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  1. Hey. I'm interested in a small test collaboration. I do 2D art, pixel art + animation. Check out: Maybe we can do a small game?
  2. I'm interested in collaborations. check out my indie pixel blog:
  3. Hi! Happy to get you some test samples. It's easier if you provide some sizes/specs!
  4. Hi! I do 2D graphics & animation, specialize in low res pixel art. Also a bit of illustration/concept art. I have some free time atm, feel free to message or mail me. bahototh(at)
  5. I'm interested. my messy pixel blog/portfolio: If you're into retro 2D art and such, I'm up for a test collab.
  6. Cool, I'm interested. for messy pixel blog/portfolio.
  7. Check out:
  8. Hey, check out: I'm up for small test collaborations!
  9. Hey, check out:
  10. pixel blog/portfolio:
  11. Here's my pixel blog for examples, I'mn up for collaborating.
  12. 2D pixel artist, seeking small collaboration projects. Check out my pixel blog for examples:
  13. Hi, I do pixel graphics 2D, animations, logos and concept art. Check out my pixel blog and give me a shout if you're interested in graphics work or doing a small test collaboration!