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    3D Game Showcase?

    Top Shootout: The Saloon Yeti Sensation Skate Hooligans More our games are on https://gemioli.com
  2. Hey, The game is still in active development We did many features: Missions to upgrade score multiplier Daily challenge - collect some items to get Stars to unlock tricks Facebook Leaderboard with our own backend based on Google Cloud New heroes and skateboards! Also we were faced with some technical issues like ads.txt because we have AdSense For Games ads in the game. All emails we've sent to publishers were gone to trash so we implemented Demo/Full version. The game checks the publisher's ads.txt file via our backend and if it has our Google ads identifier the game will be in Full mode otherwise in Demo. In Demo version we show a notice about this mode to player and many players decide to go to our website. So we watched a large traffic on our website with Asana: Sure, publishers can add us to ads.txt and they will have the Full version But only 2 publishers contacted us about it since November of 2017. And some statistics as usual: 1.3 MAU 70 millions of plays since launch in March of 2017 last months Mobile and Tablets players are 20% of all players, other 80% are Desktop users. So more and more players play HTML5 WebGL games with phones and tablets. CPMStar's ecpm is $0.37 and AFG's ecpm is $1.16 for the last month
  3. Our CPMStar's ecpm is 0.32$ in last month, AdSense for Games's ecpm is 1.7$ If AFG doesn't have video advertisement for the interstitial we use CPMStar's banner instead.
  4. Thanks for feedbacks! We've updated the game with new location AMUSEMENT PARK You have to find all T-Rexes in SUBWAY to unlock it. Also there is the new character and his skateboard as well. The game had been approved by AdSense team for advertisement in July. But unfortunately they haven't rewarded video advertisement at the moment. So we've implemented AdSense as interstitial video advertisement. We are looking for a rewarded video advertisement partners now and there is no luck yet. And some statistics for 6 months as usual: 37 millions of plays 26k websites embedded the game CPMStar eCPM is 0.28$, AdSense eCPM is 0.72$ We've seen good traffic during all summer but at the beginning of September it has decreased drammatically. Hope we will rise it with new updates
  5. We also have all games with Ads. I post results of latest game here This game and website have passed the review process of Google AdSense Team a week ago. And I have to say that the revenue with Google AdSense is better than CPMStar network which we are using in all our games. The eCPM of AFG for our traffic is 0.69$ and CPMStar's eCPM is 0.40$ yesterday. Unfortunately AFG hasn't Rewarded Video Ads And it's bad for the Skate Hooligans game because we have rewarded video monetization here. yep, the same issue for me We've used proxy as well.
  6. It's a periodical process. Each week we watch peaks at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please see the attached screenshot.
  7. Yeah! We've updated the game with 3 new characters and 3 new skateboards! Meet J., Darla and Tommy. They can be unlocked with their tokens from Lucky Box. The game has been released 4 months ago, and there is some statistics again: 6.8 millions of players 17.8 millions of plays About 85k daily players More than 20k websites embedded the game 13.84 TB of data has been served by our website for the last month, thanks CloudFlare for this We use CPMStar for ads yet, it serves about 300k requests each day at the moment, but average eCPM is 0.21$ for now Asana has raised the website from 4mln to 455k position
  8. Thanks for the feedback and review!
  9. I think we'll try to setup something to redirect players to app stores in the future. Yeah, we tried few ad networks on the web. I've posted some result here: But we use only AdMob at mobile. Sure it would be cool to test other networks but with a lot of traffic.
  10. Sure, the games were made for portals and not for app stores. So mobile players don't like them And buying of traffic/promotion will not help maybe, but we didn't try it.
  11. Sure, please see the screenshot We have 10 apps in total with Admob for in-game ads. There is no any promotion of these apps except the links on our website. So the traffic is very low and the revenue is low too
  12. Thanks! We've tried the ad4game for a short time and it's eCPM is 0.19$ Google's Adsense For Games form give us a Forbidden 403 response. We've sent some requests to them via Adsense support but no luck. Unfortunately I don't know any other ways to contact them.
