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  1. Filter on sprite batch

    That worked! thanks samme :-)
  2. Filter on sprite batch

    Yes, this does nothing. I'm not sure why though. Placing the same filter on the individual sprites works fine (besides lowering the frame rate to <10 fps)
  3. Filter on sprite batch

    Hi guys, I have a sprite batch containing 250+ 64x64 sprites from a single tileset / spritesheet. I need to apply a filter to the entire batch rather than per-sprite (way too slow!) I seem to only be able to add filters to the stage or single sprites. Anything else seems to do nothing. Is there any way I can do this? My original goal is to create an Overlay filter (Since the overlay blend mode doesn't work in WebGL) and apply it to all the sprites so they mix correctly with what is rendered underneath them. Thanks!
  4. [Phaser]

    Thank you! want to jump on for a quick game? I'll be online for the next 10 minutes
  5. [Phaser]

    That's my blog. I upload images there too. All game assets however are hosted on my game server at
  6. [Phaser]

    Sorry, I don't know what you mean. What files?
  7. [Phaser]

    Infinitris was featured in the news - thanks Rich!
  8. [Phaser]

    Infinitris 1.2 released! Gameplay video: Artwork and effects completely redone, plus a whole bunch of improvements and fixes. From: to: More about the release can be read here.
  9. [Phaser]

    Thanks for the replies, Zinnie and RubbleGames. This game is so much more than Tetris, but if you play alone you don't see much of that apart from the new mistake detection and phase shifting (which people won't know how to use since it's not mentioned anywhere yet). I'll be working on a tutorial and a trailer that will make the new mechanics obvious, and hopefully I'll get some player population once Infinitris 1.2 is released. Preview:
  10. Cache downloaded image for next load

    Awesome, thanks guys! :-) You're both completely right. It didn't occur to me that it'd be my web server which wasn't setup correctly to handle caching. pyre
  11. Hi guys, I load about 10mb of data for my game. But each time I refresh the page, everything has to be re-downloaded. It's like phaser can't save anything in the browser cache? Is there any way to fix this? Thanks, pyre
  12. Creating a spritesheet with a Render Texture

    I could create the render texture and get the frames back, but I couldn't create a sprite sheet from it. Whenever I tried to create a sprite with that texture, I couldn't set the frame on it without effecting all sprites sharing that texture. Instead, I created a spritesheet from a bitmap data object: game.cache.addSpriteSheet('key',null,bitmapdata.canvas, framewidth, frameheight);
  13. This worked well for me, thanks! I'm also wondering if this is the correct approach?
  14. Load assets asynchronously

    I ran into this problem as well. You can instantiate your own loader. See the reply here:
  15. [Phaser]

    Release 1.1 This time, I have a gif of some of my workmates and I playing Infinitris :-) I've written a blog post about my journey from the previous release to now, feel free to have a read: Infinitris Blog - 1.1 1.0 -> 1.1 changes: New mistake detection algorithm - the player's block is now killed if they create gaps that can't be filled (Blocks around the player are no longer destroyed when they make a mistake). Added "Phase Shift" mechanic - After placing your block, if there are any spaces in the grid directly below it that can fit the block, it will be shifted downward. Added "Block Stomp" mechanic - Drop your block on another when it is in midair will stop your block from dropping and will force the victim into dropping until they hit the floor. Added Minimap. Added Number of players currently ingame to the landing page. Fixed line clear animation hiding the lines that replaced the cleared ones. More minor improvements and bugfixes can be seen here. I'd love some feedback!