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  1. sekao

    WebSocket connection failed

    It looks like a network request isn't even being sent by the register button for some reason. I'm hoping to get this working for a group of homeschool kids I am volunteering to teach this week, so any help would be really appreciated.
  2. sekao

    WebSocket connection failed

    I managed to get it working on a different host. I can't seem to register an account, however, because it says "Sign in failed!" in the interface. I don't see anything logged. I added a gmail address and password to config.js for it to use. Is there any additional step to getting gmail to work?
  3. sekao

    WebSocket connection failed

    Yes, I'm proxying 8080 to 80. I have to do this because my shared host doesn't allow me to run as root. I suppose I can't use this host.
  4. I started MightyEditor on my own server and all I can see right now is the "System is being maintained" message. The JS console shows that it can't make a WebSocket connection. The server logs are saying that the "client/ws" folder isn't found. Should I make this myself, and what should go in it?
  5. Hello. I am new to Phaser and the very first thing I wanted to try was loading tile maps. The first one I tried worked fine, but when I tried loading another one (without any code changes) I received the following error: TypeError: map.tiles[tile.index] is undefinedphaser.js (line 70157, col 20)I uploaded my project below and would love your help: