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  1. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Big News! Game PEncil Engine is now Free & Open Source. Linux and Windows builds ready. Anyone here with a Mac can compile source too.
  2. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Today we reached the top 40! We can do it. See se puede!
  3. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    We are fighting to be in the top 50, but aiming to get in the top 20. Feel free to checkout the greenlight page and if you're interested show some love. Linux versions with 1.0.2 is coming this week!
  4. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    We are now on Steam Greenlight. Please upvote it and show some support.
  5. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Super bump. Version 1.0 is now available: ----- Update: Good news everyone! The Game Pencil Engine is now Now Available! The Game Pencil Engine features Windows[available now] and Mac+Linux[Coming soon] Editors, 2D Canvas rendering and physics, Tiled and Animation support, strict-mode compliant Javascript scripting, and deploys natively to HTML5, console(s) and desktop. Game Pencil Engine Editor \ You can now create 2D games with our dynamic editors which place respect on code and components. Currently, we have a sale for developers to get the Game Pencil Engine for 20% off now until July 4, 2016. Download Now
  6. Nintendo supports HTML5 with web framework for Wii U

    Congrats, Hope to see you under NDA soon.
  7. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Many pardons for the late repl. 1) There is a free version, but a commercial license is available for $10. 2)I have not looked into those things, but I shall soon 3)Same as #2. 4)I will look into adding that, but currently its just tileshets 5)2D games only, but people can mod the engine for 3D if they wish. Documentation can be found via
  8. [WIP] Improbable Game

    12 times is enough for me today.
  9. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Public Beta of fully working GPE is coming Monday November 16th. Should be exciting. Please submit any ideas you will like to see implemented in this game engine, some may make the November 16th release.
  10. Game Pencil Engine - Cross-Platform HTML5 Game Creator

    Oh, it has been quite some time since the last update. Release date for first working BETA is November 16th. See
  11. Spatial partitioning not being calculated correctly

