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  1. Nasimi The Shader Guru

    hi i cant fix tiled texture atlas edge problem 100 percent but i think that fixed 90 % what exactly you need to fix?
  2. InterActive product Viewer service in

    i most work on highlights ( all door click able)
  3. click on door to open and close them !
  4. Wateranimation

    @adam hi my friend that object removed when i clone BJS extensions in Github sorry about that i think we have just 2 way for now @tuneful 1. sps + use physics 2. make inner fit mesh and making morph from mathematical + vertex shader i like start this challenge if i find time
  5. GeometryBuilder (core) Alpha Version

    i work on GeometryBuilder editor that help you to make everything ( i care about optimizing too ) that have a lot work and i most write documentation so may be the complete version is ready after 3 month * notice this tools is mathematical base
  6. Scared of Typescript

    i love that Logo @Baker Xiao And @Pryme8 Ts is simple don't Think it is a large changes but it is so beauty and useful @Deltakosh push me to learn that and i need say thanks without that i think the debug and build ts file is complicated
  7. Multi-camera and WaterMaterial

    fisheye's camera? most be test it i never make it ( is that possible )
  8. @Wingnut i like see you dog pic plz
  9. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    i wait for @jeromeetienne i start make some wild stuff with that
  10. BABYLON.Augmented Reality ... in AR.JS

    ping @Deltakosh
  11. Blow Me, Baby

    very nice
  12. Wexha Planet

    @jerome thanks ( check it again ) i try make better walk and run now
  14. i find it after add the next standard material all effect is frozen this is big bug for standard material Effect let me check it