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  1. Hi all, I'd like to develop some mini games and I'm looking to do that with other beginners. I've professional experience (5 years) in web applications (not games). I'm also a 2d beginner artist :). So if you are in a similar path and you want to learn in a collaborative way, maybe do something cool, please contact me.
  2. Translation help needed for my first game

    Do you need spanish translations?
  3. Anyone working on a point and click adventure?

    Anyone still interested on building a plugin for phaser or another free js engine for PaC games.? I think this kind of games really deserves a plugin or proper engine for html5 as it has its own particular needs and mechanics. Extending phaser will be my first guess, but I didnt try others. Woukd you like to start a dev team?
  4. Building a collab team for light HTML5 games-

    I'm a developer, may I join?
  5. I'm a developer, may I join?
  6. Phaser Virtual Joystick Plugin Released

    Well done!