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  1. editor and SVG Path under progress
  2. NasimiAsl

    BranchGeometry ( GeometryBuilder )
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    How to actually use

    it is old post @MackeyK24 i don't remember i just test some and i don't work with that tools now
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    that is perfect
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    @trevordev hi my samples is just geometry i don't make gizmo in playground wish that be done (anybody) that animation show angels when drag and drop happen you can remove them just need setFloat like i set
  6. NasimiAsl

    gizmo that generated by GeometryBuilder & shaderBuilder i can make obj and shader too if anyone wanna use
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    hi @Deltakosh are you start that task (yourself)? i can help if you want. bandicam 2018-06-07 11-37-53-471.mp4
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    Car Light Physics Engine

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    How to implement weapon accuracy?

    hi use MAth : (Math.random()*1.-0.5)*0.1 var pos = camera.position; var tar = { x:camera.getTarget().x*1.+(Math.random()*1.-0.5)*0.1-pos.x, y:camera.getTarget().y*1.+(Math.random()*1.-0.5)*0.1-pos.y, z:camera.getTarget().z*1.-pos.z}; var r = new BABYLON.Ray( pos,tar,1000.); var meshFound = scene.pickWithRay(r );
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    cloud : fill inside of mesh

    make points instance inside of box mesh
  11. NasimiAsl

    cloud : fill inside of mesh

    thanks @Wingnut it is not just cloud before this we just can draw on face but i try draw inside of mesh i don't think now about what benefit that have i start with this sample and and i just wanna draw what i want in one shader ( without post-process )
  12. hi All GeometryBuilder Alpha version is Ready This Is Core Version We can make GeometryBuilder Template like face , Box , Sphere or ... geometryBuilder Has 2 part for any Template 1. the Builder 2. the Creator in part 1 we define how we make face with vertices and make uv and define what setting we need for make a instance of this Geometry template and in part 2 just fill the setting (this defined in part 1) and make a mesh simple Face part 1 var face = function (op) { // define a template builder var builder = function (setting /*setting of template */ , geo /*automatic generated in GB (current instance)*/) { /*make a face in the geo instance*/ GB.MakeFace(geo, [setting.p1, setting .p2, setting .p3, setting .p4] , { faceUVMap: "0123", // uv map draw side uvStart: { u: 0., v: 0. }, uvEnd: { u: 1., v: 1. } }); }; return new BABYLONX.Geometry(GB.GeometryBase(op, builder )); } part 2 : var mesh = face({ p1: { x: -1., y: 0.0, z: -1 }, p2: { x: -1., y: 0., z: 1 }, p3: { x: 1., y: 0., z: -1 }, p4: { x: 1., y: 0.0, z: 1 }, }).toMesh(scene); some template sample : box : Cylinder : Cone : something special : smooth version : *notice : this is preview version the final version in Test and refactor level cheers Nasimiasl
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    GeometryBuilder (core) Alpha Version
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    Animating ArcRotateCamera setTarget

    hi @promontis welcome to BJS froum i use my tools just need replace this camera._target.x = ev.source.position.x ; with this var wx = new wind(); = function (i, par) { camera._target.x = i;}; wx.go( ev.source.position.x); manage between frame by steps : // advance
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    GeometryBuilder (core) Alpha Version highpoly size : 22 kb
  16. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    attribute most be for each vertex ( check uv2 ) i don't think that help in clone time
  17. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    what kind of animation show me a video or gif
  18. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    can i ask what animation and what mesh you wanna do ?
  19. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    if you can make particle from your mesh you can manage them by one shader
  20. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    and other way is available too let me think about that
  21. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    You saw this helped finally some one use wired solution
  22. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL

    a wired way is available but i don't know that is best solution any way the attribute channel is different for shader but you clone that so just world position is different maybe that help
  23. NasimiAsl

    Animation Conventions GLSL you can not set diffrent value to one Shader Effect so you can clone mesh but need make new Shader for each one again
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    Door designer (Work in progress)

    so good
  25. NasimiAsl

    GPU (shaders) for vertex animation

    hi oz if you have time (2 week )for this project we can make it and need your cloth vertex data and obj too