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  1. Looking forward to it! thanks for your reply man! this is my first time here, nice to see a warm welcome =D
  2. Hey guys, I'm Iuri and I work for Click Jogos Brazil. www.clickjogos.com.br. I'm looking to license HTML5 games for our mobile app and I am particularly interested in a game with Mr jump mechanics. Does any of you have anything related? is this game: http://techcrunch.com/2015/03/23/mr-jump/ Also, please feel free to send me your games to my inbox and we'll be in touch! I see HTML5 having a great future and I want to be in touch with as many developers as I can Sorry if this is the wrong location for this message, I just though that posting here would have more quorum. Best, Iuri
  3. Hey Josh, looks good. Is there a PC version for us to test on desktop? Cheers
  4. Amazing logical idea for a first game. Execution and polish are the next steps, and of course: More difficult levels. It is a bit too easy. But great job man Keep up