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  1. Same here, hopefully will be meeting with Spil up London soon. Spil has some great stuff to come though so bring on 2014!
  2. Man, please share what you did for scaling on iOS7, thats work really well! Great work by the way, works really well on mobile and desktop and always loved this game from back in the day haha
  3. Honestly, i haven't had sponsors say much at all. I think a good reason for this is that most sponsors sites are browsers based as well, so they know the issues themselves. I isn't something they are just seeing and think just get it fixed.
  4. I aint telling people to use Adsense. What i am trying to say, is people were complaining that there Leadbolt earnings were crap, and you said you need traffic to get anything decent, but that is true, as you said yourself. Even after your higher traffic, earnings are still poor. To be honest, i don't really care what others use as there ad service, it is completely up to them, i was just showing that from the amount of view you got, earnings can be and should be alot lot higher. I guess that isn't your fault though, if anything, it is Leadbolt who should be doing a lot more.
  5. Them earnings are 1 day and from 1 game hosted just on Boosters network, that was just before we switched to using boosters own ads fully, results didn't change much though, Adsense still delivered when using boosters Adsense ads. I guess that booster does have a deal with Adsense, i know that other publishers have got an arrangement with Adsense, and i have been using Adsense for well over a year now, no issues. I am wary about them, but if you keep a check on things and make sure your not breaking there ToS, then all should be fine. I ain't saying you must use Adsense, but Leadbolt from my experience, and i have tried them, is crap. Leadbolt is focused solely on native apps, and mainly android apps saying that, they support iOS and WP etc..., but there big focus was Android to start with and still is. Because of this, ads, when i tried them out anyway, were very poor, a lot of the time, the banner ads showing where resized, stretched images that look crap, you couldn't even read any text on them. I think, it is the poor quality of traffic and the fact the mobile web isn't there focus, thats the reason earnings are so low, don't get me wrong, your earnings are decent TV, but, come on, 36k views, over 6k clicks and only $81, that is poor, its better than nothing, but knowing you could earn like x10 that, it is poor.
  6. Thats - views - clicks - ctr - cpc - cpm There is alot less views, a lot less clicks and higher earnings. I know adsense can be a pain in the arse, but it isn't against the rules as far as i know to use adsense within HTML5 games (Booster and many others would be screwed otherwise), it is just a pain to keep within there rules so you don't brake them and i think with HTML5 mobile games, it is easy to break the rules without knowing.
  7. To be honest, 36k impressions and revenue of $81 is poor i think. Considering that with adsense, 5k impressions would earn more than that.
  8. Create idea, help each other test across devices!
  9. Yep, Spil are really pushing things now, finally, i think me and Rob bugged them enough about why they have been so quite at OGS
  10. For the games $1000 is very low, exclusive aswell, all custom made for you. I would be interested but not at them prices!
  11. True, but most developers coming onto the HTML5 scene are developers who have done well within the flash scene and are now moving over to HTML5. To be honest though, i think following the crowd, for new developers is the best way to go and the route they will take anyway. New developers haven't got the portfolio normally or credentials to go out looking for new clients, most won't be taken seriously, so i would say get your foot in the door first by creating quality games and getting them out with the "normal" publishers, then look to spread from there. Point i was trying to make though is, many people right now are moaning on this forum about how there are too many devs, how prices are going down and so on. Well, like Rich said, prices were never really high anyway, and getting them prices still isn't that hard, as long as you have good content. And its business, the weak fall, the strong carry on growing, thats just how it works. The publishers know the developers they can do good business with, so if anything its the new developers on the scene that really need to create something special to stand out as thats really the only way to get noticed. Developers who have been working with publishers for a while, it doesn't mean you can keep making crap, still need to keep upping the game, but already having the relationship with publishers counts for a lot.
  12. As i said, just got an update on my iphone 5 and ipad for iOS 7.0.2, no changes from what i can see, so i wouldn't expect anything from apple to quickly :/
  13. I would disagree here. Alot of devs i have spoken to who are moving into HTML5 haven't even heard of your e-book and those that have don't mention it. But 99% of them do mention about the income reports they have seen and how they think HTML5 as a pool of cash they can dive into and it just isn't. So i think out of everything, income reports and success stories are to blame more for the influx of devs. That being said, i wouldn't say stop these reports etc..., at the end of the day, this is business, this happens and if you can't hack it, then move onto something else. If you put the work in, you get the benefits out and you just have to adapt to the market. No point about all these moany posts saying is the market dead etc..., well no, it isn't, its just business and need to move forwards with it.
  14. I aint getting my hopes up for them to sort this in the next update to be honest, its Apple. Will see what happens, but like Tyson said, most iOS, from our stats as well, are using iPad to play games, so until we can actually do something, i wouldn't worry too much about it.