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  1. Ethics in creating addicting games.

    If you mention "an irresistable urge to play non-stop" , I had it for Skyrim and KOTOR 1 in the past. But thing is they were single player and great. But when it comes to stupid casual games with day 1 goal of "squeeze as much as money with stupid gameplay forcing people" , that's another story. ( I suggest you to watch whole Southpark episode of " Freemium isn't free " ) But there is another angle of it , I'm still not sure if a freemium game can sustain without relying on small percentage of payers (therefore shaping game for them) , so is this due to greed or is it inevitable for the survival.
  2. Hello there, I know this isn't directly related to Babylon.JS but preferred here for more exposure (sorry) . I was looking for a viable server side rendering solution for a while and I had given up But recently I have noticed that Chromium support webGL in headless mode ( and ) , so I'd ask if someone could confirm if it works for webGL / babylon.js for snapshot as I lack Linux skills and a proper host. Thanks in advance.
  3. HTML strategy game. Logic

    If state change is also a DB update, what's difference beside allowing n clicks instead of Xn? The problem is already about propagation time. Assume a similar scenario, there is a marketplace people buying stuff. Three different players want to buy same item at the same time, what state there is to change even if you can? Still best bet seems to be using an in-memory solution, maybe queueing all queries might help as well but there'd be performance hit.
  4. Sorry , I'm not Chrome user (it's a ridiculous browser imo) , IE is also with Ctrl if I am not mistaken.
  5. I need cheap hosting

    Just for the records, Linode now has $5 hosting option
  6. Just for the records Ctrl+F5 forces browser to reload everything unlike mere F5 refresh
  7. raw webGL

    Hello there o/ , I intend to use Babylon.JS for a 3D map (heightmap + mostly sprites) with orthographic projection. Just wondered if raw webGL would be a better idea, it's low level for my taste and just another learning curve but wondering such a specialized "own engine" would perform noticeably (justifyingly) better as webGL engines aren't really sugarcoat. I sense that dealing with raw webGL isn't a good idea but need some confirmation Best regards,
  8. HTML strategy game. Logic

    Theoretically speaking 1. Don't let browser to register more than one click (like ecommerce industry does for payment button) This won't stop determined ones but at least you'll know their bad intention ( Gaming 101 - "If there's an exploit, it will be exploited" ) 2. If possible consider using something like memcached/Redis to store a simple IsAttacked value and/or timestamp. Actually it would also be helpful for scheduling. 3. Not sure if mySQL supports such thing, if it does either lock that record or check before updating. 4. Implement a simple query to detect discrepenancies just in case. A player can get 100 XP a day but one of them got 200? Probably cheating somehow
  9. Using Disney, or Hasbro IPs

    Even if they were considering licensing their IP, cost wouldn't be indie friendly at all. Having original characters is sole path anyway.
  10. I need cheap hosting

    Linode is a good choice as well.
  11. What are your plans for 2017?

    This year I've a rather ambitious goal of finishing my game hopefully before May. After then, will deal with administrating game.
  12. 3d building

    Well, in theory what you need is either drawing building on canvas or applying texture to basic geometry. So these links might give some insight for start imo. Canvas renderer of Three.JS may also give an idea. PS : Actually I'd like to see pixi.js having an UV mapping feature but doubt it's planned in short-mid-any term
  13. 3d building

    Is it me or was there even one single 3D element in whole GTA2 game? Isn't it far easier just to use prerendered assets combined with mimicking very basic 3D geometry?
  14. Big PixiJS news? Wonder what is it?

    Biggest (aka best) news for me would be applying texture to basic 3d geometry.
  15. webGL availability

    Only device having problem with webGL is Lumia 920 but doubt this question is relevant.