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  1. On my Android 6 and firefox 57.0.4 it works Which is your specs?
  2. You have a console error, maybe this is the problem engie.resize() //should be engine.resize()
  3. OfficeGames project

    I like the idea. I would love to develop a game for officegames
  4. Rotation & Scaling of animated mesh

    Hi. You can parent your object and play with parent.
  5. Render 2D background

    Or layer
  6. [Solved] Mesh Follow Curve

    Take a look here
  7. Hi. You need two more things. An executeWhenReady function to check when your scene is ready. And a renderer loop to render your scene.
  8. 360 photo viewer

    Hello guys. I wish you a happy new year!...and the force be with you And let me introduce you my last demo: Stay tune! I'll come back with a new demo soon
  9. Hey. You should use viewports instead of different engine and scenes. Or if you want to use diferrent scenes you can use the same engine foreach scene. Usefull links:
  10. Hi. It's possible to make the linked gui to move more smooth? As example here it's shakeing And the second question . I can't use link gui with TransformNode, any plans to add this feature?
  11. 3dsMax exporter binary

    Ok. So, I exported it again from max, and I clear my browser cache and now it works well. Sorry for this topic.
  12. Hello. I think exactly for this was created TransformNode.
  13. 3dsMax exporter binary

    No, nothing. I'll be back in a few days with updates. Happy holidays!!!
  14. 3dsMax exporter binary

    Hello. Recently I exported a scene from 3ds Max 2017. Binary babylonjs output is: babylonjs output is: I do not know what's going on with the textures in the binary file ps: I have 3 objects with more than 64k vertices, this can be the problem? But why babylonjs file works fine then? Thank you
  15. Object floating on environment

    Thank you @NasimiAsl .I'm on it