z3UOX#10 http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JVKW2#9 http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1JVKW2#13
  12. Animations Blend

    Hi. Something news ?
  13. Animations Blend

    Hi. Please let me know when I can test it. It's important to me to be fixed this function. Thanks. I want to help you but i don't know how to do it.
  14. Animations Blend

    Done. Same link Sorry, I don't know how to "ping" peoples :)) test(3).FBX
  15. Animations Blend

    Hi. I'll put 2.5-alpha up to server in a few minutes. I'll attach the model too.