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  1. Yes, there is! Here's an example of Shockwave that you could include w/ a `<script>` element. All filters are published to NPM with bundler file versions ("lib" folder) and a browser version ("dist" folder). You can use jsdelivr or other CDN that allows you to include files from published NPM versions.
  2. The canvas and renderer are bound so you can’t just reassign canvas. You can use two renderers, however, if you want to cross fade or alternatively export the canvas to an image that you fade as a dom element on top. Sorry, no easy option here.
  3. In this case, for SPAs it’s better to not destroy your renderer. You can destroy the display objects (sprites, textures, etc), but keep the reference to your canvas and renderer (make sure you pause the ticker). There’s a limit to how many webgl canvases you can create simultaneously. Better to not continually create and destroy. Maybe there’s some GC trick for Safari, but this has been my standard practice working with virtual dom frameworks.
  4. Please make sure you preload your sound first or else `` will return a Promise instead of the instance.
  5. Try using jsdelivr: or download the latest from GitHub releases: (it seems I forgot to add 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 dist files to release, but will add soon)
  6. @magig thanks for reporting this. I was able to track this down and file a bug with jsdoc: I'll be submitting a PR to PixiJS which pins to v3.4.3 of jsdoc until the issue is fixed.
  7. Also, I recently added this Getting Started page.
  8. @mrwut4 great start man. We are definitely thinking along the same page. The last 8 months I've been working on building a native exporter for Animate. This uses the C++ SDK so that you create Pixi FLA documents and preview functionality. This also exports vectors. Maybe you'd be interested in collaborating? If you wanna know more I'm happy to share. If so, message me.
  9. You might want to also check out our PixiParticles library: It has an online editor and desktop app to design particle emitters: