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  1. this is a big project for webgl @Emil InnerReflect = (inner face reflection ) most be calculate with a face y face and it is like you make all diamond inner Face like mirror and you most be make texture of that and mix all face textures in a cube map and replace that with that mask ( it is not just shader stuff more physics stuff and we have restriction about reflection read this : so maybe opengl can do that in this time
  2. and new version
  3. i don't understand this is good or bad to use fake? because if we r not use that one maybe we can calculate a real inner reflection and ray Refraction but never can do it in live render so this is only way to make same effect in live render i try to make other version with refract and reflect version
  4. i think we can work a lot for this but result is same with very low different but i can try more but need look your excepted final result any pic?
  5. any dynamic changes most be define by SetUniform
  6. make deep fake reflect
  7. for make real diamond reflection i have idea ( make different cube map and reflect that wait for me )
  8. challenge accepted
  9. {rangeStep: [ for control fade -0.49 .. 0.49 ] , rangePower: [ control opacity -1. .. 1.] }
  10. i know but you most set it 00ff00 and ff00ff
  11. check you painting color value pink = #FF00FF cyan = #00FFFF Yellow = #FFFF00 red = #FF0000 blue = #0000FF green = #00FF00 white = #FFFFFF black = #000000
  12. about color replace let me make a sample for explain full color replace in shader Builder in this post you just have 8 color [red,green,blue,cyan,pink,yellow,white,black] in one reference you can separated any colors to any Step (0-255 recommend use 0-25 in max) so if you use separated color for all you have 80 color in one reference you can define others pattern in other reference too and use that too after loading you can not change base custom shader but you can redifine your shaderBuilder and add your wanted color for that if you wanna use this stuff you can use ReplaceColor method ReplaceColor(index: number, color: number, mat: string, option: IReplaceColor) // for example .ReplaceColor(reference index, BABYLONX.Helper.Blue, ... , option). this is complicated stuff in ShaderBuilder but try to make sample for fully understand this
  13. you need define another Uniform for example .SetUniform('scaleTxt','vec3') i define Vector 3 because we can manage 3 text scale with that you can def mat4 for manage 12 parameter with one uniform but if you just wanna manage 1 you use float anyway you change that with setUniform
  14. dear @Dad72 normaly all standard material options dose not work in customShader (and shaderBuilder too ) but for use this options in any custom shader 2 option is recomended 1. make new repository from StandardShader and mix that with ShaderBuilder is easy way to get that i remember one time i start mix that and that work finally but need time for make PR that may be toke 2 or 3 day 2. overwrite all option you need in your shader that is possible now but it is hard too retype all you need so if you have time for wait solution number 1 i can fix that cab be helpful a lot i wanna call that CustomMaterial
  15. hi you can use SetUniform for define your new texture or any new uniform and with .material.setTexture you can set your wanted texture (any kind of texture ) and for use This material in Shader Builder use .Map function sample .SetUniform('dyTexture1','sampler2D') .Map({ index: 'dyTexture1',bias : 2.}) .Reference(1) ... .BuildMaterial(scene); // set dynamic texture var textureGround = new BABYLON.DynamicTexture("DynamicTexture", 1024, scene, true); ground.material.setTexture('dyTexture1',textureGround);