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  1. Thanks for your input @mikhluz we truly appreciate it! We are aware of that the collisions are currently not handled in an acceptable way. Since your comment, we have updated the game with: A properly functioning water script (The fallback versions was used in the previous version but now, it looks awesome! (: ). This caused the errors in your console. They should now be removed (even though there are some debugging messages still there)We have also adjusted controls and how the camera and spacecraft behaves when you turn. Just like you said, the camera monitored the spacecraft too tightly. We are not fully there yet, but we have made quite some improvements on it.The biggest update though, is probably a first iteration on the game mechanics. By driving into the circles of light, you activate the wind power stations on the different islands. By doing so you activate the center column and a simple win condition is fulfilled.With the previous update, a different level design was implemented.You find the game on the same link as before, if you have a few minutes, please let us know what you think about the changes we made based on your feedback If you're new to this thread, feel free to drop some feedback-bombs on us! /TRIF-Team
  2. First post, and we're so happy to finally be able to share are early prototype! TRIF is a sci-fi experience built on the Goo Create platform that utilises the WebGL-powered Goo Engine. TRIF is currently in its very early stages of development but we have managed to put together a runnable application. You can find, and play the game directly at Bear in mind that the game currently does not have any victory conditions implemented as we are currently defining the game mechanics we want to pursue. If you have any cool ideas, please leave us a comment! If you want to take part of the journey that we have set out on, drop us a like on Regards, The TRIF-team