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  1. Jaskar

    gLTF Exporter Fur Material issue

    @Pab144 Can you tell me on which exporter version you are working ? Also could you provide a sample please ? So we could test on our side too. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share your assets. Edit : I posted this awaiting the @rlouvat post.
  2. Jaskar

    gLTF Exporter Fur Material issue

    Hey @Pab144 , @noalak is sick, so someone else in the exporter team is currently working on this issue. We'll let you know about the progress, or if we have any question.
  3. Jaskar

    problem with playground example in how to

    "Conversion table" ok. https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/4501 You can now click on old URL and don't get in trouble 😊 Don't hesitate to PM me if you find new bugs on Playground
  4. Jaskar

    problem with playground example in how to

    Ok, so it now redirect to empty playground. Will create a "conversion" table tomorrow for old-new examples, and try to locate every script call where it can possibly crash or do weird things.
  5. Jaskar

    problem with playground example in how to

    I'll fix the playground to redirect on old playground link entries asap!
  6. Jaskar


    Hi folks! There it is, a fresh playground working! https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#PTG55H Can you tell me what was this string ? "qÜb¶" in "left.position.x -= 100;\r\n\r\n\r\n/**\r\n * qÜb¶\r\n */\r\n\r\n\r\n //200 Ï<20\r\n\r\n //W‹\r\n var straight_options" Some of these where randomly writted in the save. It can help if you remember what you wrote at this place! Thanks, Jaskar.
  7. Hi @Wingnut , As you say, wasn't one of your playgrounds. I don't know why but the Playground save create some strange bugs sometimes Concerning your request, I'll take a look at it
  8. Hi @Wingnut , It seems that the lines """"|""""|""""|"""" causes some issues to the playground database. I just temporary fix your playgrounds (from #23 to #28), with replacements of "text5.text". Let we know (@Haylan or me) if you have troubles with the playground in the future. Enjoy!
  9. Hi! I'm not a pro, but I think the best way is to send the rotation based on a timeout (maybe after checking that the user is active?). For big games, the information is sent to the server, that check if the informations are possible and correct (to avoid cheats), then broadcasted to the other players. Don't hesitate to share your future work with the community
  10. Jaskar

    Weird Render Artifact

    Hi, No problem here with chrome... Can you send a screenshot ? Or a picture of your screen at least ?
  11. Hello. Which version of Babylon do you use ? Can you explain your scene a little please ? It works on the playground at the moment
  12. Jaskar

    Bug screenShot in 2.5

    I know this is an old topic, but after some times searching why my screenshot render was transparent, I found that you have to set the engine "preserveDrawingBuffer" to true to get it working. This message is a reminder for myself and maybe help for people having the same issue
  13. @Carharttguy Hey, It's a typescript type "problem". "document.getElementById" return "HTMLElement" type, and "this._canvas" is "HTMLCanvasElement". For comparison, t's like trying to assign a float to an int. Try to cast it : this._canvas = <HTMLCanvasElement> document.getElementById(canvasElement);
  14. @tiflis I check that, I think it's my fault!
  15. Hi zeamays, You want unlimited rotation like in this page ? http://www.jaskar.host-ed.me/BabyksCube/ Then use : camera.lowerAlphaLimit = null; camera.upperAlphaLimit = null; For the mouse cursor, you can use : requestPointerLock Be sure to call the webkit, moz and other versions! It will hide the mouse cursor, so take care to display a reticle or something like this at the screen center, and exit the state en "Esc" key press Another question ? If it's okay, remind to mark the topic as solved.