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  1. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    attribute most be for each vertex ( check uv2 ) i don't think that help in clone time
  2. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    what kind of animation show me a video or gif
  3. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    can i ask what animation and what mesh you wanna do ?
  4. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    if you can make particle from your mesh you can manage them by one shader
  5. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    and other way is available too let me think about that
  6. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    You saw this helped finally some one use wired solution
  7. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    a wired way is available but i don't know that is best solution any way the attribute channel is different for shader but you clone that so just world position is different maybe that help
  8. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL you can not set diffrent value to one Shader Effect so you can clone mesh but need make new Shader for each one again
  9. NasimiAsl

    Door designer (Work in progress)

    so good
  10. NasimiAsl

    GPU (shaders) for vertex animation

    hi oz if you have time (2 week )for this project we can make it and need your cloth vertex data and obj too
  11. NasimiAsl

    Online Level 43 (new addition)

    i need buy a game pad for that
  12. NasimiAsl

    GPU particle effect[solved]
  13. NasimiAsl

    GPU particle effect[solved]

    back soon
  14. some result of animations
  15. NasimiAsl

    Arc Camera that rotate 3 ways

    you most calculate that and use math i try write sample to have it after after office to you ( after 6 hours ) but you can try yourself too 1. calculate a vector between camera and target position 2. rotate your up vector to cross of that 3. add rotation matrix to find new up vector when you rotate around of (camera - target vector ) and maybe some others see and help you faster @adam @jerome @Wingnut ...