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  1. MarianG

    AmmoJS support

    For this example I think you have to remove "Playground" from link πŸ˜‹ line 43, the assest don;t load. And good job, as usual πŸ’ͺ
  2. MarianG

    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Thanks @brianzinn. Actualy I checked webXR support from babylonjs, and I faced some issues, or I didn't understand very well how it work,...maybe I'll open a different topic for this. And I think I'll focus on this once webXR will be by default enabled on browser. I tried jsartoolkit5, and I'm faceing some problems with this too πŸ˜‹ in one device is opening front camera, in other is opening back, and sometimes I lost camera for some reasons, I have to deep learn about this. ... and I have remembered about this topic and I wanted to check some links from here but most of them are NotFound. I hoped it'll be faster to do a simple exampleπŸ˜€
  3. MarianG

    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Hi. I no more find examples with ar.js and babylonjs, most of the links are 404 NotFound πŸ˜₯. Can you help me please with a 'maybe old' version from scratch. Thank you. @jeromeetienne @JackFalcon
  4. Hi. I did something similiar here. It should work on VR as well. I think here is the source.
  5. Well done @trevordev, thanks.πŸ’ͺ It is perfect now and memory used drop from 600-700mb in some scenes till 50-60mb.
  6. Problem solved I was an idiot and forgot to update gltf loader too, I updated only babylonjs file. Thank you so much. Only a small observation. Here is a texture which is loaded twice. I don't know why. I hope I saw it clear and it is not a different :))
  7. @V!nc3r I'm already doing this, but they load as usual textures, and not ktx. And I'm haveing the lines above too. I got a warning about hdr texture, but nothing about internal png, jpg images. @trevordev later edit: I'm using v4.0.0-alpha.8 and it is not working
  8. Hi. Sory to reopen this discution, but I think I missunderstood something. So basicaly these compressed textures should work with a gltf file, right? I mean, yes, if I'm adding a new texture from code to an imported gltf file then it is working. But if I'm loading a gltf file I would like that its textures to be loaded as compressed if they exist. What do you think about this?
  9. MarianG

    arcRotateCamera panning issue

    Oh. I didn't know, I just notice Thank you.
  10. MarianG

    arcRotateCamera panning issue

    I found something strange related to arcRotateCamera panning. Unfortunatelly this is happening in stable version too so I don't know if it is expected or a real bug. If we set camera beta to Math.PI and after this panning,... nothing strange But if we rotate camera so it has beta = Math.PI (simple swipe up), now when panning the object is moving strange.
  11. MarianG

    Transparency again

    Oooooh, many thanks, finally is working as expected. I think I tried everything, only this trick with alphaIndex no. Many thanks again πŸ’ͺ Almost, at least standard meshes looks great, my problem is with transparent meshes:)) I mean, yes, once these rendering settings for transparent meshes are done, I think too it looks better πŸ˜‹
  12. Hi. I don't want to be a pain, but there is no way to fix problem with transparency "by default"? As example gltf viewer with 3js And our sandbox This was exported from 3dsMax, with Verge3D plugin. It is hard to convince people to choose babylonjs if from begining their model doesn't look too good. For me this problem was almost solved. See here. But still one problem, if zoom-in and rotate looks like the glass disapear I tried all combinations from here, but I'm missing something.
  13. MarianG

    SPS questions

    Hi. Yes @Wingnut, was helpfull. Thank you. I only try to test SPS limitations, and see what is the best for my scenario. Thank you @jerome for answer. More clear now I tried with instances, but it seems to have some problems with glb files. With babylon file it is working but with glb didn't get it, but still trying.
  14. Yes. Great idea. I think I have this playground or something similar saved somewhere, but didn't find it
  15. You don't use imported meshes 😁 I'm just kidding. I have no idea, maybe RenderTarget as here Maybe someone has a better idea