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  1. TheBoneJarmer

    Adventure Castle now available at

    I got to say nice job for a first game! Obviously lots of place for improvements but that's okay. You got to start somewhere I always say. So, the first thing I would reccommend is giving a more direct link to your game. Users now have to go to your website -> games -> Adventure Castle. My suggestions are: 1) Give us the direct link 2) Place a thumbnail from your game directly on the homepage which links to the game's page should you insist that people have to go to your website first that is. Although I never recommend doing so because 1 click to much means bye bye player. To be farily honest, players tend to be a little lazy and having to search for a game before they can play it can often make players quit before they even got there for most of them do not want to put in the extra effort. Also, if I am not mistaken, the board's rules require a direct link too as well as some screenshots. Neither of those are visible in your post so I recommend adding them. Not just because of the rules but because you will attrect many more players that way. As for the game's feedback: 1) Did you draw the start screen yourself? If so, try to get a higher quality picture. If not, be cautious. Using images from someone else is not always allowed, unless the creator allows it of course (aka free resources) 2) Love how the levels change each time you load the game. Good decision! 3) Graphics are good overall. Did you get them from somwhere or did you draw them yourself? 4) The game looks very stretched on my screen. Either way I suggest to turn of anti-aliasing or limit the canvas size to something that makes it still look good. 5) The UI could use some work. Try to use rectangles with a color and make sure the text is inside the shape of the UI. There is plenty more though to give feedback on but I'll suggest to work on this first. It is a lot to go through everything and my lunch break at work is about to run out so yeah lol. Keep up the good work!
  2. This ^ Also, the spin controls are way too close to the move controls. This killed it for me. And there seems no way to change it. When I click 'Settings' I redirect back to the home screen instead of a 'Settings' page. Other than that it looks good. My suggestion is to use the mouse buttons for this.
  3. Thanks, just managed to do a testrun. But honestly, I quit a couple of minutes later because I find it nearly impossible to kill all enemies. I place some guns, as that is what I understand is what I am supposed to do to protect my gold. But I am somehow unable to place more than 4 and all my gold got robbed as if it was nothing. The guns seemed really really weak. I have the feeling I am missing a piece of critical information here. EDIT: I see now why, it took me a while to notice. I was not able to place a gun because I would be blocking the enemy's path. And now I managed to place guns on the other fields too which made a impressive difference in the battle's outcome. So, to complete my review. I'd recommend making things a bit more clear, to prevent a situation like mine. Other than that, nicely done!
  4. TheBoneJarmer


    Playing the tutorial levels now, really really nice concept. When I saw your screens first I was like 'Blegh, numbers!' but after giving it a try, it actually is really well done. Would like to suggest 1 change though: Should be said a level sooner with the 2 '2' squares and the 1 '6' square. Needed to press the 6 first and then the others because the 6 was blocking.
  5. TheBoneJarmer

    [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    Well, I am not outside Europe, and in fact, I think you and I share the same country lol. But I will give it another attempt and see if your changes made any improvements. Note: at this moment my download speed is 1.5mbps and my upload speed is the same. Just out of curiousity, what language did you use to write the front-end and what language did you use to write the backend? Also, which hosting do you use to host your server? And what hosting plans? I am familiar with many and a network-app developer as a prefession so I could help you improve your application on different aspects more than just the gameplay and graphics. 😛 EDIT: That being said, perhaps I can already. I opened up the console in Chrome and monitored your websocket requests. I noticed that you send websockets each milisecond. This is what is making it slow for me. I may have enough mbps to handle your requests but I do not got the broadband. I know it can be tough to make an online game where every movement needs to be in sync but constantly updating your client is not going to do you good either. My suggestion is to avoid that to begin with and only send websockets when you need it. So instead of a continous update event, you could send a websocket for example when a user presses the key and when he releases it. So on client side it would mean that when the client receives a socket 'keypress' he makes the player move and move and move untill a new event comes called 'keyup' and make the player stop moving. This way you only use 2 websockets while archieving the same result without overloading the network with many sockets at once.
  6. TheBoneJarmer

    [WIP] "Kingdom Falls" HTML5 Text-Based Game

    Can't you just host the game on a site somewhere? I just got the zip from GitHub but it are just some folders and files. No instructions, no explenation, nothing.. Seriously, what am I supposed to do?
  7. TheBoneJarmer

    Adventure Castle now available at

    I tried it in Chrome just now, received the same message indeed. But it does work in Firefox for me. EDIT: It only happens if you directly copy paste the url from the title in your address bar. If you browse to in Chrome it works just fine.
  8. TheBoneJarmer

    [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D

    This ^. It is really frustrating to have to switch your keyboard layout to qwerty each time you want to play a game. I cannot tell it enough times. Many non-qwerty players often just not play a game because they do not feel like switching layouts. That being said, it looks nice but it feels like it is really really slow.. The controls are like in slow motion and definitely not accurate. When I press left I expect to go left right away. But now it feels like I am a walking car or something which need time to reach a certain speed.
  9. Hi, is there another website where I can play this game? I have no account on Kongregate and I have no interest in creating one just to play this game.
  10. TheBoneJarmer

    Adventure Castle now available at

    Hi JardenBlack26 I played your game for a couple of minutes and almost got my review ready. However, I got a question first though. How long did you worked on this and how long have you been creating games?
  11. TheBoneJarmer

    I need you.

    My thoughts exactly! It might be the case that your update loop goes too fast and therefore indeeds reaches more than 100.
  12. I agree. I too use a VPS to host things on. I pay like 10 euros a month for a pretty good service. Got everything I need including 400gb to place my stuff on.
  13. TheBoneJarmer

    Can you rip this code?

    I agree with @dbawel, JS is client side scripting so whatever you try, there always will be a way to decode/hack it. Even if near impossible, it will remain possible.
  14. TheBoneJarmer

    iOS Emulator

    Neither of both, I cannot tell what I am developing but we need to send emails now and then and while it looks good on Android and Outlook it screws up in iOS. At least, we think it does. So an emulator would come in handy. Thanks a lot! I have not been able to try it out but when we got time for it I will give it a shot.
  15. TheBoneJarmer

    iOS Emulator

    It is actually only to see if an email came in right. Our company received complaints that iOS users had mails incoming with screwed up markup. But on android and in Outlook they arrive just the way they should. I just do not get what is going wrong.