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  1. More than 4 lights?

    sure final specular is a little heavy
  2. More than 4 lights?

    this sample have 256(16*16) light on one salon
  3. More than 4 lights?

    if you have salon or Regular successive lights i think you can make ultimate lights ( no shadow ) for your material
  4. Custom PBR material that is Simple PBR From CustomShader u can make any channel for you pbr ** reflectPart = function( sampler Ref, nrm , scale , RefractiveParameter , direction x , direction y , direction z , bias) part1 : new SB() .Map({path:''}) .InLine( reflectPart( 'txtRef_0','nrm' ,0.005 ,-1,-1.,-1.,-1.,0.)) .BuildMaterial(scene); you can use shader string for manage any parameter reflective mix normal mix play anything you want and ask me if you have any question about this
  5. A way to create road on ground

    correct link is but i don't understand correctly this question r u wanna make road geometry or wanna paint road on ground?
  6. Virtual fashion show

    wonderful she send some kiss too
  7. hi @vishnu welcome to BJS Area
  8. Custom texture mipmaps for roughness maybe that help
  9. Get the UVmap from a Object into a Canvas

    hi maybe that can help :
  10. CustomMaterial does not work anymore

    Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED babylon.shadowOnlyMaterial.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) i download last version and Build in VSCode and Run debug by Playground and have that error * my build out put just have this part [10:51:21] Using gulpfile D:\Git4\Babylon.js\Tools\Gulp\gulpfile.js [10:51:21] Starting 'srcTscWatch'... 10:51:37 AM - Compilation complete. Watching for file changes. [10:51:37] Finished 'srcTscWatch' after 16 s [10:51:37] Starting 'watch'... [10:51:37] Finished 'watch' after 133 ms [10:51:37] Starting 'webserver'... [10:51:37] Webserver started at http://localhost:1338 [10:51:37] Finished 'webserver' after 17 ms [10:51:37] Starting 'run'... [10:51:37] Finished 'run' after 3.32 μs @Deltakosh
  11. CustomMaterial does not work anymore

    @Dad72 i am back to task
  12. CustomMaterial does not work anymore

    i finish 99 percent that need 2 days for PR (i am in travel back in 2 day sorry for late )
  13. CustomMaterial does not work anymore

    remove old_standardVersion under progress
  14. CustomMaterial does not work anymore

    yes absolutly
  15. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    some time i need stay and just look and don't change it is not good way for programming when you have solution start that fast you most try find better solution *** this is important we can have old version support for our source *** BABYLONJS design pattern don't have any plan for that (maybe i don't know it) so i wanna make new plan for standard material for have customizable that but it is not perfect for now