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  1. TheBoneJarmer

    melonJS 6.0.0 release

    Hi Obiot I am sorry for I have not found the time to look at it, yet. Is it too much to ask to put an example online with your new build? You happen to do that way faster than I do haha
  2. TheBoneJarmer

    melonJS 6.0.0 release

    I would not trust those stats too much if I were you. A lot of those show fake results for most Linux users never registered them somewhere as Linux users. In my close family and friends actually 30% use Ubuntu as their main OS and they love it. 😛 Noticed a lot of Linux users on trains, schools and even at work. That could not be possible if those stats were right. But there is no doubt about the fact that Windows rules the market though. But you guys do get it working on Android, so I found it odd it wont work on Linux. I am using Firefox bytheway. As for the WebGL part not functioning, I know for certain it does function because my engine does. If you'd like to, I can clone your source from GitHub and try to make it running on my pc? Perhaps I can pinpoint the issue.
  3. TheBoneJarmer

    melonJS 6.0.0 release

    Hi, that example seems to be broken for me as well. I printscreened the console output and added it as an attachment. Got a warning about my Mesa driver. I am running Ubuntu 18.04 so perhaps those errors are a result of that warning, but perhaps worth to take a look at. Oh wow that is definitely a long time yes, I started with HTML5 game development in 2013, than stopped to dive into OpenGL and WebGL for a good year or 2, even created my own "engine" for education purposes in C# and OpenGL, then gotten back at WebGL (which I knew how to use at last since I had experience with OpenGL now) to end up with what I got now. What you sum up above sounds definitely as a result of lots and lots of polishing. Can do all those stuff myself, but that might take me a some good months for sure and I probably end up with a MelonJS like engine but with different namespaces and classes lol. Should I be in a team and in search for an HTML5 engine, this could be a reason why to pick MelonJS. My engine, if you could call it a complete engine that is, just has the basic stuff. I usually use it as a library for input, rendering, maths and such. It is not much but so far it was exactly what I needed. And each time I need something else, I add it to the engine. Thanks! Yes, I understand now. Sorry if I looked like a nitpicker bytheway, can't help it. haha Throughout my career I noticed a lot of things on websites, games and other graphical projects which I think can be done differently to gain better results and I always try to advise people where I can. I would have done it differently (and hence my different point of view) because I get the most satisfaction out of my work when end users enjoy my work. I would want to do everything to provide them the best service I can. It gives me the feeling and confirmation I done it right and motivates me to go on.
  4. TheBoneJarmer

    melonJS 6.0.0 release

    Hi Obiot This is the first time I heard of your engine, wanted to check things out on your website but your example is broken, got the following errors in my console (see attachment). Also, the docs are a bit, unorganized. To start with, I noticed that you guys use Github together with your main website, this way I am losing oversight on what is where, which I find rather disturbing. Just create one main website and leave Github for what it is meant, the source code. And docs how to build it and such. And last, give the docs one template. The main overview's template is completely different from the tutorial's template. That all being said, what makes your engine different from others? Because for what I can see it does basically the same thing like any other HMTL5 engine. And that does not impress me much for I created my own private 2D HTML5 engine in just a couple of weeks, which if I understand your site correctly, does the exact same thing as MelonJS and most HTML5 game engines. Not trying to completely destroy your guys's motivation or any, and sorry if I sound somewhat harsh, but I notice a lot of HTML5 game engines which are good, but the creators usually do a bad job on supporting, documentation and promotion. And I find that a shame since lots of these engines have actually a great potential. And you will likely to attract more users if you do that right.
  5. TheBoneJarmer

    Dokia - A gravity-switching platformer

    Well done! Looks good, simple, challenging. Good job! There is one thing though that frustrated me a bit. In level 1-8 I am supposed to fly by flipping the gravity, but I found that a rather, difficult job. After 25 tries I finally managed to do it. I think if you slow down the friction, it would be more doable. Right now, the ball falls too fast.
  6. TheBoneJarmer

    Sort Vectors / Get correct outline of n-Vectors

    Your question sounds quite confusing. If I understand it correctly, you got vertices who are at the exact same spot and therefore causes cross lines and you want to figure out how to prevent that by ordering them..? What is it that you are trying to archive? And for the sake of complete understanding, can you zip up what you got now and add it as an attachment? That really would make things a looooot easier since we are dealing with logic and 3D algorithms here. 😛
  7. TheBoneJarmer

    3D model question

    Well, what I would do than is move the camera a bit more forward so the torso and the head would be visible instead of the entire body. Like the example below. Not only would it make the canvas render faster for it needs less vertices to process (if back face culling is enabled that is) but you would also have the details much more visible for sure.
  8. TheBoneJarmer

    3D model question

    Honestly, no. It is as if you would write something on paper and keep it at a distance of 2 meters away from someone and expect them to be able to read it. It just is not possible. That being said, I do like to give some tips and ideas but I have no clue what you are going to use the canvas for. Could you tell us a bit more about it's purpose?
  9. TheBoneJarmer

    What is the most appropriate framework for this kind of game?

