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  1. Wow, I thought it was bad when chrome sucked dry my 4gb ram. I haven't tried in a while as I got scared away by the ram requirements on my older ultrabook, but I had more luck memory wise on Firefox. On some windows versions I believe chrome has may have some leak problems, not sure where the fault may lie though. But in my brief test Firefox didn't have the same problem.
  2. That sounds sensible to me. Normally when someone posts their html5 game they are not just wanting to plug their game but also wanting some feedback and will discuss the game. Those only posting Adverts don't contribute much - so if ANY 'HTML5' export game is posted - I would be happy to see admins 'judge' it to see if the user is actively wanting to participate in the community - or simply plugging their game.
  3. Yeah! Sounds like the GC has been having issues in Chrome for a number of years - very surprised they haven't fixed it in that time!
  4. The final result - when manually triggering garbage collection - the memory appears more stable, and the tab no longer crashes. This is all for an empty project though - when I get more time I will have a play around with it and see if it continues to be stable when in use. Cheers for the help.
  5. I tested again - the tab quickly grew to 2gb before bouncing down to around 1gb and quickly growing to 2gb again after a couple of cycles the tab crashed. No idea how to check the chrome usage and report!!? I tried the following: disabled all extensions. = no difference. turn off Use Hardware acceleration when available (this appeared to help a bit - it bounced of 1gb instead). As per your suggestion above I manually triggered garbage collection - first click and it stopped the 2gb bounce and was bouncing instead between 200 and 630mb for the tab. I clicked it a few more times to see what happened. Now it is bouncing between 120mb and 330mb! (All tests are on an empty project). It would appear that Chrome has had some memory problems for considerable time (only affecting certain setups?). These tests would suggest garbage collection isn't being triggered as required in some scenarios/setups. Very strange.
  6. Has anyone else had problems with the amount of memory MightEditor consumes in Chrome? ( loading a new/empty project ) For some reason it quickly grows beyond 1gb and continues to grow and usually windows kills my browser due to out of memory problems ( normally when it gets up around the 2gb ). In Firefox it appears to stay around 400-450mb. I assume most don't have this problem otherwise it would have been raised by now - so likely just something strange with my machine. btw - It tells me my Chrome is up to date and I use Windows 7 64bit on a dell XPS13 ultrabook.
  7. Thanks jsc, great feedback. Currently I don't have a way to test on safari. I will have to work on a solution to that (I assume mac needed for the latest versions). iPad attack - all mobile device attacks should be two finger touch - I think that may mean releasing the fingers first on iPad/iPhone? The attack method worked ok on android - but I may need to change the method to either a quick double touch or a button click instead to make it more multi-device friendly. Hopefully the other sound issues and graphics jitter is framework related - Tululoo never had great sound support (I had to force it to accept the .m4a sound format for instance - and I couldn't test the result on safari). Although I just found the problem where the menu sound keeps playing on safari - Somehow I had selected the sound select.wav file as the 2nd Music file. Every other browser would have defaulted to the .ogg file - but because safari doesn't support it, it was playing the select noise instead of the music. Dang I really need a way to test on safari. Music too loud - yeah I should probably turn it down a bit - the music is a bit loud compared to sound effects. Thanks for testing - I am looking at some Phaser tutorials atm and trying to work out if it is worth using MightyEditor or not.
  8. very nice - I was up to the scroll. 2nd time I played I had an undo, sort and convert to advanced all available - but you can never guess when selecting a bunch of tiles could end up exposing an impossible result - so I never used any of them. i.e. I could always make moves... until I couldn't - and can't move = game over, therefore I never use the 'special items'. (I would have expected that instead of game over - it would tell me I had no more moves available but that I can still use my special items - e.g. sort. And the end game logic would be: if No more moves available AND no more special items, then it is game over). Very nice polished game though.
  9. Ok, I don't have a proper title for this game yet. Although it is complete - It could do with some more polish - but not sure it will make it much more marketable. And its my first game release - so I kinda just want to get it out there and start the next 'better' game. Description of your game: You are a Zombie, kill all Goblins and beat your previous scores, 2 game modes available - collect a full grown flower to double your speed.The link to the gameFeedback is welcome - I would be very keen to hear about any bugs/problems with browsers you use. (known issue: no sound on idevices - common problem I believe)Feel free to help with the title of the game. This game grew out of a demo I created. I used Tululoo - a no longer supported HTML5/Canvas game creator. I really like the small engine size (the entire js engine + all my code is < 100kb for this project) - but hate that the community is so dead. For that very reason I will likely switch to Phaser for my next game. For the vast majority of projects a bigger game engine will not be an issue.
  10. I use node.js and and found them easy to work with. (as long as you have the server access to set it up). Tutorials and working examples would be your best bet on this stuff - find a bunch of them and dig in.
  11. Very nice, I stopped playing at level 11 - Are you planning a high score system/progress score system and achievements to ensure players have goals to work toward. Also, I tried dying multiple times on level 11 to see if the game would end but I just kept coming back to life. Edit: Oh, I pressed the X button and it took me to a list of levels (hadn't seen that before - must be in progress). Also saw a scratch-it game thing and spell selector. Some interesting concepts being put together there.
  12. Very nice. I also checked out your website which I also like - will look forward to seeing your future games. Cheers
  13. Nice 1, got to level 8 with desktop mouse. Finger was getting tired.
  14. Try both and there is no reason not to keep using both! If you are struggling with one but the other is making sense - you know which way to go (while you learn). There are plenty of tutorials and help etc. for both.