    I have solved this. It seems like it was an order of operations flaw mixed with possible variables not becoming floats for the division calls. Added 4 more lines of code and it works.
  12. Hello, For my game engine I'm using the spatial-partitioning method to optimize collision checks. I am using a 1d array to represent a 2d grid. Al of the grid creation appears right, however; objects are not being placed inside of the grid properly. Can you see the below functions and help me detect what is going wrong? This is done every game-loop with this function first: //Used to separate level into zones for collision checks this.begin_spatialpartioning = function( cLevelWidth, cLevelHeight) { this.COLLISION_AREA_OUTOFLEVEL.empty_list(); this.spatialGridBoxSize = 512; //default size of one grid this.spatialGridWidthSize = 512; //default size of one grid in pixels this.spatialGridHeightSize = 512; //default size of one grid in pixels if( typeof cLevelWidth!="undefined" && typeof cLevelHeight!="undefined") { //Restarts the collision spaces grid. this.COLLISION_AREA_SPACES.clear(); if( cLevelWidth>0 && cLevelHeight>0) { this.spatialGridWidthAmount = Math.ceil(cLevelWidth/this.spatialGridWidthSize); if( this.spatialGridWidthAmount<2) { this.spatialGridWidthSize = cLevelWidth/2; this.spatialGridWidthAmount = 2; } this.spatialGridHeightAmount = Math.ceil(cLevelHeight/this.spatialGridHeightSize); if( this.spatialGridHeightAmount<2) { this.spatialGridHeightSize = cLevelHeight/2; this.spatialGridHeightAmount = 2; } //smallest size possible is 2x2 var iGrid, jGrid; var xStart=0, yStart=0; var newSpace; for( iGrid =0; iGrid < this.spatialGridWidthAmount; iGrid+=1) { for( jGrid=0; jGrid < this.spatialGridHeightAmount; jGrid+=1) { newSpace = new this.SuperSpatialPartition(); newSpace.set_space(xStart,yStart,this.spatialGridWidthSize,this.spatialGridHeightSize); yStart+=this.spatialGridHeightSize; newSpace.spaceName+="testrun_"+i+"_"+j+"_test"; this.COLLISION_AREA_SPACES.push_back(newSpace); } yStart = 0; xStart+=this.spatialGridWidthSize; } } else { console.log("Unable to create spatial partitioning. Map to small.("+cLevelWidth+","+cLevelHeight+")."); } } else { console.log("Unable to create spatial partitioning. Invalid dimensions given.("+cLevelWidth+","+cLevelHeight+")."); } } Then this function: //creates all of the collisions this.parse_spatial_collisions = function() { //rest collision tree this.collisionsCheckedCount = 0; this.colisionObjectLoops = 0; var foundGameObject = IS_NULL; var foundOtherGameObject = IS_NULL; var foundGameObjectHolder = IS_NULL; var foundOtherGameObjectHolder = IS_NULL; var iObjectHolder = IS_NULL; var jObjectHolder = IS_NULL; var OBJECT_LIST = IS_NULL; var iObject = IS_NULL; var jObject = IS_NULL; var objectTypeCollidedBefore = false; var otherObjectType; var jObjectStart; var objPartition = [-1, -1, -1, -1]; objPartition[0] = -1; //top-left corner objPartition[1] = -1; //top-right corner objPartition[2] = -1; //bottom-left corner objPartition[3] = -1; //bottom-right corner var iCtrPartition = 0; var foundPartitionSpace = IS_NULL; this.parsed_objects = 0; //check for collisions with grids //iterates through each object holder //Correct for later optimizations with this.GAME_OBJECTS made into this.GAME_OBJECTS_WITH_COLLISIONS for (iObjectHolder = 0; iObjectHolder < this.GAME_OBJECTS.length; iObjectHolder += 1) { foundGameObjectHolder = this.GAME_OBJECTS[iObjectHolder]; if( typeof foundGameObjectHolder!="undefined") { //iterates through the object's holder list for (iObject = 0; iObject < foundGameObjectHolder.size(); iObject += 1) { foundGameObject =; //makes sure object still exists if( typeof foundGameObject!="undefined") { if( foundGameObject!=IS_NULL) { objPartition[0] = -1; //top-left corner objPartition[1] = -1; //top-right corner objPartition[2] = -1; //bottom-left corner objPartition[3] = -1; //bottom-right corner //makes sure the object has collisions(To be edited out on new update ) //OBJECT_LIST = foundGameObject.OBJECT_COLLISION_LIST; //if( foundGameObject.isInit ) { //&& OBJECT_LIST.size()> 0 //places objects in up to 4 spatial grids. objPartition[0] = Math.floor( (foundGameObject.collisionBox.xPos*this.spatialGridHeightAmount / this.spatialGridWidthSize) +(foundGameObject.collisionBox.yPos / this.spatialGridHeightSize) ); objPartition[1] =Math.floor( ( foundGameObject.collisionBox.x2Pos*this.spatialGridHeightAmount / this.spatialGridWidthSize)+( foundGameObject.collisionBox.yPos / this.spatialGridHeightSize) ); objPartition[2] =Math.floor( (foundGameObject.collisionBox.xPos*this.spatialGridHeightAmount / this.spatialGridWidthSize) +(foundGameObject.collisionBox.y2Pos / this.spatialGridHeightSize) ); objPartition[3] =Math.floor( (foundGameObject.collisionBox.x2Pos*this.spatialGridHeightAmount / this.spatialGridWidthSize) +( foundGameObject.collisionBox.y2Pos / this.spatialGridHeightSize) ); objPartition = this.make_array_unique(objPartition); for( iCtrPartition = 0; iCtrPartition < objPartition.length; iCtrPartition+=1) { this.parsed_objects+=1; if( objPartition[iCtrPartition] < 0 || objPartition[iCtrPartition] >= this.COLLISION_AREA_SPACES.size() ) { this.COLLISION_AREA_OUTOFLEVEL.add_object(foundGameObject); } else { foundPartitionSpace = objPartition[iCtrPartition] ); foundPartitionSpace.add_object(foundGameObject); } } } } } } } } } Also here is the function for unique array maker: this.make_array_unique = function(arr) { var result = []; for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) { if (result.indexOf(arr[i]) == -1) { result.push(arr[i]); } } return result; };