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  1. great job, keep up !
  2. quiphop

    Scrolling Parallex Background

    Hi! Please check
  3. quiphop

    How make saves in Phaser?

    Did You resolved your question? If so, please add SOLVED mark to the topic Also, would be great if you will post your solution Thanks!
  4. quiphop

    Infinitely repeating background in Phaser?

    You can create own class-wrapper (inherited from Phaser Tilesprite class) to get full control over it. Easier way - override Update functions in your background/ground (link provided in previous post).
  5. quiphop

    Infinitely repeating background in Phaser?

    You can extend a bit the tileSptire and override it's Update function (where You can detect whatever player is moving or not) https://phaser.io/docs/2.6.2/Phaser.TileSprite.html#update
  6. quiphop

    How make saves in Phaser?

    Please clarify, because the solution often based on the objective But anyway, localStorage would help
  7. quiphop

    Game Art

  8. quiphop

    No Phaser any more!!!

    Do not use Phaser if you don't like it. Simple...
  9. quiphop

    Who is the best at making high-quality HTML5 games?

    https://orangegames.com/ These guys are super qualificated (and some of them are members on this forum)
  10. quiphop

    How to add countdown timer to Phaser game

    Heya! I had almost similar question back in the days Please check https://github.com/QuipHop/crackball/blob/master/src/js/game_scene.js I've used there looped phaser's timer (timer variable in the source code) Let me know if You will have questions
  11. quiphop

    Game list of phaser games

    Sup guys. Check out my ludum dare game made with Phaser https://quiphop.itch.io/pray-inc <3
  12. quiphop

    How to check if key released?

  13. quiphop

    PhoneGap/Cordova is not needed anymore for Android

    Can you provide minimal scaffold project / example please? Sounds like great news
  14. quiphop

    Chat room seems to have been removed

    Would be cool if chat will be improved Actually, it totally sucks at current version