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  1. HTML5 current state in 2017

    And Firefox of course! (are you happy now @end3r
  2. do people still go to web portals to play games?

    I can see several scenarios where you would preffer playing games on the portal rather than downloading them: - you are fed up with f2p games (and you are kid/teenager without a credit card, so you can't really pay for anything anyway) - you like to check new fresh titles, but wouldn't like to bash through the store and download and check every one of them. On web portal you have the "new games" section you can quickly try. - you have access to several devices and would like to play the same game on all of them (like desktop at work/school, mobile on your way home and than tablet back at home). - you have access to a device, but don't have the ability to install anything there (again school/work PC or tablet) - it's hard for you to install games (think of kids age 5 - entering short url is waay easier than installing a new game from the store).
  3. HTML5 current state in 2017

    Hey, welcome to the forum:) Yup (unfortunately, as I have a lot of nostalgy about this technology:) \o/ Will try to help:). The "well known" browsers (Chrome, Safari) - yeah, there are keeping the standards pretty much like the desktop versions. There's a small problem with build-in browsers on some Android devices - but usually Chrome is available there anyway. I'm full time indie for the last 12 years, but I get nagged on LinkedIn far too often for my taste - so I guess there's plenty of jobs. Yup. On desktop the performance probably matches the one you would have with Unity. It's pretty easy to hit 60fps on top edge mobile devices, 30fps on avarage devices and you would be able to make the game run on a patato. Not sure why you would like to do that - isn't ES6 "the future"?
  4. BlackMoon Html5 Games

    Winter is coming so we give you a fun, little game to remind of you happy times of Summer Vacation! Find chains of vacation-themed objects and enjoy easy-going, cheerful gameplay - in other words, game as casual as possible;) You can obviously play it in your browser at or you can watch a quick video with the gameplay: The game has been made in Construct2. All feedback is welcome:)
  5. How do you distribute your HTML5 game?

    You can try Put some analytics in your game - when you'll see a lot of people playing it, you could add some monetization option there (ads for example). Good luck:)
  6. How do you distribute your HTML5 game?

  7. How much do you make through ad revenue?

    It totally depends on traffic - how many people will play your game. From what I see at our stats - 1,000 ad impressions gives you around $3. So on a website where 100 people will play your game (viewing the ad once) and than forget about it - that's $0.30 On a website where millions of players will be playing your game several times each day - that could be tens of thousands of $$.
  8. Questions about making money with games

    We use Google AdSense for Html5 games (banners and videos). There's an ad before (preroll) and than in-between levels. Prerolls are doing much, much better than the in-game ads.
  9. Questions about making money with games

    Yes, that's exactly what we do.
  10. Questions about making money with games

    For rev-share we require it to be our ads (ie. supplied from our account) and our hosting.
  11. What skills are required for Phaser development?

    We publish the games on web (self-publish as well as with licensing/rev-share/subscription partners) and the results are way, way higher.
  12. What skills are required for Phaser development?

    We've made most of those in C2, which is pretty cool for small-middle size web games. It's a bit of a pain to make it iOS/Android "native", but still doable. We don't really go that way, as appstores are super-totally-extremely-overcrowded. Facebook Instant Games are promising, but so far Facebook only chosen two dozens developers to add one game each (and they all get bazillions gameplays a day or so I've heard), but there's no way of making money on that (yet) and there's no way for anybody to join the club (yet). Hope that helps:)
  13. Questions about making money with games

    You can select "no 18+ ads" and select with ads categories you would like to disable - but in the end it's up to Google if they allow some ad in "no 18+" category or no. (We had some cases of ads that were passed by Google and which weren't really suitable for kids).
  14. Questions about making money with games

    The integration is flawless, it has decent eCPM (round $2 in our case) and I guess Google is not a company that would cease to exist (at least in the nearest future;).
  15. Questions about making money with games

    Oh wow. That's nice, thanks:) And welcome to the "brotherhood of html5 game developers" Yes, it's AdSense for Html5 Games - you can apply to join the beta here -