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  1. thanks i work on uv and material now but Geometry is ready after this step i make documentation for use this tools that maybe take 3 weeks but you can try it now see the videos ( i make a few slide to night )
  2. i try make repeat too ( for preview most import it in )
  3. @Dad72 i can't fix it yet sorry but i know Base problem happen in MirrorTexture when you have more than default samplers
  4. for import project look this and publish file is :
  5. hi i work on geometry Builder tools i upload a test version and work on docs too ( i wanna make video sample for documentation ) in this tools you can make your geometry from SVG path (Surface and wall ) and can get 2 kind of export (.obj and .gbs ( GeometryBuilderStructer very small size )) UV Editor and Material Builder Under progress estimation for alpha version 3 - 5 weeks
  6. i try solve that let me try 2 days if i can't you try with other solution
  7. 2 problem for know "replace mirrormaterial with render target" and add "add discard after mirror plan"
  8. hi @javalang sorry i see this now i dont remember who change it by this but you can see glass in here that optimized for all background color thanks for @Temechon for help make this and that material copyright belong to him
  9. don't press me hard let i do it ,i try make English docs ( i never make farsi Docs for this ) ( i use my friend help that write better than me ) and why we always talk with each other in your mind wing
  10. i almost finish it but after the last changes i need append some fixed variable for use so we can complete that as soon and yes i wanna add too
  11. maybe custom material can help @rdzar @Sebavan you can put grid material shader in custommaterial diffuse method for have gird material with shadow
  12. hi @gamestudiohx i need know more so i start learning more about Haxe i try join to this project in september
  13. new scene for melyon site
  14. thanks you always answer it is true but for keep update i need make repository pattern ( without inherited ) so i make StandardMaterial2 (maybe different name ) -> copy with last version and make custom shader from this so we update it after any 6 month i think this is good solution
  15. hi @Deltakosh i saw some main uniform ( like vDiffuseUV ) is changed in standardMaterial this is why i want design custommaterial pattern inside of standard material because when we change standard material we just change .ts version and not change shader version all material Library use own shader but custom material supposed to use base shader i have solution for fix that but i need change that in standard material else i most make fixed version of standard material for V3 and make custom material from this so what is your recommend about that ? sol 1 : append custom material shader parts to main shader Version? sol 2 : make fixed version of standard material and inherited from them for make custom material [ in this case standard material changes not set by each changes ]