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  1. My talk about Html5 games during Respawn, Cologne

    How to see the slides on the link you have posted above ? All I can do is listen to the audio I even signed up on the website hoping that then I will be able to see the slides Anyways, awesome talk! Thanks I really want to see the slide of the time when you talk about your revenue charts in your talk
  2. Panda.js complete beginner tutorial ?

    Thanks xdiepx ! Yes, these are really helpful!
  3. Panda.js complete beginner tutorial ?

    Hello guys I am a flash game developer and want to make some html 5 games for web and mobile for fun While searching for html 5 game engines I found panda.js I think this is a perfect game engine for me but I don't seem to find any tutorial aimed towards complete beginner which tells how to set up the project and how to start things. I know javascript but I don't know how to use it with this engine. Please anyone if you know about any beginner tutorial please tell me ! Please! I really like this engine ( I love pandas ) Cheers, crayonHero
  4. [WIP] Balloon Escape

  5. Toxic Dash Endless Runner In-Development

    Looks interesting.
  6. Flappy Eros

    Love the graphic style, nice game.
  7. Rainbow Star Pinball

    nice and well polished game
  8. [WIP] Squire Saga

    Awesomely done game Love the different kind of enemies and upgrading system so far!
  9. Bully Rumble - First HTML5 Mobile Game

    Nice Game
  10. [WIP] Shiny Gauntlet

    Awesome Game!
  11. [Panda 2] Kuru Panda

    In love with the cute pixel art
  12. [Phaser] Meteroar!

    Good game!