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  1. From 3ds Max to Webgl

    We will soon release a new product called Verge3D for Autodesk 3ds Max. Support for both Blender and 3ds Max can significantly expand the audience of 3D Web. Both versions will be compatible with each other so that you can use assets from different packages in one application. Follow the news, the release is expected very soon! Video Teaser
  2. The Verge3D engine First Release!

    First release of the year! Under the hood: support for line rendering and new Puzzles blocks for controlling animation, managing groups of objects and object picking. Also, the release contains many minor improvements and bugfixes, the full list of which can be found in the press release: https://www.soft8soft.com/verge3d-1-0-4-available/
  3. The Verge3D engine First Release!

    Second Verge3D update is available. A lot of improvements and bug fixes arrived! Among the innovations: support for annotations and procedural camera control in the Puzzles editor, the effect of highlighting objects (outline), fresnel reflection in the material editor, improved PBR rendering and much more. More details in the official press release: https://www.soft8soft.com/verge3d-1-0-1-update/ #verge3d #3dweb #b3d #webdev #html5 #javascript
  4. The Verge3D engine First Release!

    The first version of Verge3D is out! With Verge3D you can publish your 3D models on the Internet, create high-quality and smart 3D configurators, product presentations, e-learning applications and games. Use PBR-materials and the shader node editor to impress your audience with photoreal graphics. Design interactive scenarios with Puzzles, a next-gen visual programming tool. It is time to create interactive visuals for your online projects! Press release: https://www.soft8soft.com/verge3d-1-0-released/ #verge3d #3dweb #webgl #javascript #b3d #soft8soft #puzzles
  5. This article was originally published on Habrahabr, a popular Russian website for IT professionals. Its topical theme sparked the interest of thousands of readers who left dozens of comments. We are glad to present the translation of this highly intriguing research on the performance of Unity WebGL and Blend4Web, with reported issues taken into account as well as benchmarks updated for the latest builds of both engines. Article in English: https://www.blend4web.com/en/community/article/280/ Here's some of the test results: So, if you interested in full article just follow the link and read it.
  6. Blend4Web Contest: Retro Cars!

    This time we have a serious and broad theme! "Retro cars" contains many different styles, and there are many different ways to try to express them. You can also experiment with steampunk (Don't do war cars though, we are peaceful and all!) Considering that the theme implies complex objects to be modelled, we'll raise the maximum polygon count! Now, it'll be up to 100k tris, however, don't neglect the optimization factor! It will still be an important aspect of the judging. I recommend checking your scene on mobile devices! Contest's main page
  7. Here is a new release of Blend4Web - an open source platform for creating interactive 3D Web content. This month we added support for the GearVR virtual reality headset, created more materials and examples for the material library and documented its use, coded a new performance profiling tool and changed semantics for some shader nodes to work in world space. This release of Blend4Web PRO is also the first version with long-term support (LTS) - a stable production-ready build which will be receiving bug fixes yet keep the API, as well as shader and logic nodes staying untouched for the next 12 months. Today, we are also releasing our small VR-based game called Space Disaster to the public, first shown at the Blend4Web Conference two months ago (video). Link to the Full Article!
  8. It seems though the story of Experience Curiosity, a Blend4Web-powered simulator developed by NASA, is not quite over. This interactive web application featuring the famous Mars rover was nominated for the highly prestigious Webby Award (aka Internet Oscar) granted to the most exemplary online projects of the year. Read more about it in an article!
  9. First Blend4Web Conference

    Dear friends!As we promised, this year we are planing to organize an important event for our ever-growing community - the first Blend4Web Conference in history. At this conference you will enjoy many interesting presentations by Blend4Web developers, community members and companies. Here you can also meet like-minded people from around the world, showcase your work and get answers to any questions you may have.Read moreā€¦
  10. Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

    It's a common problem, I think you have two video in you machine that switchs according to scene loading. You need to check if nvidia gpu is in use. Take a look at chrome://gpu and try to find NVIDIA string.
  11. Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

    Finnaly we release the game, so LINK TO THE GAME is here!
  12. Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

    Yes, we release the game for russian users and now prepearing release notes for english speaking people. In witch stage of game loading browser crush? Can you tell us what os and hardware you use?
  13. Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

    I've also added a game play trailer link to the post. Release of the game will be soon.
  14. Petigor's Tale RELEASED!

    LINK TO THE GAME This is a game about a brave warrior - a teenage boy who alone was forced to fight an evil troll and his companions. One night while away, his village was burned and his friends were kidnapped. So, he decided to rescue everyone and wipe out the evil settled near his village. The player, a warrior carrying the name Petigor, will need to pass through several levels: a red-hot crater of a volcano, a dark dangerous dungeon and finally meet with the frightful troll and defeat him in battle. This game was made completely using Open-Source software like Blender, Krita, Gimp, Audacity and the WebGl-based engine Blend4Web. All game resources are also available to download, study and modify in the free Blend4Web SDK. Petigor's Tale Teaser Petigor's Tale Gameplay Trailer Facebook Release Article COMING SOON!
  15. WebGL Christmas Contest!

    So, our X-Mas Contest has ended! You can read about it here.