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  1. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    Thank you, that makes a lot of sense. I assumed that the pauses I see are impossible to avoid, never thought about second WebSocket
  2. Airmash - Multiplayer missile warfare [PIXI]

    Can you tell a little bit more how such technique looks like? Is it supposed to prevent ping spikes I sometimes see in my WebSockets experiments :)?

    Really cool idea!
  4. Multiplayer Platformer devlog

    I am a fan of this series I am not sure if I followed it properly, but it seems to me that demo with only one player shows nothing. If you set 1000ms delay and 50% packet loss, does it still look great in such demo? I would love to see this in action with two players. And how the second player sees the movements of the first player. So simply two windows next to each other.
  5. How to embed canvas into Facebook post

    I was interested in this some time ago too and from what I have found you can't. It is not that Sketchfab used some Facebook's features to embed their content into Facebook post, but Facebook add a feature to show Sketchfab scenes like you can see in users' posts. Some time ago there was something like Games Feed (if I remember the name correctly). You could embed Flash content in very similar way. But also not possible anymore.
  6. MarketJS copying games again

    That would be the best... I have a feeling that @ben0 was cheated by lazy developers who simply copied someone else work and he has no idea what is going on... I can't believe that MarketJS as market leader would do something like this with full awareness.
  7. MarketJS copying games again

    Oh, that is really sad that MarketJS became something like this.
  8. [Phaser] Jimbo Jump

    Just read the first post and everything should become clear
  9. No Texts on Android 4.1?

    There is a problem in PIXI and RenderTexture on Android 4.1 while using WebGL. I bet that text at some point is cached with RenderTexture. Try to force canvas to see if then it works.
  10. How to make a proper world and add shapes to it.

    OP seems to be interested in Panda build-in physics system. Take a look at Flying Dog example, it uses Panda's physics and you can see there how to use it.
  11. Browsers has limit for texture's size. If you want your game to work on mobiles, you have to keep all textures under 2048x2048, or even 1024x1024 for older devices. Then in the game, you can build from them your huge background
  12. [Pixi.js] All At Breakfast

    Amazing game! I had a perfect strategy to play forever without rush (see image;)) but for some reason after some time customers stop coming. And cleaning all tables didn't help at all.
  13. Twitter - who to follow?

    My twitter profile is available here: It is pretty fresh, so any new follower is more than welcome, 2 as followers number doesn't look so good;)
  14. You should use sineIn and sineOut. Here is how I make sprite following the circle with createjs in my own code (not Phaser), but should give you the idea how to achieve it in Phaser too: var centerX = 300;var centerY = 300;var r = 200;this.block.x = centerX + r;this.block.y = centerY;createjs.Tween.get (this.block, {loop: true }) .to ({x: centerX}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineIn) .to ({x: centerX - r}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineOut) .to ({x: centerX}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineIn) .to ({x: centerX + r}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineOut);createjs.Tween.get (this.block, {loop: true }) .to ({y: centerY - r}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineOut) .to ({y: centerY}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineIn) .to ({y: centerY + r}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineOut) .to ({y: centerY}, 500, createjs.Ease.sineIn);
  15. endless loop with - while(tween.isRunning) { }

    It is not possible in the way you try to do it. Your code doesn't give tween any chance to be updated, so isRunning flag will stay true forever. Try something with onComplete function. For sure you can get to some craft solution with it:)