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  1. Hi i made a character, Bob. How can i solve to Bob can hit the vase? scr+blend file <-- Link
  2. 1.a Open blender, delete cube and inport something.obj 1.b If you your mash is roteated by 90° on x axis fix the rotation. 2. In object mode, space (set Origin) or shift+c 3.HELP Make bones and rigs: http://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/introduction-to-rigging/#.VMzyhp2G_vr 3.a Make bones and fix bone names 3.b In object mode first select model and after select armature as well. Then ctrl+p (with automatic weights) 3.c Make rigs in pose mode 4. In object mode select armature ctrl+a to apply Location, Rotation&Scale Do this with model as well 5. Enjoy your work and make Animation!!
  3. Hello! I made a model with bones and animation, but when i exported it and checked, it seems like distorted. Anybody now how can i solve that? Thanks in advance. Files! <- deleted becouse solved