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  1. So create a shape key for every frame? That sounds like a lot of work.
  2. In Blender when you bake cloth physics into the keyframe animator, is it possible to export that info with the .babylon file? I know the exporter can include armature animation and shape keys, but I'm not sure about vertex keyframe animation.
  3. Nice! I'm going to experiment with both methods
  4. I saw this on Facebook, from a mate of mine: https://fitting3d.com Pixel perfect cloth physics and collision in realtime. Also works on mobile devices. Can Babylon.js do this? Edit: Just realised, maybe the physics was baked into vertex animation instead, 'cos it doesn't look like you can interact with that animation
  5. How to make facial expressions?

    I asked on the Daz3D forums and unfortunately you can't resell anything that is a derivative of a Daz3D mesh. The interactive license doesn't cover that
  6. How to make facial expressions?

    ok, interesting. I can't seem to find an interactive license for Genesis 8, which is the one I'm using. I'm sure one would exist. I'll check on the Daz3D forum. $100 is cheap considering I'd be selling my 3D scans for $80
  7. How to make facial expressions?

    The Game Developer's license doesn't exist anymore, that's why all the links return 404
  8. I have a human mesh and I'd like to easily change the facial expression on the mesh. I'm trying to find a program that will let me do that without having to move the vertices myself. I had a play with Daz3D. It works well. All you need is to make sure your mesh has the same topology as one of their figures (like Genesis 8) then you can use all the facial morph tools to change its expression. It just works. Unfortunately Daz3D licensing doesn't allow people to use a derivative of their model for commercial purposes, so I need to find something else. I will probably switch to using Makehuman meshes but I'd still need a tool that will allow me to change facial expressions of my Makehuman-type mesh
  9. Introducing morph targets

    What if I split the head from the body so its a separate mesh?
  10. Introducing morph targets

    This could get expensive if I'm doing facial expressions for a 20,000 vertex mesh of a person. The mesh will double in size with every facial expression. There must be a way to only store changes to the face vertices
  11. Wrap mesh around another object

    Thanks for the wise words @Wingnut If I have separate clothing on an animated avatar I always rig the clothing with the same skeleton so it moves with the avatar. I'm trying to avoid physics cos its too heavy on the processor. I'm not expecting anything perfect, but if I had a guy wearing a shirt and I wanted to make the guy a bit fatter then I want the shirt to increase in size as well. Actually I made a little demo here http://punkoffice.com/measurements/ for dynamic bodyshapes. I could probably apply the same changes to the shirt.
  12. Would it be possible to wrap a mesh around another one? I'm thinking of cloth here. So if you put a dress on a girl and parts of the dress are too small and go into the waist, you'd be able to programmatically push those vertices outwards so they are not inside the mesh. Is this possible?
  13. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    Woh, nice!!! This is great! Thanks so much for that Imma change my code right now
  14. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    ok, I made a playground https://playground.babylonjs.com/#RLHD87#1
  15. Error with loadFromDataString (preview release)

    I'm still stuck on this with both 3.0 and preview release 3.1 I'm simply reading in a .JPG image using XHR with responseType "arraybuffer" and I'm using that as the data string. I works in 2.5 but not in the later versions