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  1. Hi Please post your questions here:
  2. MarianG

    Help with Code

    Hi. Please post your question here:
  3. MarianG

    Pause and play animations alltogether

    Hi @Dilshad Roshan Please post your question here:
  4. MarianG

    trying to add GUI - not working

    Hi @Sholand Please post your issue here:
  5. Hi @mfprogrammer Please post your issue here:
  6. MarianG

    Black triangles

    @Seba Hi. Please post it to the new forum
  7. MarianG

    Sprite manager and draw calls

    @Seba Hi. Please post it in the new forum
  8. MarianG

    Stop skeleton animation

  9. MarianG

    AmmoJS support

    For this example I think you have to remove "Playground" from link πŸ˜‹ line 43, the assest don;t load. And good job, as usual πŸ’ͺ
  10. MarianG

    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Thanks @brianzinn. Actualy I checked webXR support from babylonjs, and I faced some issues, or I didn't understand very well how it work,...maybe I'll open a different topic for this. And I think I'll focus on this once webXR will be by default enabled on browser. I tried jsartoolkit5, and I'm faceing some problems with this too πŸ˜‹ in one device is opening front camera, in other is opening back, and sometimes I lost camera for some reasons, I have to deep learn about this. ... and I have remembered about this topic and I wanted to check some links from here but most of them are NotFound. I hoped it'll be faster to do a simple exampleπŸ˜€
  11. MarianG

    BABYLON.Augmented Reality ...

    Hi. I no more find examples with ar.js and babylonjs, most of the links are 404 NotFound πŸ˜₯. Can you help me please with a 'maybe old' version from scratch. Thank you. @jeromeetienne @JackFalcon
  12. Hi. I did something similiar here. It should work on VR as well. I think here is the source.
  13. Well done @trevordev, thanks.πŸ’ͺ It is perfect now and memory used drop from 600-700mb in some scenes till 50-60mb.
  14. Problem solved I was an idiot and forgot to update gltf loader too, I updated only babylonjs file. Thank you so much. Only a small observation. Here is a texture which is loaded twice. I don't know why. I hope I saw it clear and it is not a different :))
  15. @V!nc3r I'm already doing this, but they load as usual textures, and not ktx. And I'm haveing the lines above too. I got a warning about hdr texture, but nothing about internal png, jpg images. @trevordev later edit: I'm using v4.0.0-alpha.8 and it is not working