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  1. I actually figured it out. Documentation is very sparse and confusing. I find that a lot with libraries and plugins. It's like programmers make the documentation lol.
  2. I'm having a bit of an issue. I would assume because the game is no longer the focus, the ad being displayed full screen would cause the game to pause, but it does not. The admob free plugin also does not seem to have an event for "onadclose" or something. Does anybody know how to handle this? This is the cordova plugin i am using: https://github.com/ratson/cordova-plugin-admob-free
  3. I've been thinking has i have been using tiled, isn't making the map, and making objects in the collision areas better then making a tile map and applying collisions to every single tile needed?
  4. does anybody have any idea when i jump a far distance and I am using a tilemap from tiled, when i reach the floor, my character goes right through it?
  5. Should i stop a sprite animation before starting a new one?
  6. Looking at this further, how do i get the "offsetFromSpriteX" value?
  7. Thank you!
  8. I'm working on a platformer. The biggest part I am trying to figure out right now is how do i attache this sword to him? What is the best method to use for this. Screenshot attached of my game
  9. What does this error mean when trying to load a tilemap? phaser.js:98920 Phaser.Tileset - tiles image tile area is not an even multiple of tile size 
  10. Working on a plat-former and I am defining enemy locations and createFromObjects to bring them into my game. I have more then one kind of enemy, but don't want to create a bunch of separate groups for enemies because that can cause the code to look a bit messy. I know you can put multiple groups into a group, but my question is, how do i do this and animate each group of enemies differently? Lets say i have 2 enemies, bats and slime. Slime is bouncing up and down as they move, and bats are flapping their wings.
  11. I'm using sprite.angle to rotate the weapon of my character. my weapon is a seperate sprite. I noticed though that collision does not apply to the new angle, it still detects as if it were never rotated. Is this how it's supposed to work?
  12. I know how to get the different tile ID when colliding, but all that happens when colliding with tile is the velocity stops
  13. I have a collision map with a single layer. But i want the character to behave differently when he collides with water than the rest of the tiles. If i have the tile ID of the water, how can i program that?
  14. This is an awesome post!
  15. Nevermind. In case anybody is searching for a solution to this problem i found an awesome one here! second from bottom.