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  1. Thanks @Sebavan and I promise that next time I will try more before I ask.
  2. Hi. I'm haveing an interesting new problem as usualy I hope. I'm haveing a babylonjs file which contain a few textures, but the textures are saved in one server and the babylonjs file in other server. And this babylonjs file is generated in one scene and used in other scene. When I;m using it in the second scene it's happening like in this playground. The engine try to get the texture from babylonjs file server + textures path. Now the question is. Can I avoid this in some way? maybe if the textures have link on it, take them from their link and not from babylonjs file path Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. MarianG

    MixMaterial on npm?

    You're right. I installed 3.2. My bad. Thanks
  4. Hey. I cann't find the new mixMaterial under babylonjs-materials on npm. It is not published yet? Or I'm using wrong package? Thanks
  5. MarianG

    CSG question

    Great, many thanks!
  6. MarianG

    CSG question here I tried this
  7. MarianG

    CSG question

    Ok, but why then if I'm adding actions to holes and after that I merge them without dispose, so supooae I can still use the actions on holes, but this didn't work?
  8. MarianG

    CSG question

    Thank you for clarify this. I thought if the disposeSource flag is set to false in mergeMeshes, means that the meshes are still there, and I can use them.
  9. MarianG

    CSG question

    Hey @Wingnut. I'm experimenting too Actually the goal is to create a lot of holes with default radius, and each to be clickable and you can click on one of them and change radius. And I used mergeMeshes because if I'm doing the csg foreach hole, my browser freeze, so a solution on this was to merge them. Now I want to add an actionmananger to them, and make them invisible, and I wanted to use the shapes already used for mergeMeshes, without dispose source, but finaly I think I'll use mergeMeshes with dispose source and after that I'll create new holes for action manager. Something like this, but noh, I have to use 2 loops, and I'm creating the double number of necesarelly holes. This is the only one solution till now :))
  10. MarianG

    CSG question

    Hey. Other question related to this. Maybe it's a bug. I don't know. If i'm using action manager on objects which I use in mergeMesh the action manager no more work. if you coment line 58 and 60 it works. Thanks
  11. MarianG

    Engine resizing method

    Hi. I think this idea may help you
  12. MarianG

    Getting the camera to center on model

    Hi. Try this: camera.setTarget(mesh);
  13. MarianG

    CSG question

    Lol. Sometimes I'm so dumb. Thank you @JohnK
  14. MarianG

    CSG question

    Hello guys. One simple question I'm trying to create a profile with holes. When this profile is composed from only one layer it works: But if it is composed by multiple layers it works too, but the hole is not complete, I cann't see through it: And I need this visual effect of layers. I mean, I cann't create by default a box whith layers dimensions and apply the csg on it.
  15. MarianG

    Skyboxes in Facebook

    Hi. Try to open it here and see if you get the same result. But I'm afraid that you cann't add background on fb for glb file.This is a limitation from fb, not from babylonjs.