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  1. Group of enemies don't take damage

    I'm confused as to why the arcade physics is being defined in the update function. Shouldn't it be defined once?
  2. Making Audio Sprites

    Can anybody point me to a program where i can make audio sprites for my games? I need to do 1 request instead of a bunch of little ones. Preferably something like texture packer would be great!
  3. HTML5 Platformer and On Screen Controls

    For my game, i am using on screen controls to control my character. Each level has multiple sections. Think mega man, when the user reaches the end of the section, it goes to the next one, i am achieving this by using Game States. but i am encountering an issue where when i change the game state, those controls no longer exist where i am performing the touch event, so there is no "onUp" event happening when i let the button go. I'm about to the point where I am just going to use Img tags to remedy this problem, does anybody have a fix for this?
  4. I'm trying to get better performance out of my game, so instead of looping through a ton of tiles, i decided to overlay objects and create groups from those objects. my problem is, collision detection seems a bit off. if i draw an object over a set of tiles, it seems to not match up in game. Also, sometimes the collision happens to soon. i don't know how else to explain it. sorry.
  5. Killing sprite, tweening and animation

    When switching game state, does that kill the animation?
  6. Killing sprite, tweening and animation

    Lol the docs that give very very vague info. I decided to ask here and get an answer. Which I did. Ty
  7. Killing sprite, tweening and animation

    when i apply sprite.kill() to something, does it automatically stop the tween/animation?
  8. Admob Free Plugin with Phaser

    I actually figured it out. Documentation is very sparse and confusing. I find that a lot with libraries and plugins. It's like programmers make the documentation lol.
  9. Admob Free Plugin with Phaser

    I'm having a bit of an issue. I would assume because the game is no longer the focus, the ad being displayed full screen would cause the game to pause, but it does not. The admob free plugin also does not seem to have an event for "onadclose" or something. Does anybody know how to handle this? This is the cordova plugin i am using: https://github.com/ratson/cordova-plugin-admob-free
  10. Tile Collision vs object collision

    I've been thinking has i have been using tiled, isn't making the map, and making objects in the collision areas better then making a tile map and applying collisions to every single tile needed?
  11. does anybody have any idea when i jump a far distance and I am using a tilemap from tiled, when i reach the floor, my character goes right through it?
  12. Phaser animation stop

    Should i stop a sprite animation before starting a new one?
  13. Give Sprite a Sword

    Looking at this further, how do i get the "offsetFromSpriteX" value?
  14. Give Sprite a Sword

    Thank you!
  15. Give Sprite a Sword

    I'm working on a platformer. The biggest part I am trying to figure out right now is how do i attache this sword to him? What is the best method to use for this. Screenshot attached of my game