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  1. pdiddles03

    Phaser3 and Game Scaling

    I decided it might be a good time + idea to start converting my platformer to phaser 3 as i am working on it. For me to do this, i need to know a few things... How do i scale the game up to fit the screen but maintain it's ratio? How do i sharpen the graphics so they are not blurry.
  2. pdiddles03

    Layer Positions in Tiled

    I'm creating multiple layers of objects and tiles in tiled and importing it into phaser. Few problems i am facing is when i change the vertical or horizontal offset of the layer, it disregards that in the import. Also, how do i manually change the position of a layer? "layer.position.setTo" doesn't seem to work as it does with almost everything else.
  3. pdiddles03

    Apache Cordova mobile app vs Web app performance

    From experience, performance no android using cordova isn't very good when it comes to hybrid games written in webgl. Installing crosswalk along with it will improve things but increase your size to over 20 mb. Phaser is not supported, but cocoon.io is a good way to get great performance, you can package your game with a barebones striped down browser that doesn't have much support for any tags. unfortunately for phaser, the method it uses to preload is using the dom elements that don't exist in cocoon
  4. pdiddles03

    PhaserJS and Tweening + Collision

    Actually, please ignore this post. Instead of tweening the x position, i set the x velocity, and then tweened it down to 0.
  5. pdiddles03

    PhaserJS and Tweening + Collision

    Why is there no collision with phaserjs tweening of the player position? is there a way to have the velocity change along with the tween?
  6. pdiddles03

    RenderTexture method

    what does renderTexture do on this page? https://phaser.io/examples/v2/demoscene/starfield
  7. pdiddles03

    Brunch with Phaser 3 (starter project)

    Forgive me if I a, wrong, but es6 is JavaScript. Do you mean Babel?
  8. I have never been able to make this plugin work. It won't go under the this.game.plugins object.
  9. pdiddles03

    Platformer game collision problem

    No. It looks like when i round the pixels this is a problem.
  10. pdiddles03

    Platformer game collision problem

    I'm writing my own map using my own method to parse through arrays in order to create a map. if you visit the link i provided, if you hit the right key , keep it down and jump when you are colliding to the right, you get some undesired results. Any thoughts on why this happened? http://calebprenger.com/happytrex
  11. pdiddles03

    Game list of phaser games

    Thanks for the compliment!
  12. pdiddles03

    Cocoon.io and PhaserJS canvas+ scale

    Bump bump
  13. pdiddles03

    [Phaser] Cubxer

    I don't think this is something most people need to consider. You could just say, great job! Don't find reasons to be offended over everything
  14. pdiddles03

    Game list of phaser games

    I made a game called "Poo Jumper" You are a runner out for a run, watch out for the poo! Dodge the dog poo in order to get the highest score possible! It can be downloaded for android: HERE
  15. pdiddles03

    [Phaser] Poo Jumper

    You are a runner out for a run, watch out for the poo! Dodge the dog poo in order to get the highest score possible! Download Game: LINK