    I think your best option would be to use Unity3D. It is not a framework though but an engine. It can export to Android and iOS and using this you can combine Unity3D to create games for Facebook. That being said, I am not sure how much Unity supports websocket connections or http requests. But considering your requirements, I think it is your best option. That being said, I don't know any other framework that may fit your need. Your requirements are so specific that I'd almost suggest to write it yourself, but I understand if you don't want to. I know a few engines but have not further investigated it, but I personally think that there is no framework that meets your requirements perfectly, either way you need to extend whatever you are going to use with code of your own. My advice is to compare the time you are searching, learning, adapting and extending against the time it would take to write your own framework and see which works best for you.
  10. TheBoneJarmer

    Publishing Nodejs Application

    To be honest, I'd give up with IIS and NodeJS and use something else, like PM2. It is a real drag trying to get a NodeJS server up and running on a Windows server with IIS, which was not intended for NodeJS to begin with. Best thing to do is to create it as a task that launches on Windows startup. I don't know how that was done exactly but that is for you to find out than. 😛 URL:
  11. TheBoneJarmer

    Age of Reptiles - Open World Survival Game

    I played your game for 15 minutes and got some feedback for ya. I am a developer just like you but for the sake of reality I will provide feedback as a player, a casual one. I am, slightly disappointed.. For a game called 'Age of Reptiles' I don't see many reptiles, although the screenshots clearly show dinosaurs, I wandered for 15 minutes without spotting a single piece of life. Speaking of which, my movement jitters, the textures are at points too stretched or buggy, lots of cyan squares around the ocean. I hear jungle noises while I am clearly not in one and not to mention all the flying vertices that are not being buffered properly. I can see you are really motivated about this and I definitely am not here to take that away from you, but as a developer I need to be honest and keep this clear and straight by saying this needs lots and lots of work, way too many visible bugs and non-visible bugs you could spot the instant you launch the game. Remember though, gameplay is as important as graphics, but I recommend fixing non-graphical bugs first before you move on to the graphics since they affect more of the game. Also, I'd recommend keeping your forum post's content non-technical and short. I have not read all you wrote and probably no one will, so in the end you wasted your time on that, which is a shame. As for the graphics, well, like I said, there are a lot of graphical bugs. But that being said, I do like the models. Low graphic quality is not necessarily bad or outdated, it fits computers which are a bit older. My laptop is not that old but it can run Skyrim just barely, so that being said, games with lower graphics quality are more than welcome. The only thing I do not like are the trees, I'd suggest using more random ones as well as more branches/leaves. I know the game could become terrific slow if you add too many, but perhaps using a different model or graphics style could solve that for the entire game. Cartoon graphics for example can be perfectly low poly and good looking.
  12. Nice!! I played a game like this a looooooong time ago called Mata Nui Online Game II. It was created by Templar Games back in the early 2000's and published on in 2003 as content you could buy with kanoka points (which you could earn by finding codes on the Bionicle's cannisters/packages/disks). Loved it back than and still do. Great to see another game like it. I see many games nowadays aiming to be 'awesome' or 'outstanding' or basically original as in 'not seen yet in the app store' but that does not do it in my honest opinion. I think that games should be original, fun and good looking. A combination of those 3 would make an awesome game. Yours looks definitely original, fun and with good graphics.
  13. TheBoneJarmer

    [Phaser] FootChinko WC18

    Amazing! The game is really really well done! I got the 404 too but that did not effect the fun.
  14. TheBoneJarmer

    Adventure Castle now available at

    I got to say nice job for a first game! Obviously lots of place for improvements but that's okay. You got to start somewhere I always say. So, the first thing I would reccommend is giving a more direct link to your game. Users now have to go to your website -> games -> Adventure Castle. My suggestions are: 1) Give us the direct link 2) Place a thumbnail from your game directly on the homepage which links to the game's page should you insist that people have to go to your website first that is. Although I never recommend doing so because 1 click to much means bye bye player. To be farily honest, players tend to be a little lazy and having to search for a game before they can play it can often make players quit before they even got there for most of them do not want to put in the extra effort. Also, if I am not mistaken, the board's rules require a direct link too as well as some screenshots. Neither of those are visible in your post so I recommend adding them. Not just because of the rules but because you will attrect many more players that way. As for the game's feedback: 1) Did you draw the start screen yourself? If so, try to get a higher quality picture. If not, be cautious. Using images from someone else is not always allowed, unless the creator allows it of course (aka free resources) 2) Love how the levels change each time you load the game. Good decision! 3) Graphics are good overall. Did you get them from somwhere or did you draw them yourself? 4) The game looks very stretched on my screen. Either way I suggest to turn of anti-aliasing or limit the canvas size to something that makes it still look good. 5) The UI could use some work. Try to use rectangles with a color and make sure the text is inside the shape of the UI. There is plenty more though to give feedback on but I'll suggest to work on this first. It is a lot to go through everything and my lunch break at work is about to run out so yeah lol. Keep up the good work!
  15. This ^ Also, the spin controls are way too close to the move controls. This killed it for me. And there seems no way to change it. When I click 'Settings' I redirect back to the home screen instead of a 'Settings' page. Other than that it looks good. My suggestion is to use the mouse buttons for this.