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  1. Would it be possible to wrap a mesh around another one? I'm thinking of cloth here. So if you put a dress on a girl and parts of the dress are too small and go into the waist, you'd be able to programmatically push those vertices outwards so they are not inside the mesh. Is this possible?
  2. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    Woh, nice!!! This is great! Thanks so much for that Imma change my code right now
  3. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    ok, I made a playground https://playground.babylonjs.com/#RLHD87#1
  4. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    I'm still stuck on this with both 3.0 and preview release 3.1 I'm simply reading in a .JPG image using XHR with responseType "arraybuffer" and I'm using that as the data string. I works in 2.5 but not in the later versions
  5. [SOLVED] Strange swirly texture

    ok, I fixed it. Need to set noMipmap to false
  6. Animation blending

    How does animation blending work? I use skeleton.enableBlending() for a smooth transition from one animation to the other. It looks a bit weird though. Does this work by combining the bone position changes from one animation to the other or combining vertex position changes?
  7. I have a texture that's part of the .babylon file which loads and is displayed without any problem. However, when I dynamically change texture, including to the initial one, I get this strange swirly effect on the texture. I've attached an image to show the difference. You can also try it out here http://punkoffice.com/gilbert Select the "Gilbert" shirt and you'll see the difference. Does anyone know how to stop this effect? (I tried to attach an image but I keep getting "There was a problem processing the uploaded file" so if you want to see the problem you'll have to go to the URL above.)
  8. 3D netball outfits

    YAY! This made the front page of Babylon.js!!! Thank you so much whoever put that there. It is a great honour
  9. Realtime rigging

    Thanks @Wingnut I can just try it out to see if its possible. The reason I asked when I did is because I was going into a meeting with this sportswear company that already had clothing created from Marvelous Designer. I anticipated them asking if it was possible to use the existing clothing on top of one of my avatars with minimal manual work required. The meeting is over and they'll be giving me some samples so I can experiment with them. Your idea about the transparent skin texture is the official technique used for clothing within Second Life.
  10. Realtime rigging

    Is it possible to place a t-shirt over a rigged human mesh and transfer skeleton and weights of human to the t-shirt in Babylon.js? So then you can animate the t-shirt with the human I know you can do all this in Blender, but I'm wondering if it could be done in real-time using Babylon.js
  11. 3D netball outfits

    Makehuman is awesome! For perfect retopology I'll use Makehuman meshes as the base mesh when I use Wrap (http://www.russian3dscanner.com/) They have great UV maps too. The breathing is just an "idle" animation from Mixamo. The non-blinking stare annoys me more and more when I look at it. I've had some practise with morph targets with Babylon.js so I'm going to experiment with facial expressions to see if it doesn't chew up too much memory or blow out filesize. I still need all this to work on mobile devices.
  12. 3D netball outfits

    I had to clearly separate dress from body using the knife-tool in Blender. Then make separate materials for body and dress. Client already had the outfit designs in PNG so I had to repologise dress and create a UV map that would fit the existing outfit designs. I used a normal map for the dress only to save memory. I just used standard animations from Mixamo for idle and shuffling.
  13. 3D netball outfits

    I asked the client to send one of the netball dresses so I can use it as the base dress. I don't care about texture, only the geometry is important. So I said "Send me your cheapest one that represents the shape". I took 82 photos of the model in that outfit in an A-pose. Girls always have very clear skin, not enough features, so I put dots on them using eye-liner. If the clothing lacks features I add masking tape with crosses on them.
  14. 3D netball outfits

    I just finished off a website for a company that creates sports uniforms. They wanted something specifically for netball uniforms. They originally had a 2D dress designer but I convinced them to go for 3D http://dyo.100netball.com.au/
  15. This worked. I used "pointerleave" then when that happens I trigger "pointerup" event