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  1. ozRocker

    Collada Loader?

    That exporter is a missing link also. So I'm guessing BabylonJS no longer parses Collada files in runtime and we're expected to convert it to another format instead?
  2. ozRocker

    Collada Loader?

    This link doesn't exist. I can't find anywhere how to import Collada files anymore. Is there a new link?
  3. Does anyone know if the Blender exporter will also export the particle system?
  4. Well, that was the greatest answer I could ever hope for. Its fixed! Thanks heaps @Sebavan
  5. I've got an animated character that flies around and the camera target is following the root bone. For some reason on mobile devices (both iPhone and Android) and only in portrait, the character disappears briefly when viewed front-on. It doesn't happen from the side though. You can test this by using the device simulator in Developer Tools with Chrome. Its the same on an actual mobile device as well. The website is here http://punkoffice.com/aadev Has anyone ever encountered this problem? Is there a way to prevent the clipping?
  6. ozRocker

    Partial morphs?

    Do you know if this is possible with Morph Manager? To be able to morph different areas with different influence amounts?
  7. I went to make a playground and it worked. I checked Babylon version and its using 3.3.0 beta. I was using 3.3.0 alpha. I downloaded the beta version and CPU bones now works. It works so well I can't even tell difference in frame drop. Thanks for your help @Sebavan
  8. ozRocker

    Partial morphs?

    I'm not sure how that would work in my case. It looks like you are still doing a complete morph. Here's an example: I have a skinny girl as base and a really fat girl (fat everywhere) as the target. I want to just morph maybe the hips, or the breasts, or the neck. I don't want to create a morph target for each possible bodypart because there might be 20 or more.
  9. ozRocker

    Partial morphs?

    Yeh, that's the one. I want to leave some of the mesh unchanged. Like if I had a paintbrush I want only the vertices under the paintbrush to morph towards the target. The Morph Target Manager can do this?
  10. ozRocker

    Partial morphs?

    But how can I use that to morph part of the mesh? As far as I know, morph target will morph the whole mesh only
  11. ozRocker

    Partial morphs?

    Does anyone know if its possible to morph part of a mesh to its target? For example, if you start clicking on areas of a mesh those areas will start to morph to the target I could code this via CPU but I'm just wondering if its possible to do this via GPU.
  12. I tried using CPU instead of shaders with this: meshAvatar.computeBonesUsingShaders = false; but now there's holes in the mesh on ANY device (including desktop). I thought it would work but at a lower frame-rate Is there something else I'm meant to be doing? http://punkoffice.com/actionavatar3
  13. Are you talking about shape-keys (morph targets)? That's a linear motion so the vertices of a closed fist would morph to an open hand via the shortest path. I'm interested to find out if iPhone 7 and above still have this limitation. Maybe I can do CPU animation for iPhone 6
  14. I've got 2 scenes here: http://punkoffice.com/actionavatar This has 62 bones. It runs fine on desktop but on iPhone 6 I get the "Swiss cheese" affect. Apparently that's due to too many bone influencers. I've reduced them to 3 but the problem still exists. I'm interested to see if the problem is still there on iPhone 7, 8 or X. If anyone has one, please test and report your findings. http://punkoffice.com/actionavatar2 This has 24 bones. The max I can get before Swiss cheese is actually 26 bones on my iPhone 6. As you can see, the animation has some important finger movement so I'm trying to find out the best way to keep those movements and still have this work on an iPhone 6. Does anyone have any ideas?
  15. Here's a video I made that shows the process of using mocap data in a 3D web-page. Basically I did this: Used Perception Neuron suit to mocap dance move 3D scanned in my mate Used Blender to create avatar from scan and apply mocap dance Used CLO3D to add clothing Published on web using Babylon.js The live demo is at https://punkoffice.com/hype