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  1. @mazoku @RubbleGames Thanks for mention of this issue. We have fixed some graphics bugs already on integrated video adapters. Hope the game will work now, browser cache has to be cleared Please let me know if the issue is still here. @Goblet Ed Thanks @totor Thanks No, there is no double jump, you have to use inclined surfaces to get on top of the trucks.
  2. SKATE HOOLIGANS Cowabunga! Little hooligans are on the way! Choose your hero and arrange an amazing disorder Collect coins, upgrade bonuses, buy cool skateboards, avoid dangerous obstacles and get scores as much as you can. LINK: https://gemioli.com/hooligans/ Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game is WebGL based written with custom game engine. We've refused three.js because of Google Closure Complier And now all gzipped code is only 110Kb! Also we won't license it and the game is free for embedding on any website <iframe src="https://gemioli.com/hooligans/" name="Skate Hooligans" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe> We use CPMStar banners and video preroll for monetization. Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.
  3. Hi Recently we've implemented this functionality with 3 offline command-line programs: PVRTexToolCLI for PVR, CompressonatorCLI for DXT and Crunch for ETC1.
  4. Yep, WebGL is ready for production. We develop small WebGL 3D games which are licensed to publishers (SpilGames, AddictingGames, Famobi etc.). Some of games you can find here http://gemioli.com and http://gemioli.com/projects.html
  5. Thanks for the feedback Left/right rocket moving is used to collect big berries (they are not magnetized) and just for fun to destroy obstacles
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, it's a bit confusing in the tutorial... We'll think about it
  7. YETI SENSATION OH NOOO! Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen, dangerous traps and other obstacles, buy new boosts in the supermarket and run away as further as possible. LINK: http://www.gemioli.com/yetisensation/html5/gemioli/ Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: Awesome 3D endless runner game in your browser with WebGLTons of bonuses, obstacles and berries!Great supermarket with useful boostsQuality sound and voice-over from real BigfootRun, Yeti, Run!Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com to license the game or any other offer.
  8. We order music tracks and sound effects from Ilya for all our HTML5 games (Top Shootout: The Saloon, Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship, Rats Cooking and upcoming). The quality is always awesome and production time is very fast! I recommend his service to all definitely Thanks Ilya!
  9. Hey yzigames, Thanks! The sales could be better many sponsors don't buy WebGL games at the moment...
  10. Hey andrewray, Thanks for the feedback! We doesn't block game loading when ads are disabled. I have tried the game with AdBlock enabled and it works well. Maybe it's an error with our servers (they're in Russia). Please let me know your browser, any adblock plugins and device information and we'll try to resolve the issue.
  11. RATS COOKING Mamma Mia! Mutant rats are trying to get a delicious pizza from the chef! Throw knifes, slash with ladle, upgrade your weapons and use power-ups to knock off enemies from the restaurant territory. LINK: http://files.cdn.spilcloud.com/df9aa4793b5/RC-08-01/index.html Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: 3D action game in your browser with WebGL Tons of bonuses, weapons and enemies 16 levels with achievements to complete and extra survival mode Quality sound and voice-over from the chef Bon Appetit! Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com if any offer.
  12. TOP SHOOTOUT: THE PIRATE SHIP Ahoy! An old pirate ship full of golden treasures and beautiful hostages sails in the Caribbean Sea. Reload your cannon to defeat all pirates and get scores as much as you can in amazing Top Shootout! It's a social sequal of Top Shootout: The Saloon LINK: http://gemioli.com/thepirateship/html5/gemioli/ Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: Dip into pirates adventure!3D action game in your browser with WebGLPlay with friends via Facebook and share your pirate greatness!Quality sound by real pirates!No pirates were harmed Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com to license the game or any other offer.
  13. Hey Vierarmig, Big thanks for your work! Your music is really impressive and sound effects are very cool and have become the integral part of the game. I recommend your services to other game developers.
  14. Thanks BdR, yeah, it's good ideas for sequal
  15. Thanks Maril, I have bad news for WebGL marketplace right now Sure, there are some buyers of non-exclusive license of the game. But some of big HTML5 portals (like SoftGames) don't buy the game because it doesn't work on many mobile devices (their target audience). And because of WebGL risk some of sponsors offer too low price at the moment (<200$). As for app stores we will try it in a near future.