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  1. There was an event in London where Instant Game team talked a little about this. Basically - the most important metrics are: 1. Retention 2. Virality (number of players that sent the invites to others, number of shares, percentage of the accepted invites etc.) 3. Loading times and number of players that closed the game while it was loading There's an iniital boost when launching the game, but it's quite small and only serves the purpose of feeding the algorithm with enough data.
  2. Honestly I have no idea what's the limit right now 😕
  3. Hey:) Congrats on finishing the game! There are quite a lot of options for Html5 games - putting it on the store/website with ads (you can use your own website or upload to sites like You can put it up on to show it to the world:) If you are interested in selling some licenses - there's a part of this forum called "Sponsor and Portals" where we discuss that in detail (you have to gather some "reputation" for this section of the forum to unlock). Good luck:)
  4. - it's open source and have Phaser syntax completion plugin
  5. You can report stolen Instant Games using this link -
  6. I'll be there:) btw. Facebook has pretty massive schedule for the GDC about Html5 games -
  7. A new game jam game:) This was has been made in Phaser for Global Game Jam this January. It's called "Seba Krul Wienzienia" and it tells a story about a young criminal, who needs to gain power and influence by transmitting secret messeges while in jail. Check the game at
  8. New game by BlackMoon:) It's called "Twinz" and it's a cute perception based puzzle game. You can play it against the clock or against a friend in a local multiplayer mode. We have an online multiplayer mode for this game nearly completed as well. Play the game in your browser at All the feedback is most welcome as always:)
  9. Hey there - the Facebook Instant Games program is currently in beta. You need to apply for access for the program and Facebook needs to grant it to you before you are able to go through the docs, prepare and upload your game. Here's a link for sign up -
  10. We've came back to one of the first game done in Html5 (round 2012) and remastered it - here's the result:
  11. They are "thinking about introducing" rewarded video ads at some point. Which doesn't say anything really:)
  12. I'll give you our personal experience of different ad networks: Google AdSense for Html5 games - you are right, they are in beta and it need approval from Google to be able to use the service. CPM is around $3. No problems with payment or anything. That's our only network atm. and I think it'll stay like that. Leadbolt - CPM was close to nothing (like $0.001). We were testing that few years ago, I don't know if it got any better. AppNext - we had pretty sweet CPM (around $6 - especially on iOS). It was working nicely until one day I got an email saying our account has been deleted because we supposedly violated the terms. No explanation was given as to what wrong we actually did. They took our monthly earnings (all good accordingly to the terms). I tried to contact them over email but they said they can't give me any additional information.
  13. We use AdSense for Html5 games. I guess we'll introduce options to buy stuff in games in 2018 - we haven't done that yet.
  14. Facebook Instant Games being the biggest I guess. All other chat/social apps coming closely behind (Kik, WeChat, Telegram, VK). Kongregate and Miniclip both fully supporting Html5 games. Quite a number of smaller apps, devices, portals opening/starting their games sections with Html5 support. At the top of it - all the publishers that were there since 2012 still staying in business (Coolgames, Softgames, Famobi, GamePix, Spil).
  15. For me 2017 was a year of many new, interesting opportunities rising for Html5 games. We'll see in 2018 where all those new platforms will lead us and would it be better or worse than the old-fashioned licensing market.
  16. I've attended a PGG All Access game jam (a local jam aimed to raise awarness to accesibility in games), during which I've made a game with my younger daughter (10yo). The game is a bit weird and tells a story about a happy relationship betwieen two cups (symbolized by their joyful dance) and envy that leads the evil fork Othello to violence. You play the game simply by pressing space whenever you'll see (or hear) the fork Othelon on the screen. My daughter made all the graphics (I've redone some of them to animate the cups) and recorded the voiceovers. The game is made with Phaser.
  17. I get a lot of that warnings in the console (only on this device, I don't get that on desktop where the game scales normally) : phaser.min.js:3 WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: vertexAttribPointer: index out of range Could that be the cause?
  18. Subscriptions would be "license with a monthly fee". We actually plan to introduce in-game-purchases within web games (we don't really publish them to the stores) - Instant Games look quite promising:) Also PlayFab has an option to process purchases from what I can see.
  19. So: 1. You don't need to run your own database. I guess if you would like to create a bit more complex game - you would need one, but even then you can use some existing solution (like 2. You can add ads from multiple sources (Google AdSense being the most popular one I guess). There are some options for in game purchases around as well (not super popular yet though). Hope that helps:)