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  1. keysabyl

    Use an array to add text

    Thanks for the answers, my problem is solved!
  2. keysabyl

    Use an array to add text

    Is it possible to fill an array to add text, like in this example: for(var i:number = 0; i < 15; i++){ text = this.add.text(1710,70 + (i*67),this.array, { font: "65px Arial", fill: "#8b0000", align: "center" }); } I get this error: Cannot set property '0' of undefined
  3. keysabyl

    embedding YouTube

    I'm a newbie, as you can see. Is it possible to post some code as an example? Ik wan't to play a YouTube-movie from a screencast I made, in the middle of the screen.
  4. keysabyl

    embedding YouTube

    I wonder if it’s possible to embed YouTube-movies in Phaser directly. Now I’m using a movie file on my own server, but the image is flickering and not smoothly. Thanks for any tip to do that.
  5. I can't open the website of mightyfingers in Google Chrome anymore, nor can I use the editor, because Chrome says the website contains malware. Is this a joke?
  6. keysabyl

    Playing sounds one after another

    This works !!! Thanks a lot for the quick response. I'm a newbie (I worked with flash), but I chose for Phaser, because it has a perfect community. You are perfect, in other words!
  7. keysabyl

    Playing sounds one after another

    I want to play 5 sounds one after another in an educational game for my kids. I will do that with sounds in an array: var sounds = ["sound1"," sound2"," sound3"," sound4", " sound5"]; .... preload:function(){ ... for(i=0;i<sounds.length;i++){[i],["ProgSounds/"+sounds[i]+".mp3","ProgSounds/"+sounds[i]+".ogg"]);} .... } create:function(){ ... for(i=0;i<sounds.length;i++) { sounds[i] =[i], 1); } ... playSounds:function(){ for (i=0; i < sounds.length; i++){ sounds[i].play(); } } For the moment I hear all the 5 sounds at the same time. Is there a way with Phaser to hear each sound one after another? I was looking already for several hours, but can't find a solution. I tried to work with a timer, the property isPlaying, ... Hopefully there's someone who can help me. Thanks for it in advance.