  13. Yeah, it would be cool to have this. We use in-game ads and in-game rewarded video at the moment for our games because they are embedded on many game portals via iframe. We tried some ads networks but the result is not good - about 2k$/month (CPMStar network). Mostly because of low ecpms of our traffic. But it's better than selling non-exclusives. Also we have android/ios versions, they do 30$/month
  14. Hey, We've made the update of the game: new location SUBWAY, you have to find 30 tokens in DOWNTOWN to open it 4 new heroes 4 new skateboards new boost TAXI Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, French languages updated physics and many bugfixes LINK: https://gemioli.com/hooligans/ Unfortunately, we can't do anything if your browser doesn't support WebGL because it's a mandatory for this game to WebGL 1.0 be enabled. We've implemented some feedback from players when they faced an error. Now you can send us a error report 90% of these reports are about "WebGL is not supported". Also we have some statistics for the two months of the first version: more than 1.8 mln players with more than 8.6 mln plays largest traffic are RU, US and ES Desktop is 96.05%, Mobile is 2.82% and Tablets are 1.13% almost all traffic is referral, best referrals are vseigru.net and ufreegames.com CPMStar banners eCPM is $0.39, HTML5 preroll eCPM is $0.12, so we use banners instead of preroll at the moment for rewarded video LifeStreetMedia banners eCPM is $0.09, video eCPM is $0.06 Please let me know if you know more ad networks for testing (banners and video), because these eCPMs are not good And unfortunately we can't use Google ads in games.
  15. Hey Vierarmig, I'd like to thank you for the music, voice-over and SFX of our latest Skate Hooligans game! You have amazing quality and very fast production time. We are very happy to work with you!
  16. @mazoku @RubbleGames Thanks for mention of this issue. We have fixed some graphics bugs already on integrated video adapters. Hope the game will work now, browser cache has to be cleared Please let me know if the issue is still here. @Goblet Ed Thanks @totor Thanks No, there is no double jump, you have to use inclined surfaces to get on top of the trucks.
  17. SKATE HOOLIGANS Cowabunga! Little hooligans are on the way! Choose your hero and arrange an amazing disorder Collect coins, upgrade bonuses, buy cool skateboards, avoid dangerous obstacles and get scores as much as you can. LINK: https://gemioli.com/hooligans/ Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game is WebGL based written with custom game engine. We've refused three.js because of Google Closure Complier And now all gzipped code is only 110Kb! Also we won't license it and the game is free for embedding on any website <iframe src="https://gemioli.com/hooligans/" name="Skate Hooligans" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true"><p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p></iframe> We use CPMStar banners and video preroll for monetization. Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.
  18. Hi Recently we've implemented this functionality with 3 offline command-line programs: PVRTexToolCLI for PVR, CompressonatorCLI for DXT and Crunch for ETC1.
  19. Yep, WebGL is ready for production. We develop small WebGL 3D games which are licensed to publishers (SpilGames, AddictingGames, Famobi etc.). Some of games you can find here http://gemioli.com and http://gemioli.com/projects.html
  20. Thanks for the feedback Left/right rocket moving is used to collect big berries (they are not magnetized) and just for fun to destroy obstacles
  21. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, it's a bit confusing in the tutorial... We'll think about it
  22. YETI SENSATION OH NOOO! Bigfoot wanted! Help embarrassed Yeti to find a way to his new home, avoid sly snowmen, dangerous traps and other obstacles, buy new boosts in the supermarket and run away as further as possible. LINK: http://www.gemioli.com/yetisensation/html5/gemioli/ Caution: It’s a WebGL-based game, please ensure that you have latest browser version. Game features: Awesome 3D endless runner game in your browser with WebGLTons of bonuses, obstacles and berries!Great supermarket with useful boostsQuality sound and voice-over from real BigfootRun, Yeti, Run!Please contact me at contact@gemioli.com to license the game or any other offer.
  23. We order music tracks and sound effects from Ilya for all our HTML5 games (Top Shootout: The Saloon, Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship, Rats Cooking and upcoming). The quality is always awesome and production time is very fast! I recommend his service to all definitely Thanks Ilya!
  24. Hey yzigames, Thanks! The sales could be better many sponsors don't buy WebGL games at the moment...