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  1. Haven't checked the forum before I've left and it's all over now:/ Next year!
  2. Hey guys. The GDC ( is right behind the corner. Who's going to be there? We could have a coffee/beer together and talk how cool it is to make Html5 games:)
  3. It's totally possible and much easier than any other game platform/market. This doesn't mean it's not bloody hard though. Don't. You are supposed to earn money on showing the ads, not spend money on ads:) on the Apple Store / Google Play it's a lottery. Playing a lottery is not a valid business strategy. Treat publishing games on appstores as lottery tickets. You can hit the jackpot or you (most probably) will fail. As for your idea for selling non-exclusive licenses to portals and than moving to general distribution - pushing your games through companies that would distribute it everywhere is similar to publishing on the appstores - it's a lottery ticket. Licensing is the base, everything else could be a nice bonus.
  4. The games are cool - I would think about upgrading the graphics a little bit and reduce the amount of text to read OR make the game easier to play on desktop browsers. I would strongly advice not to go to MarketJS or or Evato - prices for games are super, ultra low there (like $5 per license?). FGL is no longer about licensing games - they are mobile ad provider right now (which might be a thing for you to check).
  5. So - we've made a new game:) It's called "Wizard Quest" and it's a simple puzzle "click blobs" type of game with a fantasy setting. This game has been in the making FOR YEARS. We've finally managed to torn it out from the development limbo and finish:) @end3r wrote about the history behind the game at Gamasutra - check this post if you would like to learn a bit more. Let's see how the game that was designed few years ago will do in the current Html5 world. You can play the game at - all the feedback is most welcome:)
  6. The road you are following is quite good. Work hard, learn stuff, make games (even though they'll be bad ones at the beginning). You could try to get some more formal education (like a programming course of something), maybe it'll be a bit easier for you to get some programming concepts. If your goal is to get a job in the company that makes games - I would suggest to learn at least some Unity. From what I see around - job offers for Unity developers are everywhere. If your goal is to just make cool games that could be played in the browser - by all means continue the path you're on. Good luck:)
  7. Mainly because cool people work in polish MS branch and they do a lot for indie community (like events, meetups and helping with Xbo development). Figured out I'll know who to call in case there's an emergency.
  8. Yeah - we just recently moved the whole inventory to MS Azure servers - we had a shared hosting (a pretty good one) but got a note from admins that requests for our games take up too much cpu time. Azure is pretty straight forward to setup (I've managed to that in two days - having none previous experience with cloud setups or server in general). So far so good - let's see how much resources the games are going to eat up (it's pay-as-you-go type of subscription). As for maintenance of all the games - that could be a pain. I presume 10-30% of the whole team time is spent on updating, fixing, changing, translating of 70 games. Looking at the tail in the revenue for those games though - supporting and updating older games is a great idea.
  9. Thanks:) 1. We use Construct2 in most cases (few games are made with Phaser) 2. We use Adobe Animate CC to create art and animate it in most cases. There's also some Spriter and Spine animation here and there. Is it possible to create clean looking-vector like art in Photoshop? Possibly. But Animate will do better I guess.
  10. Moho looks cool. I guess I'll download the trial and check it out:)
  11. Hey Spyro - thanks for the feedback. I guess the scripts that register what is being clicked on the site cause that. Thankfully - Win7+Firefox combination is only 0.2% of all visits.
  12. Here's a small quick, silly game I've made (together with my daughter) during the Global Game Jam last weekend. It's the first time I've used Construct2 and I have to say it works really nicely (good thing I had @elparole nearby though;) Anyway - check out the "Magical Kawaii Cyborg Girl" [PC only] -
  13. Hi We make LOTS of games - so I figured out it's better to have a single post I could update every time we publish a new game rather than post info about the games in separate posts. Atm. the BlackMoon Design team (consist of 2 full-time developers, 2 part-time developers and 2 graphic designers) made roughly 80 games. You can check them all here - All feedback is welcome:)
  14. Just right-click on the timeline between two keys and select the tween method (I recommend "classic tween"). You could than also tweak the tween ease. (for it to work you need to have single movie-clip on a layer btw.). Also - I recommend Spriter and/or Spine for skeletal animation.
  15. Most of the portals you've listed deals in Flash games (some of those buy Html5 games as well). There's a "secret" part of the forum - after posting/commenting enough (can't say what the current limit looks like) you'll get access there. We quite openly discuss all the publishers that deal in Html5 games there.