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  1. 3 days waiting for finish last part @Dad72 sorry david i am busy a little i try do it last of this week
  2. test fog for custom material ground.material = new BABYLON.CustomMaterial("s12",function(b){ var name = "def3"; b.initShader(name,scene,new BABYLONX.ShaderBuilder() .InLine('result = vec4( vec3(max(sin(vPositionW.x),sin(vPositionW.z)) ),1.);') .Effect({pr:'min(1.,max(0.,pow(pr,1.3)*13.))'}) ); return name ; },scene); first shaderBuilder mix with custom material still not complete yet ( need define set Texture and some defines )
  3. i designed something like this for make that ground.material = new BABYLON.CustomMaterial("s12",function(b){ var name = "newname"; b.varyings = ['varying vec2 vuv;']; b.fragmentUniforms = ['uniform sampler2D tx_01;','uniform sampler2D tx_02;']; b.vertexUniforms = []; b.body = 'result = texture2D(tx_01, vuv ,0.) ;\ =*0.5 +texture2D(tx_02, vuv ,0.).xyz*0.5 ;\ '; b.vertexBody = ' vuv = uv; '; b.initShader(name,scene); return name ; },scene); @Dad72 i know still without shaderBuilder but wait a few hours more i am so close
  4. i like your looking way but it is not illegal ( outlaw ) so let i start explain more i simply start answer why,what ,who , when about custommaterial 1. why we need this ? we have standardmaterial with a lot tools depended for scene parameters but have limitation in customized we have shadermaterial with no limitation but dont have any depended parameter with scene ** depended parameters like lights, colors, shadow ... so this is why we need mix and have some thing like standardmaterial with no limitations in some part 2. what is it exactly what do it ? i call it CustomMaterial extended from StandardMaterial but customizable in diffuse color ( for version 1 ) i replace diffuse color in default shader and make new shader 3. who most use it ? ( when we need that ? ) (all people or when we ) wanna make shader material but wanna use all option of standard material ps : dis is not depend for babylonx or shader builder ( but that can help ) i know shaderbuilder is very complicated stuff for core i understand that and respect for DK and think BX is best place for shaderbuilder and geometry builder or others tools
  5. i am work on that now i hope finish this in next 10 hours i try to make simple way for use that after that i explain how we can do it and hope @Wingnut or other user help me to write good docs for that ( i am bad in english writing )
  6. let the standardMaterial changes accepted by DK after that i make the the step 2( add shader Builder )
  7. first sample
  8. see this
  9. there is true always so?? when we need the false value? ** i make new function " DisableAlphaTesting() " in ShaderBuilder If you don't use that that return false else return true ? it is ok and done
  10. let me i make PR ok ? But What is default value ?
  11. i don't see that error in chrome? and still result is fine
  12. Use .Transparency() and your Result Enable Alpha Parameter
  13. hi @Sebavan what exactly i need to do ? witch part? in code???