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  1. Animate water ripple?

    Does Phaser ellipse has some option to draw just the border? Or i just draw two ellipses one on top of the other and maybe use mask?
  2. Animate water ripple?

    I need to make a water ripple effect in Phaser with Phaser animation. Yes I will create spritesheet but how to achieve it without doing too much? I can draw with Inkscape? Is there some filter or tool I can use to draw this in inkscape? Or should I just redraw thin ellipses on update event?
  3. Enable/disable keyboard input on specific keys?

    Not sure if there is cleaner way to enable/disable keyboard input like for buttons, button.inputEnabled = false/true, but I created my own functions and used add/remove functions of the Phaser.Signal class: initKeyboard: function() { aKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.A); aKey.onDown.add(this.guess, answer1Btn); leftKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.LEFT); leftKey.onDown.add(this.guess, answer1Btn); uKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.U); uKey.onDown.add(this.updateFields, this); pKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.P); pKey.onDown.add(this.pauseUnpauseGame, this); oKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.O); oKey.onDown.add(this.saveData, this); spaceKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.SPACEBAR); spaceKey.onDown.add(this.submit, this); enterKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.ENTER); enterKey.onDown.add(this.submit, this); iKey = gameObject.input.keyboard.addKey(phaser.Keyboard.I); iKey.onDown.add(this.showResetWindow, this); }, disableKeys: function() { aKey.onDown.remove(this.guess, answer1Btn); leftKey.onDown.remove(this.guess, answer1Btn); spaceKey.onDown.remove(this.submit, this); enterKey.onDown.remove(this.submit, this); uKey.onDown.remove(this.updateFields, this); }, enableKeys: function() { aKey.onDown.add(this.guess, answer1Btn); leftKey.onDown.add(this.guess, answer1Btn); spaceKey.onDown.add(this.submit, this); enterKey.onDown.add(this.submit, this); uKey.onDown.add(this.updateFields, this); },
  4. In my main scene I add keyboard event listeners to specific keys in the init() state. Also some of those keys need to be disabled at specific time and re-enabled at specific time. How can I disable/enable input on specific keyboard buttons at runtime?
  5. RPG/GTA style web game using google maps

    I will be adopted by Chuck Norris Great, its fun! Maybe a health bar would look nicely when beating someone. You could also add achievements. But how do I pause it? Does Phaser pauses it when out of focus?
  6. Is there a way to resume tween from the start?

    Which one of these is Yoyo? http://sole.github.io/tween.js/examples/03_graphs.html
  7. Is there a way to resume tween from the start?

    I don't think tweens are designed to be fiddled like timers. It just starts and works until it reaches the end state. You can pause it but cannot reset it. Recreate the tween with same settings, to reset it from start, maybe? You could also play with timers and set properties of game objects with timers. But I don't know how Yoyo curve looks like Set a value for a game object property calculated by Yoyo function at a given time. Since it will be a timer, you can stop, pause, reset, loop...
  8. Is there a way to resume tween from the start?

    https://phaser.io/examples/v2/category/tweens https://phaser.io/examples/v2/tweens/pause-tween https://phaser.io/examples/v2/tweens/yoyo Also consult the Tween API You can add events onStart, onComplete, onRepeat, onLoop
  9. modularizing documents

    canvas is just a tag in the DOM. window is the parent element of all other elements in the DOM. You can draw fast graphics in canvas. You could also do some drawing with CSS and HTML, but the DOM is very slow. So there is the difference. That is why Phaser works in canvas, not in the DOM.
  10. how to debug gamestate starting time?

    The admob plugin loads something(ad image) or it just hangs? Explain more please. And by the way, admob is an Android plugin or you include it in javascript? Share some link, which plugin is that you use.
  11. Leaderboard with firebase and phaser

    Would really like to know Firebase, but I don't. The first thing you do when you use new technology is to read the docs: https://firebase.google.com/docs/web/setup https://firebase.google.com/docs/samples/#web