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  1. NasimiAsl

    shaderbase classic number render

    i have big challenge for make it change live
  3. NasimiAsl


    i try mix 2 morph vertex (first frame and last frame ) in one vertex buffer and send to shader that lose some Unrecognizable detail now i wanna attach motion so after that i have one mesh but have some small morph too but i don't have result yet but in this task you wanna change raw data to grouped data that is possible but if you ask to linked animation to them (like rig) it is different it is like write 3d geometry manager app in web
  4. NasimiAsl


    you run so fast :))))))
  5. NasimiAsl

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    ts vs js why we need think about it we support Both better than support just js or just ts
  6. NasimiAsl

    TYPESCRIPT in Playground

    i am thinking about support import too (from path + url)
  7. NasimiAsl

    Shrink wrapping

    i am on it but for make perfection need 2 or 3 week
  8. NasimiAsl

    Render 8192 x8192 px one frame and save

    solved **. it is depend to Graphic card too use this method BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget(engine, camera, 1024 * 16); more than 4096 have some download error in chrome network error that not happen in Firefox for use BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot method you most change resolution and manage fps for stop live rendering (that not good at all )
  9. NasimiAsl

    Render 8192 x8192 px one frame and save

    @Deltakosh plz help
  10. NasimiAsl

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    dear @Nockawa that is result with out light and shadow use with customMaterial so i think the light change that same as standard material but you can channage it before fragcolor too material.Fragment_Before_FragColor(` float f1 = 1.2; if(vPositionW.x > 0.){ color.x = pow(color.x,f1)*f1; color.y = pow(color.y,f1)*f1; color.z = pow(color.z,f1)*f1; color.w = 1.; } `);
  11. NasimiAsl

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    that is all about light and shadow effect attached to color
  12. NasimiAsl

    Render 8192 x8192 px one frame and save

    may be i need write some tools for make very large pic but but before that i wanna be sure we have limitation because canvas in chrome can render 16k x 16k
  13. NasimiAsl

    Render 8192 x8192 px one frame and save

    hey @Deltakosh that just scaled result to 8192 x 8192 i need render 8192 x 8192 quality
  14. NasimiAsl

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    51 : material.getEffect().setVector4('gridControl',new BABYLON.Vector4(1,0.5,0.,0.)); 53 : material.getEffect().setVector4('gridControl',new BABYLON.Vector4(0.5,0.0,1.,0.));
  15. NasimiAsl

    Grid Material lacks receiveShadows

    r u see this ?