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  1. Hi. I know I marked this as solved but I'm still missing something. I checked an object with 3ds max and it has uvs, but on babylonjs when looking for uv they are not there. I have to do something more for this getting this uv? Thank you
  2. MarianG

    Scene export to .3ds or .dae

    Hi. Easiest way is to export scene as obj, and import obj in other software program.
  3. Huge!!! Thanks @Sebavan It works exactly as expected.
  4. Ok, got it,, no errors, but without effect too? Maybe wrong uv values?
  5. Hi @Sebavan. Thanks for info. I tried, but it seems that all my meshes doesn't have set uvs, even if all of them have textures. So in this case maybe I can set uv manually? But how?
  6. Hi.Short question Can we apply displacementMap to an importedMesh? I'm already haveing bump map on material I tried something, without succes. ps: I would like to have this feature. Thanks
  7. MarianG

    3ds max pbr configuration

    Yes. Finaly I managed it to work, using SubstancePainter. I learned something new 😀. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I'm haveing a 3d object downloaded as vray. It looks great. it contain this maps. If I want to export it as babylon or gltf it doesn't work, this is expected because of material. Now I want to convert in someway this material to pbr, and export as pbr from 3ds max, but i don't know where to assign this textures to get the same, or almost the same 3d object. I tried a lot of combinations but without success if a more skilled 3d artist can help me please. This is the final goal. And here is what I'm haveing till now.
  9. MarianG

    mergeMeshes multimaterial and SerializeMesh

    Understood. Thanks
  10. MarianG

    mergeMeshes multimaterial and SerializeMesh

    Late question Is this up on npm? Yesterday night I updated npm version of babylonjs(3.3.0-alpha12) but still didn't work on my side. In the playground it;s working Thanks
  11. MarianG

    mergeMeshes multimaterial and SerializeMesh

    Yes, it's working. Great job as usualy! Thanks @kcoley
  12. MarianG

    Dynamic textures - transparence

    Hi. You can simply apply a blur as filter. Like here:
  13. MarianG

    mergeMeshes multimaterial and SerializeMesh

    @Deltakosh No news on this problem?
  14. MarianG

    Gradient Material in TypeScript

    Hi. Follow this. You have only to do npm install --save babylonjs babylonjs-materials After that you should have all the materials needed.
  15. MarianG

    Rookie Question About Model Display

    Hi @ercerc and welcome! Here is an 'easy to debug' version. And to avoid that flickering, I just removed alpha from vertex, see line 38. But I don't know if this is the expected result.