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  1. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi Enpu! Thanks!
  2. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    ok, thanks, i will wait.
  3. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi Enpu! Any news about my question? Thanks.
  4. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi Enpu! Here is archive with source and exported files> spine_animation2.zip
  5. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi Enpu! Here spine animation project and screenshots for the animation in Panda2 and spine. Thanks spine_animation.zip
  6. olehakimov

    Spine Plugin

    Hi there! Anybody knows, do the panda2 spine plugin supports cliping? In my animation i use cliping, but in project i cant see it. Also I was found that mirrored bones are working incorrectly, the slots get changes their positions (i think not flipped). Thanks!
  7. olehakimov

    Pixi + DragonBones

    Hi everybody and Alex_h! i am trying to run pixidragonbones with my animations and have some questions and troubles: 1) Where i need to get the "skeletonId"? function createDragon(){ var partsList = [ "Bubbles.png", "cauldron.png", "oldie.png", "young.png" ]; var texture = PIXI.TextureCache["folder/texture.png"]; var skeletonJSON = loadedData["folder/skeleton.json"]; var atlasJson = loadedData["folder/texture.json"]; var config = { armatureName: "GameFieldAnimation", skeletonId: "Dragon", animationId: "idle", partsList: partsList };2 The example of pixidragonbones i change to load my own animation and every time i get the error: "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frames' of undefined" The animation is correct and well works with createjs. I use last pixijs build and try export 2.4 and 3.0 dragonbones.