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  1. LOW LYING FOG's texture is not loaded

    problem solved ( but not optimized )
  2. LOW LYING FOG's texture is not loaded

    i cant kick any place of anyone but i am sure we can find solution (i have some idea need test it) what is the exact question here
  3. Planar section cut through geometry

    hi @Sebavan glass material metal+roughness i start make it in custom material too ( but need fix some problem first )
  4. Planar section cut through geometry

    yes dear @Sebavan wait for this tools that is so useful i almost have result but wanna fix custom material bugs and add pbr tools in to custom material
  5. Playing with shader

    hi customMaterial and standardmaterial both can update uniform with this material.getEffect().setFloat() and others uniforms type @Hartha Sample : @Deltakosh Bug : look line 48 ,49 50 when a new mesh created or ( i think ) new standardMaterial created all set Effect function is freezed is this depend to StandardMaterial ** for check you can set any Uniform in standard material notice that custom material inherited from standard material
  6. Hi NasimiAsl, I was told that you are the author of CustomMaterial. I really want to customize a little bit PBR materials so that I can set multiple clip planes. Could you please share me some of your experience? So far I have no idea how to do that.

  7. yes as i say this depend to standard material and i have problem with custommaterial for last update so no idea about that problem yet may be some others can help about that
  8. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js?

    hi @Deltakosh how can i get the old version of Custommaterial from GitHub
  9. Shader Loop Question

    you can control that vec2( mod( (p.x*4. ),1.)/4. /*take one column */ + _t * 0.25 /*move columns (t = frame )*/ ,p.y)
  10. Shader Loop Question

    hi why you don't use Mod and floor time = > 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - ... mod(time,1.) => 0 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - ... mod(time *10.,1.)/10. => 0 , 0.1 , 0.2 , 0.3 , 0.4 ,0.5 ,0.6 , ... vec2( mod( (p.x*4. ),1.)/4. /*take one column */ + floor(_t*4.)/4. /*move columns (step by step )*/ ,p.y)
  11. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js? this is with old version of custom material
  12. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js?

    so let we start working on that *** and i find some serious bug( maybe ) in standard material for update uniform i think custom material inherit that too
  13. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js?

    yes but that js is damaged now some samples is don't be run after change i wanna make some sample (simple sample ) after any publish we can test it ( this is like quality support test )
  14. How to implement clipping planes as with Three.js?

    hi @Deltakosh i make some PRB Material that work before this changes i need that for update uniform after bind ( i don't know why this need be changed = > ) *notic we accept keep custommaterial in old version and update that any 3 month ? @xuchen_shadow (hi again ) i don't know why you wanna make some custom PBR material because that custom material let we have standard material effect in shader but what property in PBR material you wanna change try fix and make new PG ...