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  1. You can select "no 18+ ads" and select with ads categories you would like to disable - but in the end it's up to Google if they allow some ad in "no 18+" category or no. (We had some cases of ads that were passed by Google and which weren't really suitable for kids).
  2. The integration is flawless, it has decent eCPM (round $2 in our case) and I guess Google is not a company that would cease to exist (at least in the nearest future;).
  3. Oh wow. That's nice, thanks:) And welcome to the "brotherhood of html5 game developers" Yes, it's AdSense for Html5 Games - you can apply to join the beta here -
  4. Yeah, it basically works the way you described (you make game, send them to portals, they give you money to use this game). As for the question on "how much" - $50-$100 per day would be $1,500 - $3,000 per month. You might get that in a first few months after releasing really cool and really polished game, but that's tough. The games on made from $38 (lowest) to $5,091 (highest) within the last year - so between 10 cents to $13 per day per game - hope this info will help you.
  5. On general the CPM is around $3. And yes, we host the games ourselves (on Microsoft Azure).
  6. Awesome, thanks:) I'm really happy you liked it:) Yup, we're in the AdSense for Html5 Games beta program.
  7. So - we've made and released yet another Html5 game:) This time it's a sequel to one of our previous games - Basketball Master 2 is a physics puzzle with a basketball theme. The player needs to throw the ball through the hoop. The game has 40 levels, featuring different kinds of obstacles (starting with simple blocks of removable and non-removable materials to space portals, special bouncers and wind blowers). You can play the game at or you can just watch a short trailer if you are in hurry: As usual - all the feedback about the game is welcome:)
  8. Awesome:)
  9. Thanks:) Nice feedback. We would need to investigate that. Well - we have quite strict time budget per game. Adding levels/upgrades/map/story would be cool - but it's not the way we would like to go with our Html5 games. Well - that's actually intentional. We aim for a very quick loops of gameplay. So the goal is that the player starts quickly, ends quickly and instantly restarts the game, cause the previous session wasn't long enough. Additionally - quick game loops give the best results with ads. Yeah, that element sucks a bit atm. and we should fix that soon. Thanks for the feedback:)
  10. Here's our newest game - "Julia's Food Truck". It's a simple time management game, where you have to quickly create ordered burgers by tapping/clicking on ingredients. Play the game here: Or you can just watch a quick "trailerish" video : As usual - all the feedback is most welcome:)
  11. Depends what you are after., Newgrounds, Kongregate - if you have a nice, suitable (you have mostly "hardcore browser" gamers on those portals) game, self-publishing there will give you lots of visibility and maybe a little money. If you are after exclusive licensing, publishing the game on those portals might close this door for you. Non-exclusive deals would be fine I guess.
  12. Haven't checked the forum before I've left and it's all over now:/ Next year!
  13. Hey guys. The GDC ( is right behind the corner. Who's going to be there? We could have a coffee/beer together and talk how cool it is to make Html5 games:)
  14. It's totally possible and much easier than any other game platform/market. This doesn't mean it's not bloody hard though. Don't. You are supposed to earn money on showing the ads, not spend money on ads:) on the Apple Store / Google Play it's a lottery. Playing a lottery is not a valid business strategy. Treat publishing games on appstores as lottery tickets. You can hit the jackpot or you (most probably) will fail. As for your idea for selling non-exclusive licenses to portals and than moving to general distribution - pushing your games through companies that would distribute it everywhere is similar to publishing on the appstores - it's a lottery ticket. Licensing is the base, everything else could be a nice bonus.
  15. The games are cool - I would think about upgrading the graphics a little bit and reduce the amount of text to read OR make the game easier to play on desktop browsers. I would strongly advice not to go to MarketJS or or Evato - prices for games are super, ultra low there (like $5 per license?). FGL is no longer about licensing games - they are mobile ad provider right now (which might be a thing for you to check).