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  1. xjesus666

    [Phaser] Super-W-Hack!

    Interesting gameplay! But some floors are impassable for me. But I still try! Good luck!
  2. xjesus666

    Flappy Eros

    Very nice! Looks good and plays good.
  3. xjesus666

    Kätkö - Platformer Puzzle with a Level-editor

    Looks great! How do you did the lights? How do you did pixel effect? I heard that it's hard to make pixelization in HTML5.
  4. xjesus666


    Thank you guys, that's best feedback. The gameplay is experimental so I'm looking for variants now. > most challenging to understand part is the physics It seems true. Maybe I can visualize any physical characteristics of asteroids and shoot params.. I'll think about that.
  5. xjesus666


    I searching for ways to start making money with HTML5 game dev, so all your thoughts will be usefull. https://googledrive.com/host/0Bzma_-JMQlddfjllbTRiZE5pdDBvck4tOWRKZEcxT0FaNXN1MHZMekFPdWxPVzVvblhwYWM You need to launch a rocket and resque aliens from planets to base. In future I plan to add twits with replays. What do you think about this? PS. Optimization in progress
  6. xjesus666

    [WIP] Angry Submarine

    Very fun and addicting game, but death screen is too sharp. Also bonus gfx looks a little bit piecemeal. Still a must-play!
  7. xjesus666

    Road Safety. My variation of Frogger.

    Nice graphics! Well played on my Android tablet. I guess you can add hotkeys above little victims in browser version.
  8. xjesus666

    Looking for a Leaderboard service

    Hi guys, have you seen anywhere some service that allows to fill and get a leaderboard by GET requests? I need a service like Apple GameCenter leaderboard (or Swarm or something else), but available from every platform through ajax