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  1. add this
  2. dear @Pryme8
  3. any shader solution accepted?
  4. Morph targets with texture i don't have old face textture @ozRocker fixed
  5. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    it is nice idea to make it standard material customizable ( that is good for keep both in current version ) actually standardmaterial is a custommaterial ( in class design system ) but for now we make it wrong we can fix it now but i know that happen again after we change standard material anyway i just want make useful tools but for now wrong dependency damage that tools i can fix this bug but when i was start debug it i look to next what happen if that method change in standard material so for my recommend a one material system is best solution but you notice that is just my personal opinion
  6. Morph targets with texture

    i am on it
  7. very nice idea i try it in GPU alpha discard shaderBuilder (parametric 249 in 255)
  8. OfficeGames project
  9. OfficeGames project

    hi @jerome what is your host kind ( windows or ??? ) any db
  10. hi i make this post for share some unexpected experience in shader code you can see a lot but you can fix it easly
  11. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    for make good test i show you some list ( i reset chrome setting and saw it in samsung j7 )
  12. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    i saw that happen in some of android i can make some list of device ( samsung graphic cards for mobile )
  13. OfficeGames project

    boomberman so close to attach in OfficeGames
  14. CustomMaterial and edit textureDynamique

    hi sorry for that i read source but cant understand it correctly i think i need debug that is real sample to find a correct place to update light and shadow
  15. OfficeGames announcement

    r u remember Boomber man
  16. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    manage pointed size and shape by discard gl_PointCoord that parameter same as UV for each point that is between (0,0) and (1,1)
  17. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    you have error but step debug i don't think so ( don't ask so complicated question please ) IOS ( iphone ) have much lower than uniform count Compared with android system
  18. OfficeGames announcement

    can i make one game for that ?
  19. use exact path that can help something like this "https://durrant... /skybox.png" or "/skybox.png"
  20. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    different between integer and float when you wanna make shader string in javascript var a = 4; shaderCode = "position.y = "+a+";"; // shader dont be compiled because you set integer value to float shaderCode = "position.y = float("+a+");"; //correct usage
  21. Shader Experience : are you know this ?

    about variable when you use variable in shader code you most careful when you wanna use it in mathematical formula float a = 10; position.x = -a ; // return "a" value in some of android system position.x = -1.0*a ; // correct usage
  22. show us your tile map or atlas map please