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  1. RT @DigitalGrenoble: Lancement de Digital Grenoble Campus @ccigrenoble @LeCnam

  2. I'm very interested of picking sprite! I can't use the solution of Feldspar regarding the number of sprite that I have (5000-6000). I can help you in this task if needed. Feel free to ask!
  3. Wow! I'm trying to do the same thing on my animations (pause animation and restart them when they paused) but it's not working. My mesh is stop on the screen but the animation frame is still running on background which make the mesh teleport when unpause. Is there a special thing to do to activate the feature ? Thanks! Edit: FOUND IT! my mistake : Do not change scene.animationsEnabled because it will start the animation frame again and even if all animations are stop.
  4. Wow! impressive! I've work on my problem on this time. Here is my first draw : (sry for bad code, i must cut a lot of the code of my project to make it work in the babylon playgroundà For this, i'm using the sprite manager and use them as particles. For the fadeout effect, i've just reducing the "alpha" of the sprite! It's working very good but the rendering is not as good as the particle engine.As you can guess, i'm making a transportation simulator! And all of my users must have a trail! I've maked a try with the particle engine but encoutered some problems by summoning a lot of particle sources. Maybe a solution for could be to use one particle engine and dispatch the particle through my moving point. I will see this =)Thank you for this page too! i will give a try for this technics as soon as i can!
  5. Hi everyone! I have in my application a lot of object (around 5 000) moving. I want to leave a trail behind them. I've tried with the particle engine of babylon.js but it was a fail with 5 fps... I wonder how i can make a trail with good performance with Babylon.js. This code is pretty clean but i'm afraid of the performance of this for so many object. How can i do this ? Thank you guy!