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  1. Virtual fashion show

    I showed this demo to a fashion consultant and he found 2 fashion retailers to work with me. Even he said the demo wasn't good enough for them (not professional enough) but he convinced them to give me a go. I'm not getting paid to do 3D work for these retailers. In fact, I have to PAY money out of my own pocket to hire professional models for this. You see, no company will pay me unless they see it in a real-world environment and until the metrics show that it generates value (traction and sales). So this demo has already helped get my foot in door. I just scraped in. Then if it works out with these retailers I can show that to others and hopefully get paid work. If I can do this within a month I am saved! Life is hard, but so what. If you want to achieve great things, you have to fight great battles.
  2. Virtual fashion show

    @Wingnut Do you know how much it cost me to make those demos? Over $150,000 in hardware and development. How much money have I made from them? $0. Do you know I will lose my apartment if I don't start making money next month? I used up my mortgage to pay for everything.
  3. Virtual fashion show

    Those prices are fake. The items are fake. They are clothes from TurboSquid. That girl was my previous housemate, not professional model. If you actually went to the website you'd see that you can't go anywhere. There is no shopping cart. Did you really think Punk Office now sells clothing? Its a demo to show how Babylon.js could be used for virtual fashion. Hopefully H&M will see it, click on the logo, e-mail me and throw millions of dollars at my feet to build them something similar.
  4. Virtual fashion show

    Yes of course, I put a link to my website there so people can contact me. I didn't build this for the purpose of putting it on the Babylon.js page. I built it so I have a demo I can send to retailers so I can get some work. Deltakosh offered to put it on the home page. If you have a problem with it just ask him to take it down.
  5. Virtual fashion show

    Well in that case, I have a preview image for you Name: Punk Office Title: Fashion show
  6. Virtual fashion show

    Thank you. Its a good example showing that morph targets and armature animation can work together, on desktop and mobile devices
  7. Virtual fashion show

    I agree with you. I'm not completely happy with the animation. I used the best one I could find from Mixamo and adjusted a few rotations to make it look more feminine, but it still looks a bit stiff from the side-view. I originally used one from Daz3D which I loved but due to licensing restrictions I could only use it in video renders. My next step is to link facial expressions with armature movement. Right now they are clearly separate, but I want combinations like hand-wave combined with a smile
  8. Virtual fashion show

    Here's a demo of a virtual fashion show that I put together. There's armature animation and morph targets (vertex and texture morphing) in this one. It should work on desktop and mobile devices. http://punkoffice.com/vfashion/
  9. Support for .GLB files? (binary of .glTF)

    I've checked and as far as I can see from supporting documentation is that the terms are the same as images and other content. They don't own it exclusively. The disclaimers stop them getting sued for how and where the content appears within Facebook. They're not going to be selling our content to Turbosquid for extra dollars.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a loader for .GLB files? I know there is one for .gltf Facebook is allowing posting of 3D models but they must be in .GLB format. You can see one of my posts here with my 3D scan I just thought it'd be cool to have a local viewer that I can create with BabylonJS to preview the .GLB files before uploading to Facebook.
  11. How to view this .DDS file from playground

    environment.dds works on iPhone. Does that mean that it wasn't compressed at all?
  12. How to view this .DDS file from playground

    Windows Texture Viewer shows the colours perfectly but for some reason PVRTexTool has some weird highlights in there. I'm trying to create my own .DDS skybox using PVRTexTool but I can't get it working on iPhone, even though environment.dds works. I tried without encoding and with encoding DTX, ETC and PVRTC. I get errors like: Unsupported FourCC code - DX10 Unsupported FourCC code - PTC4 Compressed textures are not supported on this platform Does anyone know how to create a .DDS skybox that works on iOS devices.
  13. Too many uniforms for simple mesh

    Just out of interest, is this an operating system problem or hardware problem? Because all the Android devices allow 256 uniforms but all the iPhones (even latest iPhoneX) only allows 128 uniforms. Wondering why Apple can't just change this in an OS update. Also, does openGL (or Metal) have a different limitation? 'cos I swear I've seen avatars with finger joints in iPhone apps
  14. There's a DDS file used in a lot of the skybox examples that's hosted on the Playground host. Its this one http://playground.babylonjs.com/textures/environment.dds I want to view the actual image to see how its laid out but I can't find any free software out there that will open it (desktop and online viewers). They all say it has a corrupt header. Does anyone know how to view this particular image?
  15. Too many uniforms for simple mesh

    FIXED IT! Well, I found a suitable workaround. I had 26 bones (in the original demo) which was too much. I normally have 24 but I added 2 more for the eyes. I noticed that the hands never moved in the animation so I just removed the hand bones and it all works in iOS now. Shadows, skyboxes, gloss and morph targets all fine.