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  1. Some printscreen from video:
  2. Some printscreen from video:
  3. Some printscreen from video:
  4. Have made 3 last characters!
  5. Hi!. I started to make characters for films in my game. First two: William de Percy and Fat rat:
  6. add (all in start post): book about enemys 2 in game videos
  7. Hi! Thanks. I use Gimp only for characters and after render correction. Animation and all front is 3d: . GUI create in blender to: 75% all work in blender, 25% gimp. And you need lern Blender+gimp to more power! Start tutor-l : ( I'm sorry for my bad English)
  8. Fix: Menu “Save/load” and menu “settings” is working now Add: 4 new levels: Forest, bridge, desert, road
  9. Hello! I want to introduce you my game, on its development i am working now “11vs21”© Its short plot: At the end of the 21 century people reclaimed travelling through time using special gates to any time point. This technique is used for tourists tine voyagers. Voyagers are unsafe enough but time travelling is especial one, so tourists are equipped with special weapon to defence from any kind of weapon. In the 11 century near the castle of norman knight “William I de Persy” the gate from 21 century are opened, and aborigines meet the tourists as demons,who want to capture their castle. The player takes the role of “William I” to defend his native castle from invaders using very specific types of weapons. Mini-game "suicidal sheep" is added to rest from the main game. Screenshots: Genre set: Жанр: Castle defence + visual video novel Platforms: Windows,Linux,OS X. Implements: Инструментарий: Blender, Gimp, Construct 2 70% made at the moment. I will answer any questions!)) Video: Battle,Castle market,Map: Minigame1: