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  1. this is a new way that look like standard material but called custom material * notic that your normal most be reversed in back face
  2. i think we need Wall and some stair stuff too
  4. ok @gamestudiohx what can i do tomorrow define your tasks and make a list we start slowly but try my best action
  6. no you cant show gif like webgl texture ( in any engine )
  7. you mean animation in .gif format
  8. yes we can help
  9. BABYLONHx wanna be a live again
  10. no worry i start and you can join anytime you want and i research about best way to convert too
  11. we can start together i wanna put one day in week about that Friday is best for me
  12. thanks i respect all people in here this is best knowledge community at all maybe i start .hx project for babylonjs need review before i start
  13. no i need unlike your reply ( like unlike button ) because that is really hard to convert because BJS run so fast and other (like babylonhx ) cant be update in same speed
  14. @MackeyK24 i need unlike your reply this is not easy to convert
  15. thanks for your response if you wanna continue that or make some easy plan for have part of Babylonjs (i think) let we know about that and i can help (with my less abilities ) you if you want . cheers Nasimiasl