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    Babylon js developer

    please share how you wanna do this project may be some free offer can be nice in your project
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    Web Game Editor (MMORPG)

    that is wonderful man
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    Random Tiled random tile main texture for both
  4. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    let i explain something about texture2D we cant use exactly this method for atlas map because when that go in far texture2d Mix pixels for make some blur result in far we can use texture2DLodEXT that not have any mixed pixel if we used lod pametrer 0 but that have other problem in far in this method we wanna make tile texture so we need all texture be tiled from in edges but we still have some bug in far *** i cant use texture2DLodEXT in standardMaterial ???
  5. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    in progress
  6. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    step 3 : use 3 texture ** notic the snow texture is not 3x3 tiled just a simple snow with out collision for test fps
  7. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    step 2 append texture : with this setting you see just 1, 2 : vec3 r_w1i1 = vec3(0.05,0.05, 2 ); with this setting you see just 1, 2,3,4,5,6 : vec3 r_w1i1 = vec3(0.05,0.05, 6 );
  8. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    step 1. we need make new UV pattern // setting 1 ( uv.x scale , uv.y scale , texture count +1 ) // max texture count for this sample is 9 vec3 r_w1i1 = vec3(0.033,0.033,10); // setting 2 (integer seed ,integer seed , float total seed ) // random setting vec3 r_w2i1 = vec3(10.,10., 113.321); // split main texture for calculate new UV float uxi1 = floor( (vDiffuseUV.x)/r_w1i1.x)*r_w1i1.x; float uyi1 = floor( vDiffuseUV.y/r_w1i1.y)*r_w1i1.y; // floor exact uv part to maked random if(r_w2i1.x != 0. && mod(uyi1 /r_w1i1.y,2.) > 0.) uxi1 = floor( (vDiffuseUV.x+r_w1i1.x*r_w2i1.x) /r_w1i1.x)*r_w1i1.x+r_w1i1.x*0.5 ; if(r_w2i1.y != 0. && mod(uxi1 /r_w1i1.x,2.) > 0.) uyi1 = floor( (vDiffuseUV.y+r_w1i1.y*r_w2i1.y) /r_w1i1.y)*r_w1i1.y+r_w1i1.y*0.5 ; // make random fron new uv parts float rd2i1 = sin(tan(uxi1*r_w2i1.x)+cos(uyi1*r_w2i1.y)*r_w2i1.z+uxi1*r_w2i1.x)*cos(sin(uxi1)*r_w2i1.y+uyi1*r_w2i1.z+sin(r_w2i1.x*tan(uyi1))); rd2i1 = (sin(tan(rd2i1*r_w2i1.z)+cos(uyi1*r_w2i1.x)*r_w2i1.y+uxi1*r_w2i1.x)*cos(sin(uxi1)*r_w2i1.z+uyi1*r_w2i1.x+sin(r_w2i1.z*tan(rd2i1)))) ; rd2i1 = (sin(tan(rd2i1*r_w2i1.z)+cos(uyi1*r_w2i1.x)*r_w2i1.y+uxi1*r_w2i1.x)*cos(sin(uxi1)*r_w2i1.z+uyi1*r_w2i1.x+sin(r_w2i1.z*tan(rd2i1)))) ; rd2i1 = floor(min(abs(sin(rd2i1)*r_w1i1.z),r_w1i1.z) )/r_w1i1.z; // calculate atlas uv pos for 3 x 3 atlas format float uv_wi1 = 1./3.; float uv_hi1 = 1./3.; float dxi1 = 0.;float dyi1 =0.; if(rd2i1*r_w1i1.z < 3.) { dxi1=rd2i1 ;} else if(rd2i1*r_w1i1.z < 6.) { dxi1 = (rd2i1*r_w1i1.z-3.)/r_w1i1.z; dyi1 = 1.; } else { dxi1 = (rd2i1*r_w1i1.z-6.)/r_w1i1.z; dyi1 =2.; } float uv_xi1 = min(1., dxi1)*r_w1i1.z*1. / 3. ; float uv_yi1 = 1.- dyi1*1. / 3. -uv_hi1; // claculate new UV vec2 newUv = vec2( mod( vDiffuseUV.x *(1./3.)/r_w1i1.x , uv_wi1 ) +uv_xi1 , mod(vDiffuseUV.y*(1./3.)/r_w1i1.x ,uv_hi1)+uv_yi1 );
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    Random Tiled

    hi yes that is possible i try make sample in custom material @QuintusHegie
  10. NasimiAsl

    SpectorJS - Detect heavy computation in shader

    i like work on heavy shader if you intersted
  11. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    Synthesized with same border not different border
  12. NasimiAsl

    Draw Inside of Mesh it is new for me i don't know what it is exactly but we can draw inside of mesh and fill it i try find good way to understand it * that have problem from one side yet for see what happen see this demo it is just one Box if you change the mesh type too *** scroll and go inside of mesh
  13. Melyon tools for webgl ( special BabylonJS members) * make inter active action and unlimited animation in GPU side * make shader + material bandicam 2018-04-08 15-06-31-064.mp4
  14. thanks for visiting and the waiting is only part i don't write it :((((
  15. NasimiAsl

    Random Tiled

    this option commited with ShaderBuilder ver 2
  16. i see the real link is not work (url decoded in editor '$' => '%24' )
  17. i am prepare and test GeometryBuilder and ShaderBuilder (v2) for share that like service for public
  18. var scalep = Math.max( dv.offsetWidth/ canv.offsetWidth ,dv.offsetHeight/ canv.offsetHeight ); look to line 41 you can manage your scale by this wish that help
  19. NasimiAsl

    Screen fade/motion blur effect

    hi @erixon less quality for mobile
  20. vec3 dir = normalize(vPositionW - vEyePosition);
  22. hi @fdeng i made this for ArcRotateCamera but some bug i have 1. i make select on div top of canvas 2. that close object use by scale arcrotatecamera radius parameter 3. just one direction selected ** use click ight for back ** after any change you most reload full html and see correct result
  23. NasimiAsl

    FXAA quality i need read some more about that but this can help
  24. NasimiAsl

    Ideas: Best Way to Extend the StandardMaterial?

    this is what happen in builder inside the custom material